‘Moon In The Day’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Was Han Ri Ta Married To Do Ha?

In the fifth episode of Moon in the Day season 1, we saw the old shaman’s disciple put a ghost-repelling paper on Joon Oh’s chest to get rid of the evil spirit. The paper initially didn’t work on Joon Oh, but later it made the spirit of Do Ha leave Joon Oh’s body for a while. Yeong Hwa confronted the spirit coming out of Joon Oh’s body, which further confused her. In this latest episode of Moon in the Day, Yeong Hwa and Joon Oh finally confront each other with the ultimate truth of their lives.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Joon Oh Survive?

Episode 6 picked up where Episode 5 left off. Seeing Joon Oh lying on the floor, unconscious, Han and his manager came to his aid. After a while, Joon Oh regained his senses. It seemed like the ghost-repelling paper did work on the lost soul of Do Ha, but only temporarily. However, after confronting her master Do Ha’s spirit, Yeong Hwa was utterly confused and scared. She headed back to her home and talked to her roommate. She decided to see a therapist to understand why she was experiencing these hallucinations. The therapist told her that these hallucinations weren’t real, but they seemed real to her. Yeong Hwa wanted to believe in the therapy, but those dreams and memories of her past life didn’t feel like mere imagination.


She wanted to have some positive distractions in her life, so she brought her roommate on an outing and spent the day with her. They spent their time fencing, after which Yeong Hwa felt very positive from within. But she didn’t even know that the entire time, Joon Oh had been following her. Finally, after having dinner and a couple of drinks, Yeong Hwa passed out at an open restaurant. She opened her eyes at a stadium. She didn’t know how she was transported to the stadium, but it was seemingly Joon Oh who might have done this. Joon Oh tried to kill her but failed again as Yeong Hwa woke up. Later on, she spent the entire night walking on the street with Joon Oh and talking gibberish with him. It was a romantic night after all, as Joon Oh and Yeong Hwa became closer to each other.

However, the next morning, the entire scenario changed. Yeong Hwa’s roommate saw the viral photograph of Joon Oh and Seul on their social media, which indicated that they might have gotten back together. She asked Yeong Hwa to pick a nice dress and to be there for Joon Oh during an event. She agreed and attended the event, but there she found Seul occupying Joon Oh and making an announcement of their togetherness in front of the media. It broke Yeong Hwa’s heart, but she knew it was inevitable. However, Joon Oh was still least interested in Yi Seul.


What Happened To Goo Tae Joo?

Joon Oh’s brother Han was concerned for him. So he asked him to see a physician once again. But Joon Oh didn’t feel like it. Meanwhile, Han tried to look into the matter of his brother’s kidnapping. The photograph of the homeless guy from the CCTV footage made Han more concerned. He talked to the attorney regarding the photograph, and the attorney realized that he knew the man. However, as the attorney was already aware of the bad guy, the main antagonist of the story, Seok needed to do something about it. We still don’t know what Seok’s part in the whole reincarnation thing was or why he was hostile towards Joon Oh, but he was going to great lengths to bring harm into Joon Oh’s life. While the attorney was on his way, he accidentally hit someone with his car. He emerged from the car and found it was Goo Tae Joo, who was severely injured. Seok arrived at the spot and stared creepily at the attorney. Probably Seok deliberately made Goo Tae Joo his scapegoat to blackmail the attorney, who would have no choice but to listen to Seok’s orders.

Was Han Ri Ta Married To Do Ha?

In the flashbacks, we see Do Ha confronted by his father, the emperor, who asks him if he has any special relationship with the new servant, Han Ri Ta. As the emperor had uncovered the background details of Han Ri Ta, he captured Ri Ta and held her hostage. She was held captive and beaten severely, but Do Ha came to her rescue. He rescued her from captivity and encouraged her to be strong enough to fulfil her unfinished job of taking her revenge on the murderer of her entire family. 


Yeong Hwa, who was experiencing those dreams, finally realized that Joon Oh was not a human; rather, a spirit had possessed his body. She decided to meet with the shaman’s disciple, who, in the previous episode, had put the ghost-repelling paper on Joon Oh’s body. She eventually managed to find the address of the disciple and went straight there. Upon arriving there, she came to know that she had met this guy before, when she was a little girl. It was the first time she was given the talisman, which she had always kept to herself. But now that the talisman had broken, she could be killed by the lost soul at any time. The shaman recognized her and brought her into their home. They told her everything, which finally made it clear why she was experiencing those dreams, where she had been seeing someone who looked like Joon Oh. Backed with this knowledge, she decided to call Joon Oh to learn the truth from his mouth. They met at a nearby bridge, where Joon Oh showed his power by switching off the lights in the area. Yeong Hwa was afraid, but she demanded the truth. Joon Oh asked her if the therapy was working on her and if she had stopped having those dreams, to which Yeong Hwa said that it hadn’t. Joon Oh told her that he also wanted to ask her something that he had been yearning to ask for thousands of years. In the concluding moments of the episode, we saw that Joon Oh didn’t put the question in front of Yeong Hwa, but he revealed something that came as a shock. It was revealed that in their past lives, they weren’t only lovers; they had also tied the knot. We saw Do Ha’s father was quite happy with their marriage, which raised the question of whether the marriage was some kind of trap to get rid of Do Ha. In the subsequent episodes, we might get a better understanding of the unfolding events.

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