‘Moon In The Day’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened During War Of Gaya?

Episode 2 of Moon in the Day opened with another historical scene, where a violent war was taking place. We saw Han Joon Oh trying to hide his lover, Kang Young Hwa. However, as they shared a kiss and Joon Oh asked Young Hwa not to worry, he didn’t know that it was Young Hwa who wanted him dead. As he turned around, Young Hwa stabbed him to death. Since then, Joon Oh has become a lost soul who has been cursed to keep wandering the Earth. If only Joon Oh were able to kill Young, the curse would be broken.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Joon Oh?

After Joon Oh was resurrected, he first met with Young Hwa in her hospital room, where he tried to kill her but failed. As Joon Oh tried to stab her with the knife, he was stopped by a magical shield that was guarding Young Hwa. Young Hwa said that she did have a guardian angel who protected her life. Joon Oh realized that it was some kind of very strong supernatural force that made it impossible for him to break through and kill Young Hwa. Joon Oh started plotting his revenge and decided to live in the body of his reincarnation. Meanwhile, his brother and the manager were informed that Joon Oh’s body was not in the morgue, as he was seen walking around the hospital. They eventually discovered that Joon Oh was, incredibly, alive, so they brought him back home. His brother made Joon Oh’s wish come true by signing his name as the new cast member of that historical drama alongside Yie Seol. But the warrior who was living inside Joon Oh’s body didn’t care about it all. All he wanted was to take his revenge on Young Hwa. So he met her again near her residence and tried to bring harm to her, but he once again failed due to Young’s protective shield.


Meanwhile, Joon Oh couldn’t maintain the character of this celebrity actor for long. He confronted his manager and said that Joon Oh was dead, and now he was living inside his body. The manager struggled to believe all the things that he was saying, but he could also recognize the drastic changes in Joon Oh’s personality. He’d become more composed and serious, the polar opposite of Joon Oh’s real behavior. The manager tried to talk it out with Ioon Oh’s brother, but Joon Oh threatened him with death to keep him silent. In the meantime, we saw at an event for the announcement of the historical drama that Joon Oh crossed paths with Seol, who wanted to talk with him, but Joon Oh didn’t even bother to look at her. He read Joon Oh’s memories and came to know that Seol used to be Joon Oh’s former girlfriend, but Joon Oh chose to walk away without paying much attention to her.

Was Joon Oh Trying To Hurt Young Hwa?

The former cast member for the historical drama, Goo Tae Joo, was frustrated and angered to see Joon Oh taking his role. He got drunk and tried to confront Joon Oh, but Joon Oh, with his inhuman strength, stunned him, leaving him powerless to pick a fight against him. Joon Oh even attacked his manager multiple times, grabbing him by the neck, which raised suspicion in his manager’s mind, and he started to believe that it couldn’t be Joon Oh anymore.


At the announcement event, Joon Oh asked his brother to invite Young Hwa. As Young Hwa attended the event, Joon Oh asked her to step onto the stage and expressed his gratitude to her in front of everyone. He acknowledged that if it weren’t for her, he wouldn’t be standing there alive. Young Hwa was a little bit stunned, but she was also smitten by him. Many times, when Joon Oh got some alone time with Young Hwa, he tried to get closer to her in order to win her trust. Young Hwa, who initially didn’t like Joon Oh or merely treated him as someone she was bound to protect, started developing feelings for him. But little did she know that Joon Oh was after her life.

We are also shown a flashback of the historical time when, after the War of Gaya, Young Hwa tried to attack Joon Oh while he was sleeping. Joon Oh managed to evade the attack and capture her. As he unmasked the woman, Young Hwa said that she wanted to take revenge as he had killed her entire family in the war. Joon Oh fell in love with her at first sight, prompting him to let her go. Perhaps this is how Young Hwa and Joon Oh first became closer to each other. Probably, Young Hwa wanted to win his trust by becoming his love interest so that one day she could avenge the deaths of her family by killing Joon Oh.


What Is Joon Oh’s Planning To Do?

Back in the present timeline, we saw Joon Oh contemplating the protective shield around Young. He could recall that when Young was a little girl, she was given a talisman, which was probably protecting her from any kind of harm. He decided to take that talisman so that he could finally finish her off and lift the curse of being a lost soul. After Young Hwa was awarded the accolade of Firefighter of the Year, she went out with her friends to celebrate her achievement. As Young Hwa was returning home, she found a poster of Joon Oh. She looked at the poster, which started giving her butterflies in her stomach, but right at that moment, she was confronted by Joon Oh in person. It’s like Joon Oh was aware of wherever she could go. She was scared to see him all of a sudden, but she was happy at the same time. Joon Oh once again tried to get closer to her and asked her if she could be his bodyguard. It was very sudden for Young Hwa, who didn’t want to leave her career as a firefighting officer in the middle, but as a celebrity asked her to become his bodyguard, probably Young Hwa would take the job.

It was quite clear that Joon Oh was employing the same tactic that Young Hwa used to get closer to him in ancient times. We can anticipate that in the upcoming episodes, the chemistry between Joon Oh and Young Hwa will flourish as they become lovers. But it has yet to be seen if Joon Oh will be able to kill her or if their romantic attraction and love will change their destiny.


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