‘Moon In The Day’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Will Do Ha Leave Joon Oh’s Body?

In the previous episode of Moon in the Day, we saw Kang Yeong Hwa being hired by Han Joon Oh to be his bodyguard. Yeong Hwa, who was a suspended firefighter, took the job temporarily, especially after she learned about Joon Oh’s terminal illness. In Moon in the Day Episode 5, we saw Yeong Hwa and Joon Oh grow closer to each other, prompting Yeong Hwa to remember bits of the dreams where she saw the warrior 1500 years ago. However, in this episode, she finally came to realize what the reason was behind those dreams.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Yeong Hwa Remember Those Dreams?

Episode 5 opened with Yeong Hwa staying at Joon Oh’s place. Yeong Hwa was contemplating her decision to stay there, but she believed that, as a firefighter, she had some responsibility to save someone’s life. She was sympathetic to Joon Oh, who was almost on the verge of a mental breakdown. Joon Oh, in the meantime, was wondering why Yeong Hwa couldn’t remember who he was. We are shown flashbacks from 1500 years ago. We finally came to know Yeong Hwa’s real identity from her previous birth. She was Han Ri Ta, the daughter of the General of Gaya, whose entire family was killed at the hands of Do Ha. When Ri Ta started living at Do Ha’s palace as his servant, Do Ha’s father, the emperor, collected some crucial information on Ri Ta. As he came to know she was the daughter of an enemy, instead of killing her, the emperor thought of using her as a trap to betray Do Ha. It was evident that the emperor wanted to get rid of Do Ha, who was not his biological son.


Back to the present timeline, when Yeong Hwa and Joon Oh woke up in the morning, they found Ji Seul had come over. Ji Seul was desperately trying to win Joon Oh back, so she brought his favorite desserts, hazelnut and caramel mousse, for him. As soon as Seul came over, she started insulting Yeong Hwa and asking her to leave, but Joon Oh didn’t accept any of her gifts, even going so far as throwing those desserts on the floor. He asked Seul to leave, prioritizing Yeong Hwa’s presence over anything else. Furious, Seul couldn’t take the insult and walked out of his place.

Yeong Hwa was very worried about these dreams she was having. So she bought some books to help her understand and analyze her dreams. The next day, she accompanied Joon Oh to his shoot, where Joon Oh and the other cast members of the historical drama were supposed to learn archery. But Joon Oh didn’t need to learn as he was already brilliant at archery due to his history of being a warrior in his past life. His brilliant archery shocked everyone in the shoot, but it confused Yeong Hwa. She could recall Do Ha holding the bow and arrow the same way Joon Oh held it. Joon Oh wanted to have a conversation with Yeong Hwa, asking her if she could remember him. However, Yeong Hwa said that she had seen someone who looked like Joon Oh, but she didn’t think it was Joon Oh whom she saw in her dreams.


Will Do Ha Leave Joon Oh’s Body?

The talisman, which Yeong Hwa used to wear for protection, was broken. The shaman and his disciple, who used to make those talismans, were aware of the lost soul of Do Ha. The disciple tried to come up with the idea of repelling the evil spirit. He brought a sacred paper that was used to represent evil spirits, but the old shaman asked him not to use it as it was not very easy to get rid of a vengeful spirit.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, we saw the kidnappers of Joon Oh disappear from the hospital where they were admitted. The defense attorney for Yeong Hwa found a prominent figure, CEO Seok, was leaving the hospital. He tried to follow him, but couldn’t. We later saw Seok meet with Goo Tae Jyo, the former cast member of the historical drama. Probably Seok and Goo Tae Jyo were trying to plot revenge on Joon Oh to finish him off.


After the shoot, Yeong Hwa and Joon Oh returned home while maintaining an unusual distance between them. Yeong Hwa was having butterflies in her stomach thinking about Joon Oh, but she wasn’t quite paying attention to her feelings. She was even confused as to why she was having those dreams that had Joon Oh in them. She took the elevator, and Joon Oh stepped in too. Meanwhile, the old shaman’s disciple, who was planning to get rid of the lost soul, rushed into the elevator. He asked Joon Oh if he needed his help to go back to where he came from. Joon Oh replied that he indeed needed his help. Without any warning, the disciple swiftly turned around and put that ghost-repelling paper on Joon Oh’s body, asking for the spirit to be gone forever. But the paper didn’t affect Joon Oh. Instead, Yeong Hwa grabbed his hand so hard that the disciple got scared and ran away from the place. He later called the shaman, informing him about his failure to deal with the evil spirit.

In the concluding moments of episode 5, we saw Joon Oh and Yeong Hwa finally come back home. Joon Oh once again tried to talk things out with Yeong Hwa, hoping to know more about her dreams, but all of a sudden he lost consciousness and fell to the ground. Yeong Hwa was utterly confused by the incident and kept on asking Joon Oh to get up. But probably, due to the ghost-repelling paper, Joon Oh was no longer possessed by the lost soul. Yeong Hwa saw the lost soul of Do Ha emerge from Joon Oh’s body. The lost soul of Do Ha was confronted by Yeong Hwa, who automatically referred to him as “Sir” despite being shocked to see the spirit.


In the upcoming episode, we may anticipate Do Ha leaving Joon Oh’s body temporarily, which suggests that Joon Oh might not recognize Yeong Hwa after he wakes up. Probably, the personality that he acquired due to the spirit’s possession of him would be gone if he survived. Let’s see how events unfold in the subsequent episodes.

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