‘Tillu Square’ Ending Explained & Movie Recap: Did Tillu Kill Sheikh Mehboob?

After the successful prequel of DJ Tillu, the second part, Tillu Square, on Netflix, directed by Mallik Ram, was full-on entertaining! In the previous movie, we saw how DJ Tillu and his girlfriend Radhika buried her ex-boyfriend Rohit’s dead body in the burial ground. In this sequel we meet Anupama Parameswaran as Lilly Josef and Sidhu Jonnalagadda as Tillu. They were amazing, bringing a perfect balance of romance and humor to their roles. The story follows Tillu, a laid-back DJ and event planner in his mid-twenties, who’s loved by everyone around him. But he’s been hurt in love before and now swears off relationships. But then, things get crazy when Tillu finds out that Lilly, the girl he’s seeing, is going to have his baby! Now, Tillu, who usually avoids taking responsibility, has to marry her because he doesn’t have any other options. But here’s the twist: Lilly isn’t who she seems. She’s actually on a mission to take down a criminal named Sheikh Mehboob, and she needs Tillu’s help to do it. But why does she need him? What’s their connection? And will Tillu be able to succeed in helping Lilly? Let’s find out all about it from Tillu Square‘s explainer.


Spoilers Ahead

Why did Tillu decide to marry Lilly? 

Tillu is a famous DJ loved by everyone. He runs a wedding planning company to which people flock just to get in touch with the famous DJ band. He’s pretty full of himself, enjoying all the attention from friends, family, and obviously female admirers. Tillu’s family is all excited for him to get married to any suitable girl of their choice, but he’s been betrayed before by a girl named Radhika, which has made him skeptical about love and marriage. One night at a party, Tillu meets a beautiful girl named Lilly. It’s not exactly a “meet cute” though—Lilly ends up getting really drunk and throwing up on Tillu’s shoes. They end up in the bathroom cleaning up, and you can see from the screen that there’s definitely a spark between them. After some flirting, they end up spending the night together, and Tillu feels like he’s fallen in love all over again. But the next morning, Lilly is gone, leaving only a note saying she can’t handle a serious relationship. Tillu feels heartbroken and spends the next month searching for her with no luck. Then, unexpectedly, he runs into her at the hospital with her father. Shockingly, Lilly reveals she’s pregnant with his child. Of course, he was shocked!  Even though Lilly suggested aborting, Tillu refused. He’s spent his life avoiding responsibility, but this time he’s stepping up. His parents are excited for them to get married, and Tillu himself wants to become a father as well. So, all things considered, he’s decided to marry Lilly.


What was Lilly’s real identity? 

Lilly and Tillu started living together. On Tillu’s birthday, he was so excited to finally share the news of their having a child soon with their families. But Lilly called him, saying she was somewhere else, missing her brother, and couldn’t come to the celebration. Tillu didn’t understand what had just happened and asked her to share her live location so he could go get her. But the problem was his family didn’t want him to go on this day, because exactly one year ago, Tillu left home and didn’t come back. So this time, they weren’t willing to take the risk. But Tillu went anyway, arguing with his family. Then, as he entered the apartment where Lilly was, he realized it was the same apartment where Tillu’s ex-girlfriend Radhika’s boyfriend had been murdered by her in self defense, after which he buried him in the ground in an unknown location.

Tillu then realized that Radhika’s boyfriend was actually Lilly’s missing brother, and they didn’t know about this. Lilly asked him to go with her and find her brother following some clues, and they ended up in the same burial ground area where Tillu buried him. He pretended as if he didn’t know anything about it, and as Lilly was busy finding clues, he thought of fleeing. But no, it wasn’t that easy. There was a flock of gang members who came and stopped him on the way and dragged him to their gang leader named Shanon, whom we have met before in the first part of the movie, from whom Tillu had borrowed 2 crore rupees. This Shanon had to pay this money off to a criminal named Sheikh Mehboob, so he wanted that money from him. But Tillu said he had gambled all the money away in a casino and had nothing left. So as they went to attack him, everyone got stopped by a girl in black attire who literally looked like Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft. It was none other than Lilly. She came as a savior to Tillu, shooting them so that they wouldn’t irritate him.


Tillu was stunned, and so were we. What is happening? Then she revealed the truth! She said she is an Indian Special Forces secret agent, and she had lied about being pregnant and being in love with Tillu so that she could get close to him, and lied about Radhika’s boyfriend being her brother as well because she wanted him to spill the truth. She knew that he had buried him in the ground because they had the footage. So if Tillu didn’t perform a task, then she would leak the video, which would get him arrested. And what was his task? Well, Tillu had been recruited as a DJ in a very special VIP event, and the notorious criminal Sheikh Mehboob would be coming from Dubai. The police had been after him for 5 years now but couldn’t ever capture him or kill him. Tillu had a way of getting inside people’s heads, being the sweet-talker he is, so in the same way, he had to win over him and kill him with something that might seem out of the ordinary, a lentil laddu tainted with a poisonous plant. Tillu was scared and confused. I mean, what kind of a showdown killing is this which does not involve guns and bombs but laddu? And on top of that, he is a very cowardly person. So no one should expect that he can do such a task. But Lilly said that she loves him and believes in him, and she knows he can do it. He had already fallen for her, and now he couldn’t back out. So he agreed.

Was Tillu successful in killing Sheikh Mehboob? 

As mentioned earlier, Tillu is a very cowardly guy, so naturally, at the last moment, he thought of running away. But then Lilly told him that if he didn’t go through with this, he and his ex-girlfriend Radhika would be jailed for 14 years for their previous crime. Radhika was about to get married and couldn’t afford this, and Tillu didn’t want to harm her future because of his cowardice. So he thought he had to do it. But as he went to the event with the laddu to kill Sheikh Mehboob, someone informed Sheikh about this plan beforehand, and he realized Tillu was here to kill him. So Tillu was abducted by Sheikh’s people and tortured by them.


In Tillu Square‘s ending, one week passed, and there was no news of Sheikh Mehboob being killed. Lilly thought their mission had failed again, and she had no news of Tillu, fearing he might be dead. But here’s the twist: Tillu is alive, and so is Sheikh Mehboob, but in police custody. You see, Sheikh did know about the laddu being mixed with poison, but he didn’t know that the milk he drank was also poisoned, as per Tillu’s plan. Tillu didn’t want to kill him, so he gave him the antidote, and then the police came and captured him. But do you know who had been leaking information to Sheikh about the police’s whereabouts all these years, making it hard for the police to capture him? It was none other than Lilly. In exchange for a huge sum of money, she had been betraying the force, and she was the reason behind all their unsuccessful missions. She betrayed Tillu, falsely saying that she was in love with him and played with his emotions. Now, it’s Tillu’s payback time, and he got her in police custody behind bars. But as Lilly was walking by, she said she might have lied about other things, but she did love him, though it didn’t seem to bother him. Justice has been served. But will this be the end of Tillu’s journey? Tillu will surely be working as a spy in the next part of Tillu 3, I believe. 

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