‘Monsieur Spade’ Episode 2 Recap Spoilers: Did The Shooter Kill Teresa?

In the previous episode of Monsieur Spade, we saw Samuel Spade come to a French village named Bozouls, along with Teresa, the daughter of his deceased beloved. As Teresa’s family, especially her grandmother, refused to take the child and denied her all responsibility, Spade decided to take care of her. Spade spent his married life with a woman named Gabrielle, but unfortunately, she passed away. Teresa was subsequently put in a convent, under the supervision of the Mother Superior. Philippe, Teresa’s biological father, had been out of the village for a long while, but when he came back, a murderous incident took place in the village. Philippe had always been a problematic guy, and he had some personal grudges with Spade. Shortly after his arrival, Spade was informed of a terrible murder incident. Someone had broken into the convent and ruthlessly murdered six innocent nuns. It was at the same time that Teresa’s father, Philippe, also came to the chapel to meet his daughter; therefore, Spade’s initial suspicion fell upon Philippe, who might be the guy behind the six murders. Let’s discuss the events that unfold in Monsieur Spade, episode 2, to learn more about the killings of the nuns and the truth that Teresa was trying to hide.


Spoilers Ahead

Did The Shooter Kill Teresa?

In episode 2, Teresa was gravely traumatized by the murder scene she had witnessed before her eyes. She had left her home and started smoking covertly, which was eventually caught by Spade. Spade could tell that Teresa might be going through a difficult time, so he didn’t judge her in such a dire state of mind. Teresa had seen her father the night the nuns were killed, but she couldn’t tell Spade exactly what she had witnessed in the chapel. She might have been hiding things because her father was entangled in this incident, or maybe she was just too terrified to talk about it. Initially, Teresa didn’t want to hold grudges against her father and wanted to forgive him for abandoning her, but she ultimately realized that her father wasn’t the man she thought he was. Taking Teresa along, Spade decided to head back home, but on their way, a masked man attempted to shoot them. Spade managed to save Teresa’s life and tried to confront the shooter, but, intimidated, the shooter tried to escape on his bike. Spade chased him, but the guy managed to elude him. Subsequently, officer Patrice came to look into the matter and asked Spade some questions, to which Spade responded and expressed his theory that he wasn’t the one the shooter was targeting. Probably Spade wanted to insinuate that Teresa might be the one the shooter wanted to kill because Teresa knew something very crucial from the night when the murder took place.


Meanwhile, George, Spade’s neighbor, who was a bit of a weird man, introduced his mother to Spade, who came to know something very interesting about Philippe from her. At Spade’s house, there was a painting that attracted the lady’s attention. However, George’s mother told him that Philippe paid her well for a painting that caught his attention. This was perplexing because Spade had no idea that Philippe was such a patron of art.

What Were The Secrets Teresa Was Hiding?

Teresa finally spoke up about the things she had witnessed the night the nuns were killed. She told Spade that Philippe didn’t come to the convent to see her, but he was having an affair with one of the nuns from the convent. So he came there to meet her, but he brought a kid along, whose name was Zyad. As Philippe heard someone coming, he asked Teresa to lock the kid with all the other kids in a room, and Teresa did so, but shortly after that, she heard several gunshots. A hooded monk came to the prayer hall and asked for Zyad. As none of the nuns could tell him where Zyad was, the monk shot them all to death, including the Mother Superior. Teresa was also captured by the monk, but she managed to free herself by injuring him with a knife. Teresa looked for Zyad, but she couldn’t find him there, so she returned home. Now it’s hard to speculate if Philippe was somehow entangled in this web of mystery surrounding these deaths or the kid. But surely, it is proven that the shooter, who earlier wanted to kill Teresa, was hired by the hooded monk, who wanted to get rid of the eyewitness, Teresa. Given that the shooter failed in his attempt to kill the girl, he might come back again to finish her off.


Why Couldn’t Jean-Pierre Stand Spade?

Jean-Pierre started having serious issues with Samuel Spade ever since he learned about his wife’s affair with him. Jean-Pierre was initially least bothered about the issue, but seeing Marguerita getting more and more attracted to Spade, he began to get jealous of him.  As he was unable to get his wife back or failed to ignite the spark once again in his married life, he began to scheme to snatch everything from Spade. Jean-Pierre used to work in a vineyard owned by Gabrielle, Samuel Spade’s deceased wife. According to the rules, it was Samuel Spade who was supposed to inherit the land after his wife’s death, but Jean-Pierre stood in his way. As a worker who had taken care of the vineyard for several years, Jean-Pierre demanded to own the land, but both he and his wife knew that it was not possible. Jean-pierre was acting out of desperation, which was understandable, but it’s uncertain if he would be able to pick a fight against Samuel Spade and easily get away with it.

In the upcoming episodes of Monsieur Spade, the veil surrounding this hooded monk may lift off, providing us with some answers. Why Teresa was being targeted by the monk or what the purpose of the kid named Zyad was in this story is still a lingering question, which will be answered in the forthcoming episodes of the series.


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