‘May It Please The Court’ Episode 5 & 6: Recap And Ending – What Does Chak Hee Feel Guilty About?

CEO Cho was murdered mysteriously in “May It Please The Court,” after which another person was murdered in a similar way. Both of the victims were acquainted with Jang Gi Do, who is an ambitious and powerful man. However, Si Baek’s activities were suspicious after Cho’s murder, and this time as well, he makes himself fall under suspicion.


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Who Is The Next Victim Of Serial Killing?

Chak Hee wakes up in an unfamiliar place and understands that she is at Si Baek’s place and is wearing his clothes. Si Baek tells her that she got drunk when they were out for dinner, and he had to bring her to his home because she had passed out. Chak Hee tries to understand Si Baek’s intentions for bringing her home, but she is clueless.


Jang’s acquaintance who was murdered was Yoon Seok Gu, the president of Kumshin Electrics. The police detectives are targeting Si Baek consistently, but a new detective takes over the case and starts digging into all the other possibilities. She starts investigating CEO Cho’s case first, as both the murders are similar. She thinks that Cho was murdered by someone he knew or that someone was tailing him to find out about his schedule.

Chak Hee’s client, Choi Yoon Jung, wouldn’t pick up her calls, and Chak Hee had to look for her all around the court. Chak Hee couldn’t talk to Yoon Jung before the trial, so she has no plan on how to defend her, but Yoon Jung doesn’t really need her. Yoon Jung has been charged with car damage, which she has already paid off, but the hospital has also complained against her for causing a ruckus. Yoon Jung explains everything to the judge herself, leaving Chak Hee with nothing to speak about.


Si Baek visits the children at Haesong foundation and treats them with pizza. Chak Hee is the most notable kid to have grown up in the foundation, but Si Baek pretends not to know her. Chak Hee gets a surprise visit from Yi Yeon, who has been fined for slapping a police officer while drunk. Yi Yeon blames Chak Hee for her current miserable condition in life.

Yi Yeon is Jang Gi Do’s daughter, who doesn’t know about her whereabouts. She has been expelled from medical school, and Jang worries that she will cause trouble someday. Yi Yeon has been working with Chak Hee’s father while Chak Hee works with Yi Yeon’s father. Chak Hee’s father and Yi Yeon come as a shocking surprise as Chak Hee’s father crosses Cho and Yoon’s pictures with red color, and he has other people’s pictures on his wall as well.


Chak Hee’s client, Yoon Jung, doesn’t show up for the next hearing, and Chak Hee gets an earful from the judge for irresponsible behavior. Chak Hee’s friend, Soon Young, has been serving a sentence in jail and cannot meet her son for his birthday. Chak Hee wanted to surprise Soon Young’s son with gifts, but she got surprised instead.

Soon Young’s neighbor sent both of Soon Young’s children to Haesong Childcare Centre without informing Chak Hee. She kept on accepting the money that Chak Hee sent for the kids. Chak Hee visits the childcare center where she had also spent her childhood. However, she doesn’t seem to have a good relationship with the center director.


Chak Hee leaves the gifts for Soon Young’s son and takes the director’s leave rudely. Later that day, the Haesong center director, Park Kangil, is seen getting dragged into the sea. He gets murdered the same way as the previous two murders.

Chak Hee needs to find Yoon Jung to get her to her next trial, and she decides to go to her home this time. While Chak Hee is busy doing social service to create a good image for the reporters, the new detective, Yoo Kyung Ji, has started to find leads on her. Kyung Ji interviewed the Kangsung employee who filed a case against the company. She told the detective that Si Baek willingly took her case for free and that CEO Cho slapped Chak Hee after she exposed his extra-marital affair in court.


Mr. Do sends Chak Hee many messages to inform her about something urgent. A man has uploaded a video spreading rumors about Chak Hee having an affair with CEO Cho. This video not only defames Chak Hee publicly but also drags her into his murder case unnecessarily. Si Baek comforts her, saying that he has taken down the video and will send a notice to the uploader.

The dumpling shop owner feeds his waiter, Lee Dong Pil, and volunteers to take him home. Dong Pil has been losing his memories and doesn’t even remember his name anymore. The shop owner assures him that those who made Dong Pil like this will pay the price soon. Jang called Dong Pil the master of water torture.


Chak Hee gets a call from a police detective that Soon Young’s son, Dae Han, was found asleep at Director Park Kangil’s home and could be a witness to his murder. However, Dae Han claims not to remember how he came to the director’s home. Chak Hee cannot keep Soon Young’s children at the childcare anymore, and Si Baek comes up with a solution. He asks Jung Woo’s mother to take care of the kids, and she agrees right away because Chak Hee has helped her a lot.

Detective Kyung Ji finally gets Chak Hee to come for interrogation. She brings up all the topics, from Chak Hee’s affair with Cho to her intimate relationship with Si Baek. Chak Hee denies all the allegations, after which Kyung Ji comes to the real question. She asks if Si Baek was with her when President Yoon was murdered. Chak Hee agrees that he was with her, but Kyung Ji wants Chak Hee to be sure again because she has just confirmed a murder suspect’s alibi.


Kyung Ji shows Chak Hee the video of Si Baek following Cho a month before he got murdered. The cases of Kangsung pharma and Jung Woo’s mother were taken by Si Baek voluntarily, which is suspicious. Chak Hee gets startled when she hears these allegations first but doesn’t lose her cool and confirms Si Baek’s alibi confidently.

‘May It Please The Court’ Episode 6: Ending

Choi Yoon Jung has not been picking up the calls, which leaves Chak Hee with no choice but to look for her at her home. She visits her home but meets Yoon Jung’s mother instead. Yoon Jung has admitted herself to a psychiatric hospital. Yoon Jung was sexually harassed by her boss when she worked as a police officer. She filed a lawsuit against him, which she lost, and since then, she has been mentally unwell. The law firm that represented Yoon Jung’s boss was Jangsan.


Chak Hee tries to get information about Yoon Jung’s case from her friend at Jangsan. Jang had fought against Yoon Jung at the time, and it was Chak Hee’s first case when she joined the firm. This is the first time Chak Hee feels guilty about her work. Si Baek had told her that she worked too hard at Jangsan and maybe it was her mistake. Yoon Jung had lost the trial against Jeon Jae Ho, the police chief, and Si Baek is seen to be tailing him.

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