‘Real Estate Sisters’ Ending Explained & Movie Recap: Who Had Killed Sizwe Dambuza?

Real Estate Sisters by Reabetswe Moeti is a new movie on Netflix that kind of reminds me of the TV show 2 Broke Girls. It’s all about two sisters, Lerato and Malebo. They come from a really poor family, but they’ve got big dreams of making it in the real estate business in the South African capital city. Even though they’ve faced a lot of rejection and even lost their jobs, Lerato doesn’t give up. She meets a wealthy guy named Stone Segale (Lerato Makhetha), who owns a pharmaceutical company. Stone seems like a successful businessman, but there’s more to him than meets the eye. When Lerato goes to sell Stone’s house, she finds out something extremely shocking in Stone’s wine cellar: the dead body of Sizwe Dambuza (played by Ebenhaezer Dibakwane), the son of a minister who’s been missing for a while. Now, the big question is: Did Stone do it? And if he did, why? We’ll have to read the explanation of Real Estate Sisters movie to find out all the details!


Spoilers Ahead

What offer did Stone Segale make to Lareto? 

In the South African city of Pretoria, there are two sisters, Lerato and Malebo. Lerato is single, while Malebo is a mother of two and soon to be married to a man named Boikie. But they don’t have enough money for the wedding, and they’ve been struggling for so long. Both sisters work in the real estate business. They show shady, unfurnished apartments to people, but they don’t make any money because nobody wants to buy those houses. Malebo tries to collect rent from tenants but can’t, and she’s even threatened with losing her job. Their lives are really tough, but Lerato is ambitious. She dreams big and wants to be the most famous real estate agent in Pretoria. However, they face a problem: whenever they go in for interviews, their lack of education and experience holds them back.


One day, Lerato goes in for an interview, only to find out they want her as a receptionist’s assistant, not a proper real estate job. She feels worthless and rejects the offer because her self-respect means more to her. While feeling frustrated at a restaurant, a man named Stone Segale sends her a drink. Stone is impressed by Lerato’s feisty attitude and introduces himself as a businessman in pharmaceuticals. There’s something about Stone that screams wealth—the way he dresses, his accessories, everything. As they get to know each other, they realize they share the same ambition of making a mark in Pretoria. They start hanging out more, and one night Lerato even stays at Stone’s huge mansion. But in the morning, Stone seems distant and hides something in a box, which confuses Lerato. Then, Stone shocks Lerato by offering her the keys to his house. Lerato is confused because they’ve only known each other for a few days, and moving in would be too much, especially since her mother is religious and wouldn’t approve. But Stone wants her to sell his house, which would be Lerato’s big break in her real estate career. Lerato is excited, especially since Stone is willing to pay her a fifteen percent commission on the eight-million-rand house. She feels like she’s flying!

What happened at the house opening? 

Obviously, this news was huge for Lerato and Malebo because they thought they could work for themselves instead of dealing with Malebo’s awful boss. So, they decided to give their company a name: Lerato Maseko Properties. They hustled and struggled, becoming the brains behind the operation. They dressed more professionally, made flyers, and posted on social media to make their mark properly. They also started going to different house openings to see how this thing worked out to get better at the business. They realized they should provide food and drinks at their house openings to make the experience more enjoyable. At one house opening, they met a prospective buyer, Mrs. D, who seemed really rich. Malebo thought they should invite her to Stone’s house opening, and she agreed. The next day, Mrs. D and others came to the house opening. Lerato showed them around, boasting about the beautiful features of the house. When she took them to the wine cellar, she made a shocking discovery: a dead body! It was Sizwe Dambuza, the minister’s son, who had been missing for a long time. Lerato panicked and tried to call Stone, but he didn’t answer. She realized there was a chance he knew about the body. Maybe he kidnapped and murdered Sizwe and then wanted to sell the house to get rid of the evidence. Lerato realized she and her sister would be in big trouble if the news got out.


Did the police find out about Sizwe?

When Lerato told Malebo about Sizwe’s body in the wine cellar, Malebo got scared and suggested they go to the police. But Lerato stopped her, thinking that once Mrs. D bought the house, the blame for the dead body would fall on her, not them. After some hesitation, Malebo agreed with Lerato’s plan. However, they didn’t know that the police had been after Stone for a while because he ran an unlicensed pharmaceutical business, which basically meant he was a drug dealer. The police were planning to search his mansion. On the day of the sale Malebo and Lerato invited Mrs. D and her friends over. But their plans kept getting interrupted, first by their mother’s church choir group and then by the police. The police searched every nook and cranny of the house but couldn’t find Sizwe, not even in the wine cellar. They were relieved, thinking someone must have removed the body until they discovered his body in the fridge. Now, everyone at the house, including the sisters, Mrs. D, and the church choir group, were considered suspects. The police took them all to the station for questioning. Lerato and Malebo realize they are doomed. 

In Real Estate Sisters‘ ending, Lerato decides to work with the police because she wants Stone Segale behind bars. She calls him, and he confesses that he’s been operating as an unlicensed pharmacist for a long time. He wanted to get a license from the minister, but it wasn’t happening. Instead, the minister’s son, Sizwe, kept bothering him for drugs. In frustration, he killed him. With this confession, the police tracked Stone’s location and arrested him. Justice was served. As for the two sisters? Well, this might not be the end for them. They now have real-life experience in the real estate business, and they’ll probably do just fine to prove their mark in Pretoria.


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