‘May It Please The Court’ Episode 7 And 8: Recap And Ending – Did Si Baek Get Arrested?

Chak Hee discovers that her client Yoon Jung has admitted herself to a psychiatric hospital, and the reason is something that she could never expect. In “May It Please The Court,” Chak Hee comes to the realization that she ruined someone’s life when she won a case for her rich client. That rich client is the police chief, Jeon Jae Ho, and Si Baek has been tailing him.


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What Is The Relationship Between Si Baek And Chi Sik?

Si Baek notices that Chak Hee has been feeling down and asks her if something is wrong. She tells him that she has ruined someone’s life and wants to make it right. Si Baek is impressed by her decision and appreciates her. Chak Hee visits Yoon Jung and tells her that she was part of the case that ruined her life. However, she promises Yoon Jung to appeal her case in court for a retrial.


Jang admits to the media that he is going to run for the national assembly and kicks off his election campaign officially. He asks his secretary about Yi Yeon, who informs him that Chak Hee has met Yi Yeon recently and that she can keep her in check. The detective informs the police chief, Jeon Jae Ho, that Si Baek followed his car, but Jae Ho has no idea who Si Baek is and why he would do that. The detective asks him to be careful because Si Baek is a suspect in previous murders.

Chak Hee entered the dumpling restaurant without noticing that the owner was closing it. She only notices it when she sits at a table with food already served. The owner urges Chak Hee to join her for dinner. Chak Hee sees a cake on the table and asks the owner whom it is for. He tells her the cake is for his wife, who passed away 30 years ago. Si Baek arrives, and both Chak Hee and he are surprised to see each other.


The dumpling restaurant owner, Chi Sik, is Si Baek’s elder brother, and it was his wife’s death anniversary. They couldn’t afford a cake when she was alive, so he eats a cake on her death anniversary every year. Si Baek tells Chak Hee that his brother has been dead inside since his wife died and is now only surviving somehow. His words prove to be correct when Chi Sik hangs himself from the ceiling of his home and cuts off the rope after hurting himself. This isn’t the first time he has done it.

Si Baek meets Yoon’s son, Du Chang, and threatens him to compensate all those who suffered because of him if he doesn’t want to get reported for harassing a minor. The detective has put someone on Si Baek’s tail, and the detective makes an assumption that Yoon’s son had hired Si Baek to kill his father. However, Kyung Jin has been looking at the other side and suspects Jang in the murders as well.


Chak Hee decides to believe in Yoon Jung’s claim that there is a chip in her hand. The judge finds it difficult to understand Chak Hee’s claim, but Yoon Jung puts forth her views on the case. She recites the patient’s rights in front of the judges and tells them how her rights were neglected by the doctors. The judges believed Yoon Jung to be mentally unstable, but she impressed them by showing them that she was fighting against the violation of her rights.

Jangsan’s receptionist refuses to give Jeon Jae Ho’s case files to Chak Hee, so she goes to the firm herself and makes an intern give her the papers. While returning, she runs into Kyung Jin, who tells her about her suspicions of Si Baek as the murderer. Chak Hee is surprised when she hears that Si Baek had tailed all the victims before they died. He was seen tailing Jeon Jae Ho, and Jae Ho got attacked in the same way some days later.


Why Does Jang Want To Meet Si Baek?

Chak Hee has gotten papers to appeal for Yoon Jung’s retrial, but she cannot stop thinking about what Kyung Jin has told her. The next day, she judges Si Baek when he arrives in the office, but he looks all the same to her, and she still cannot believe that he could be a murderer. Kyung Jin meets Si Baek in a hospital and offers him coffee. However, it is only to get his cup for a DNA test.

Chang Hee visits Jang at his request. He has found out that Chak Hee has taken Jeon’s case papers, but he has to request her not to do anything to Jeon now because he was attacked; he survived because his neighbor found him at the right time. He also asks her to bring Si Baek to meet him because Jang wants Si Baek as his policy advisor for the election. Si Baek spent the early years of his life in the USA and has no controversial record under his name, which would benefit Jang.


Chak Hee gets spam calls and texts from a man who accuses her of Cho’s murder. Si Baek turns off her phone and tells her not to turn it on until he finds the caller. Chak Hee doesn’t have a good relationship with her father but still visits him for Yi Yeon, who has been working with him. She meets Yi Yeon, but she curses Chakh Hee for ruining her life.

Before meeting Jang, Jang’s secretary approaches Si Baek with an offer, which he refuses. Chak Hee returns home at night only to encounter some young men who ask Chak Hee about Cho’s murder and start to physically abuse her. Si Baek appears just in time to save her from the men. Chak Hee is scared, but Si Baek assures her that he will take care of those who doxxed her.


Yoon Du Chang’s victims finally received compensation because he didn’t want to get arrested, but Chak Hee reported him to the police because he deserved to get punished. Chak Hee and Si Baek visit the children’s home to pick up Soon Young’s kids’ remaining things. Chak Hee doesn’t inform Si Baek about Jang being at the children’s home, and Si Baek gets surprised to meet Jang Byung Chun first.

‘May It Please The Court” Episode 8 Ending

Si Baek remembers his past, which seems to have some connection with Byung Chun. He shakes his hand with him but washes it aggressively later. He still has a conversation with him, and Byung Chun recognizes the special watch on Si Baek’s wrist. It is a valuable watch that was only given to patriots. Si Baek meets Jang later and offers a deal to Jang in exchange for becoming his policy advisor.


Jang gives Si Baek case files of Cho’s defective birth control pills as promised and gets Si Baek on his side. On the other hand, Kyung Jin finds Si Baek’s DNA match at Cho’s murder site and arrests him. Si Baek explains to Kyung Jin that his presence every time around the victims was just a coincidence. Chak Hee claims his alibi, but the detectives refuse to believe her.

Si Baek speaks confidently about his innocence which annoys the detectives. In “May It Please The Court,” Jang has Si Baek’s back now, and he stops the prosecutor from issuing a warrant against Si Baek. The detectives have to set Si Baek free, but he is still a suspect and has to answer Jang about his arrest.


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