‘Monsieur Spade’ Episode 4 Recap Summary: Who Was Henri?

In the previous episode of Monsieur Spade, we saw Spade receive a call from Philippe, whom he wanted to track down so he could find out more about the kid, Zyad, and why Philippe was supposed to take him to Paris. It was revealed that some extremist groups were after Zyad, and Philippe must be working for one of them. While Spade went out to meet Philippe, someone intruded on his house and wanted to kidnap Teresa, but Spade arrived just in time to save her. The neighboring painters, George and Cynthia, were revealed to be working for a secret service organization, which might be responsible for sending the intruder to kidnap Teresa. Later, the intruder struck Spade and was going to kill him, but in the meantime, Henri stepped in to prevent the attack. Let’s see if the fourth episode of Monsieur Spade reveals who the intruder was.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was The Intruder Trying To Kidnap Teresa?

Episode 4 opened with a flashback scene of Gabrielle and her husband, Jacques, leaving for Argentina together. Jacques was taking his wife, but he had no idea what Gabrielle was up to. Before heading out, Gabrielle asked her husband how he could betray her trust, and shot him. Not only her, but several others from the authorities or intelligence agencies showed up, and together they shot Jacques to death. Jacques seemed to be a traitor who had probably betrayed the trust of his nation, and thus the French authorities decided to take him out.


Back to the present, we saw at Spade’s house that after Henri managed to save his life, Spade began to have his suspicions about him. Spade wasn’t ready to accept that Henri had just been coincidentally present at the right time, so he thought Henri must have been spying on him. Spade initially held the intruder in his captivity, and came to find out that the man was working for SDECE, from which one of the intelligence officers wanted to get a hold of Philippe, who was supposed to take Zyad to Paris. As Philippe didn’t live up to the expectations of the organization he worked for, the people from the organization were after him. This intruder was asked to kidnap Philippe or his daughter Teresa if Philippe wasn’t found. Spade let the intruder go and told him that he should tell his boss that they shouldn’t have any animosity with Samuel Spade; otherwise, the consequences wouldn’t be so good for them.

The next morning, it was found out that one of the two intruders had been able to enter the house, while the other one was shot in the head. When his body was recovered from the pool, Spade initially thought that it must be Henri, who had shot the man, but Henri made himself clear that he had nothing to do with it. George and Cynthia, who were members of an intelligence organization, arrived at the spot, and it seemed like the mother-son must be behind the death of this intruder the previous night. George and Cynthia acted suspiciously, which drew Spade’s attention, so next time, when Patrice and Spade were invited to their house, Spade decided to take a tour of their house. Spade found some wires in the surrounding, and the sound of machine work was coming from a closed room. Spade was suspicious, but he was caught by Cynthia, who realized that they needed to be extra cautious around Sam.


Whom Did Marguerita Meet?

Episode 4 sheds some light on the man who sent Chastian to speak with Marguerita. It was Jean-Pierre’s father, Denis, with whom Marguerita used to have a secret affair, which didn’t go any further. However, at this time, Denis was bedridden with a terminal condition and regretting his decision to not leave anything for his family, especially his son. Marguerita paid him a visit at the hospital, let him know that she was done landing in the middle of these father-son clashes, and bid the old man goodbye by asking him to enjoy his slow death. It was also revealed from their conversation that Marguerita had previously contacted Denis, seeking help for her husband, something Denis had refused at the time so at this point, Marguerita had nothing but hatred against this old man.

Who Was Henri?

Henri was most likely to be an informant from army intelligence, spying on Samuel Spade. However, Spade was well aware that Henri wasn’t just an ordinary guy, so the next morning he confronted the young man and asked him not to spy on him anymore. Henri was heading out when Teresa asked him to stop. Teresa expressed her feelings for Henri, saying that she was attracted to him from the day she had seen him for the first time. However, as Henri revealed that Philippe wasn’t a good man, being someone who worked for an extremist right-wing organization and killed many people, Teresa felt upset. She wanted to know more about Philippe, and she was also eager to get to know Henri. She hugged Henri and shared a kiss with him, while also managing to steal his journal. After bidding goodbye to Henri, Teresa went to meet her grandmother in hope for answers regarding her father’s disappearance. However, Philippe’s mother was a stubborn lady who chose to say nothing.


What Happened To Zyad?

Meanwhile, Jean-Pierre was revealed to be associated with the extremist organization, the Armee Secrete, which had been fighting against the government since Algeria was declared an independent nation. In the concluding scenes of the fourth episode of Monsieur Spade, we saw Jean-Pierre covertly meet Philippe, who then met Samir. Samir and his family had possession of the little boy; Zyad and Philippe had come to take him. Before departing, Philippe assured Samir that he would take this little boy, but he would make sure that the kid would be in a safe place. Philippe took the boy and left the place, bidding goodbye to Jean-Pierre as well.

Monsieur Spade is still far from unraveling the mystery, as with each episode we are left and bewildered with numerous questions. Henri’s presence in the story raised a significant question: would he choose the side to protect Teresa and Woro for Spade or would he also hunt down the little boy Zyad, as instructed by the organization he worked for? Let’s find out in the upcoming episodes.


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