‘Monsieur Spade’ Episode 5 Recap Summary: Is Jean-Pierre Dead Or Alive?

In the fourth episode of Monsieur Spade, Philippe met Jean-Pierre at the end and managed to take the kid named Zyad from Samir. OAS, a far-right organization, was also after the boy, and it was still unclear in episode 4 why everyone wanted him. Teresa and Henri got closer, but it was revealed that Henri had been spying on Spade for quite a while. The neighboring painter George and his mother Cynthia turned out to be spies working for an intelligence agency, and Spade began to suspect them. However, there are still many questions that remain unanswered, and the biggest question is what Philippe was up to. Let’s see what happened in Monsieur Spade Episode 5.


Episode 5 opened in Algeria in 1956, where Philippe captured a wounded soldier and interrogated him about the man in the picture. This man in the picture seemed to be Jean-Pierre, whom Philippe was probably looking for. Perhaps, though Jean-Pierre, Philippe wanted to reach the kid, Zyad, who was everyone’s target. This wounded soldier was someone from OAS (Organization de l’Armée Secrète), who had been murdering innocent Algerians. Initially, the man is reluctant to say anything about the person Philippe is looking for, as he knows that his death is inevitable because either Philippe would kill him or his fellow members from OAS would, but eventually the man speaks up when Philippe is about to leave him to die. Perhaps, through this man, Philippe got to learn about Jean-Pierre and came to visit him.

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Who Was Gazala?

In Monsieur Spade episode 5, Spade seemed to be very convinced that something was amiss with George and Cynthia. He couldn’t just barge right into their house to search around, so he had a sneaky suspicion about the painting that George and Cynthia had previously gifted him. As he checked the painting he found the hearing devices hidden behind it, so he quickly hatched a plan to know more about the duo’s real intentions behind spying on him. Spade made a call to Patrice and lied about being able to find Zyad’s location, so that George and Cynthia would soon leave their house to find Zyad. Things went exactly as Spade had planned, but while he sneaked into their house, George showed up and got into an argument with Spade. Cynthia later arrived and wanted to talk to him quietly to explain why they were here and what their motive was behind spying on Spade. George and Cynthia were associated with MI6 and wanted to spy on Teresa, who was the daughter of Philippe. Only through Teresa would they be able to locate Philippe, who had Zyad in his possession. They also revealed that Zyad was actually kidnapped by his nanny, Gazala, whom we later saw meeting with Philippe at a hidden location.

When Gazala was on her way to meet Philippe, Claude spotted her and thought she was Angelique, her sister, who looked just like her. Angelique was a member of an Algerian liberation party and fought for her country’s independence, but Gazala went down the wrong track and joined hands with Philippe to commit the wrongdoings. Gazala became worried that Claude might recognize her, so she beat him up and asked him to leave. Gazala met with Philippe, and it seemed like the two were a thing.


Why Was Everyone After Zyad?

George and Cynthia continued and revealed that Zyad was a gifted child with the ability to crack any code, so several organizations were after him including British intelligence. However, Philippe didn’t want Zyad to invent or crack something; he was just in it for the money. He wanted to smuggle the boy to a willing party who’d be interested in his gift, and that’s why he needed Gazala, as she was the one who had been close with Zyad for so long and knew everything about him. The British intelligence, however, wanted to keep the boy safe, and that’s why they wanted to take him back to England, so without the boy, George and Cynthia would not have left Bozouls. In the meantime, Teresa arrived at the place, and Spade got an opportunity to leave, but it seemed like Spade didn’t trust them at all and still believed they could be harmful for both him and Teresa.

Who Was Teresa’s Father?

Taking Teresa along, Spade went to Marguerita’s bar and had a conversation with her. Marguerita brought up a concern that was worth wondering about. She believed that Teresa didn’t seem to be Philippe’s daughter, as she looked way older than her age. She also expressed her concern that Birgit might have falsified Teresa’s birth certificate to change her birth year so that it would seem like Philippe was her father. Initially, Spade didn’t pay much attention to it, but it later made him worried about Teresa’s real paternity. Teresa had always been fond of Spade, and she was enjoying his company at this time when they were together, so Spade might look into the matter to know if he had any connection with Teresa.


What Happened To Jean-Pierre?

Jean-Pierre has been dealing with his post-traumatic episodes ever since he was discharged from the army. A tragic incident involving his fellow soldiers assaulting an innocent woman left him mentally scarred forever. So, Jean-Pierre wanted to bring about a positive change in his life by doing something good. When, at the end of episode 4, Philippe took Zyad, Jean-Pierre knew his intentions were not pure and that he might smuggle the boy, which would ruin the kid’s life. But Philippe asked Jean-Pierre not to follow him or come to his doorstep, which would not be a good decision for Jean. But in this episode, Jean-Pierre couldn’t help but take the decision to confront Philippe to save the boy’s life. He knew the consequences, so he was mentally prepared. He bid his final goodbye to his beloved, Marguerita, and went to Philippe’s location. As he ended up meeting with Philippe, a scuffle ensued between them. Philippe knocked him down, and he pointed a gun at his head. Gazala and Zyad witnessed everything, as Philippe shot Jean-Pierre. Now, this episode didn’t show us if Philippe had really killed Jean-Pierre or if it was just a blank fire. Probably Jean-Pierre was dead, or it was just a warning from Philippe. Maybe, in the upcoming episode, we will get a better idea of what happened to Jean-Pierre.

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