‘Monsieur Spade’ Episode 3 Recap Summary: Where Was The Hooded Monk?

In the second episode of Monsieur Spade, Samuel and Teresa survived an attack orchestrated by an unknown assailant, who escaped before Sam could capture him. Spade concluded that the attack wasn’t meant to target him, but Teresa, so he enhanced her security. Meanwhile, Teresa finally opened up, revealing a lot about what happened in the chapel on that fateful night. She not only saw her father, Philippe, but there was a child named Zaid who came along with him. It was Teresa who locked up those kids, but later she was attacked by the hooded monk. This hooded monk was the one who killed all the nuns, while Teresa managed to run away from them. In this latest episode of Monsieur Spade, let’s see if Samuel could unravel the mystery surrounding the little kid or his connection with Philippe.

Spoilers Ahead

Where Was Zaid?

Monsieur Spade Episode 3 opened in 1955, Bozouls, at a bar where Spade and Philippe were having a conversation. It was at the time when Philippe was probably blackmailing Gabrielle, and to get rid of that issue, Spade set up a meeting with him. Spade handed over an envelope filled with 500,000 francs and asked him to leave the town, but Philippe made it clear that he would stay at Bozouls. The scene shifted to the present timeline, where a bar attendant was seen taking the little kid, Zaid, to his home, where his family members, who seemed to be refugees, had an argument regarding the boy and had a conversation with each other about what to do with him.

Meanwhile, Spade reminisced about the days he had spent with his wife, Gabrielle. He recalled those conversations in which Gabrielle used to talk about leaving soon. At that time, Spade didn’t want to think about departing so soon because he wanted to settle down and start a family, but the lovely and blissful married life was fleeting for him. Patrice asked Spade to accompany him to meet the bishop, regarding the hooded monk who had been captured. While Spade went to meet the bishop at his home with Patrice, we saw that the maid’s son was given the responsibility of keeping an eye on Teresa. The maid warned her son that he shouldn’t get involved with the girl, who was only a teenager, but there was already a budding romance between the two.

Where Was The Hooded Monk?

At the church, when Patrice and Spade met with the bishop, he told them that the hooded monk had been found inside the Rhodes Cathedral. The monk was bleeding and was found unconscious inside the church. However, the bishop made it clear that the monk wouldn’t be handed over to the local police, as he had been sent to Rome for further punishment. Spade and Patrice voiced their disapproval, saying that they demanded to catch the monk and interrogate him instead of sending him to Rome, but the bishop couldn’t do anything about it as it was a church matter now. However, in the bishop’s chamber, there was another priest named Father Morgan, who was also an American from New York City. As Spade and Patrice were upset about the fact that the monk had been sent to Rome, they walked out of the church, but Morgan joined them and told them that the monk’s actual name was Friar Angelo. Morgan also let them know that he supported them, so he thought of helping them with this piece of information.

What Happened To Teresa?

Teresa and Spade were getting attached as Spade began to enjoy her company and treat her like his own daughter. Teresa also felt peaceful at home and started trying on Gabrielle’s fancy clothes. Meanwhile, Jean-Pierre had a conversation with Spade and demanded the vineyard, and Spade made it clear that he’d never give it to him. Jean-Pierre expressed that he had always loved his wife, Marguerita, and it was impossible for him to stand that she was in love with another man. However, seeing Spade coughing, Jean-Pierre assured him that he didn’t intend to kill Sam because he just needed to wait for his death, which was inevitable.

Spade came up with an idea. He went to his doctor using a routine check-up as an excuse and asked him to send a message to Teresa’s grandmother that a murder attempt had been orchestrated on Teresa. Spade thought that might be the only way he could get in contact with Philippe, and that’s exactly what transpired. Back at home, when Teresa and Spade were talking to each other, a phone call distracted Spade. Spade picked it up, and it was Philippe who had anxiously called him to learn about Teresa. Philippe set up a meeting with Spade at night in the cemetery, and Spade agreed to go.

At night, when Spade went to the cemetery as promised to Philippe, he was played again. There was no sign of Philippe at the cemetery, so thinking the worst, Spade hurried back to his house to check on Teresa. As he found Teresa was alright sleeping in her room, Spade breathed a sigh of relief. Outside, Spade found his maid, who was also out of her room with a gun in her hand. They had temporary relief that Teresa was safe and no one was inside their house. So they sat together and had a conversation while it was revealed that their house had been bugged through the paintings at their place. It was the artist who had given Spade one of his paintings as a gift. This artist and his mother were listening to the conversation between Spade and his maid. They seemed to be with some sort of spy agency, which kept an eye on Spade’s every movement. Probably one of them had orchestrated the attack on Spade and Teresa earlier.

In the concluding scene of Monsieur Spade, episode 3, Spade’s maid went to the kitchen, where she was attacked by an unknown assailant. To check on her, when Sam also entered the kitchen, the attacker beat him into unconsciousness. Meanwhile, the attacker also entered Teresa’s room and tried to capture her. The artist and his mother were listening in on everything while Teresa began to scream, but the scene ended with the sound of a sudden gunshot. We have no idea who shot whom, but presumably it was Spade, who might have shot the stranger to rescue Teresa. In the upcoming episodes, we may get a better idea of what happened to Spade and Teresa.

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