‘Fiasco’ Recap & Ending Explained: Who Leaked The Video? 

Netflix’s new show Fiasco by Igor Gotesman is an absolute riot! It’s all about this filmmaker, Raphael Valande, trying to make a movie called “Woman of Resistance,” which is inspired by his grandma, Huguette Valande. And, oh boy, does it have more twists and turns than you could ever imagine? Picture The Office or Parks and Recreation, but in the chaotic world of filmmaking. So, Raphael, bless his heart, has about as much authority as a fluffy bunny. He’s super passionate but totally clueless about how to take charge on set as a director. But then, in a desperate attempt to be the boss, he goes overboard, and everything starts to spiral out of control faster than you can say “cut!” And then, bam! Someone sneaks out a video of Raphael completely losing it on set. I’m talking about everything from making cringeworthy, sexist comments to steering the whole movie in the wrong direction. It’s a disaster, folks. And that video? It ruins everyone’s lives faster—the producer, the entire crew, and, of course, the director, Raphael himself. But who’s behind that damning video? And why did they post it on social media before getting the money? Let’s dive in and find these answers together!


Spoilers Ahead

What happened when Raphael went to give a speech? 

The series kicks off with this documentary in the making, called “Fiasco,” spearheaded by Sean Robert, or as they call him, Slice. He’s dedicating this whole thing to Raphael Valande, the director of “Woman of Resistance,” a film inspired by his grandma. Raphael, bless his heart, steps onto the scene with all his lack of confidence, which screams that this might be his first and last shot at this filmmaking thing. Poor guy lets everyone walk all over him on set, from actors to producers. But hey, you gotta hand it to him—he’s determined. At 33, he left his farm life behind to chase his dream of directing, and this movie is about his grandma, a real-life hero during the resistance. He adores and respects her, but let’s be real, he’s also terrified of her. He’s scared of pretty much everyone, even down to the main hero, who is played by one of my favorites, Vincent Cassel, who complains about the smoke on set making him go blind. Instead of standing his ground, Raphael just wipes away all the smoke, revealing the chaos of wires and machines behind the scenes. It’s comedy gold, really. To tell the truth, his people-pleasing tendencies reminded me of myself really, not going to lie.


Anyways, Jean-Marc, the producer, understands this and suggests Raphael toughen up, show some authority, and maybe throw a few bold remarks the crew’s way to earn their respect. And boy, does Raphael take that advice and run with it? I don’t know if it was the adrenaline that got him talking or his ego, but he threw some misogynistic and antisemitic comments into the mix. Poor Ingrid, the main actress, gets hit with remarks about her looks, while Tatiana, the stunt manager with a “funny” accent, becomes the showstopper. And just when things couldn’t get any worse, someone sneaks a video of Raphael’s meltdown and sends it to the producer, demanding fifty thousand euros in less than fifty-eight hours. I don’t know if it was a genuine mistake or not, but after forty-eight hours, they posted the video online for the whole world to see. Talk about a real fiasco! And let’s just say that the damage to Raphael’s reputation was a given.

Why did Raphael turn into an actor from the director? 

Can you imagine the mess Raphael and his whole film crew went through after that video went viral? Everybody was trying to figure out who leaked it, thinking it had to be someone from the inside. But Raphael had his own set of problems to deal with. The main actor, Robin, played by Vincent Cassel, really put them through hell. He called him names in the documentary and even blasted it all over social media with a bunch of hashtags. I mean, come on, risking his whole career over a movie? He was not up for it. With no other options and a tight budget breathing down his neck, Raphael had to step up. He wrote the screenplay, so he knew the story like the back of his hand. Plus, when he looked at Ingrid, the calm in her eyes gave him the confidence boost he needed. So, against all odds, Raphael decided to take on the role of the hero himself. 


What did Raphael find out about his grandmother? 

Well, it was not just a change of hero, or the change of location, but the change of the entire story itself! – Well, brace yourself because what you will find out next will make you laugh, and honestly, as I’m writing about it, I am laughing crazily. So, first off, they figured they could make a comeback by going on live TV. You know, to get people feeling sorry for them again. But they ended up with diarrhea and running to the bathroom in front of the whole audience! Instead of sorting things out, they just made an even bigger mess. Then, Nora, the co-producer and Jean-Marc’s ex-wife, dropped a bombshell. She was pulling out of the film and taking all her money with her. Raphael tried to scare her into staying by threatening to accuse her son of being the snitch who leaked the video. Didn’t work. She bailed anyway, taking sixty percent of the movie’s budget with her. With the funds drying up, Raphael had to turn to his buddy Tom for help. He needed someone to swoop in and save the day, looking all discrete and rich. But Tom does the exact opposite. He dyes his hair blond, shows up in a Ferrari, and calls himself Barthabé. And somehow, it works! Jean-Marc thinks he’s loaded, so he jumps on board, thinking they don’t need Nora anymore. But he was broke, and Jean-Marc had no idea of that.

In the meantime, what happened? The entire shooting floor got destroyed, so they had to move their shooting to Raphael’s farm. It was a lot for them. They’re broke and on the brink of bankruptcy, but Raphael insists they keep shooting so they can sell the film. Only problem? The whole movie is built on a lie. As if things couldn’t get any crazier, Raphael stumbles upon a shocking discovery in his grandmother’s room: a secret door behind a fake bookshelf. And what does he find? Pictures of his grandmother cozying up to the Nazi party, half-naked photos with Hitler himself, and even a swastika flag! It turns out she was a Nazi collaborator. Raphael’s world gets flipped upside down, just like yours will when you hear this. Ingrid, the main actress, refuses to play her part anymore, and the producer’s pockets are getting emptier day by day. So the shooting stopped, and Raphel’s dream of making a film stopped too. 


Who Leaked The Video? 

Anyway, even though the shooting got stopped, the “Fiasco” premiere was still on track, thanks to Slice. On the big day, the entire film crew showed up for the celebration, including Raphael, Jean-Marc, Ingrid, Tom, and everyone else. Even a year later, Raphael still wanted to know who leaked the video. So, he grabbed a pen and diary and asked everyone on set to sign until he realized something. The person who leaked the video was none other than Slice himself! Can you believe it? He just wanted some twists and turns in his documentary to spice things up. He knew Raphael’s story was a mess and that he was a mess of a director, and his vulgar comments were just what he needed to make his documentary a hit. So, he kind of took advantage of Raphael’s innocence.

Raphael wasn’t thrilled about it at first—I mean, who would be? But then he realized something important. He wasn’t being true to himself. After all, it was his first time stepping into the film industry, and he wanted to portray himself as some big-shot director, which he wasn’t. He hid his feelings for Ingrid for so long and the fact that he’s a die-hard Elton John fan. So, he dedicated an Elton John song to Ingrid. It was a perfect ending when Ingrid and Raphael kissed, realizing how much they loved each other. It could’ve been the end of Fiasco, but no. Slice took the opportunity to record the kiss with the Eiffel Tower in the background, making it the perfect ending. But as he stood on the edge of the roof with his camera, he thought he was getting great footage, until he wasn’t. He fell from the top floor. Well, the film didn’t show if he’s dead or alive, but we can hope he is alive, right? I mean, it’s Fiasco, after all, and twists and turns are given here. I can’t wait to find out what happens in the next season. We can expect that Raphael has learned his lessons from his mistakes on the film set. Maybe he won’t repeat them if he decides to continue this career.


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