‘May It Please The Court’ Episode 3 & 4: Recap And Ending- Is There A Serial Killer?

In “May It Please The Court,” Chak Hee was expelled from the Jang law firm for exposing confidential information to the opposition party. She has started working as a public defender with Si Baek in Jungha, but he is not excited to work with her. Chak Hee met CEO Cho in Jungha, who tried to harass her, but Si Baek came to her rescue. However, CEO Cho was found murdered later, and Si Baek has many similarities with the yet-unknown killer.


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Why Did Chak Hee Lose Her First Public Case?

Si Baek looked most suspicious as Cho’s killer because he had gotten into a fight with him earlier, and Cho’s hands were tied with a distinct knot that Si Baek’s keychain had. However, it turns out that Si Baek only picked up the car and drove it to a restaurant. The car belonged to the chef’s friend, and the chef had asked Si Baek for a favor.


Chak Hee is used to luxury, and old habits die hard. She had an assistant at Jangsan who would take care of everything for her—from laundry to buying her coffee. She treats Mr. Do like her personal assistant, but Si Baek doesn’t like that. Chak Hee offers Mr. Do four hundred thousand won to become his personal assistant, and he agrees right away because he needs money.

Chak Hee gets her first case regarding murder over a packet of chips. In a psychiatric hospital, a schizophrenic patient stole a mentally disabled man’s packet of chips, and the man kicked him in the stomach. It wasn’t harmful as such, but the victim died due to sepsis, and the man, Mr. Lee, was charged with murder.


Mr. Lee is a man in his thirties but has the mental age of a six-year-old. He doesn’t understand what he has done. He pulls Chak Hee’s hair when she takes away his ice cream, and though his mother feels sorry for Chak Hee, Chak Hee has found a way to win the trial. She confidently promises Lee’s mother that he won’t be imprisoned, but Si Baek tells her that she is going to fight with the state and that they are very harsh. She has fought for only rich people until now, and according to Si Baek, the laws are different for the poor and the rich.

Chak Hee is already sick of the shabby neighborhood and wants to leave as soon as possible. She contacts Reporter Park and asks him to write an article about her and even offers him a bribe. When nothing works out, she reminds him of the time when she had saved him from a lawsuit. He agrees to write an article if she does something significant as a public defender.


The detectives have found the CCTV footage of Si Baek and Chak Hee getting into a fight with Cho in the middle of the road a few days before he died. Chak Hee was the last person Cho had called before he died. This makes the detective suspicious of both of them, and he thinks that they are a couple. Si Baek refutes his ridiculous statement, but they still remain in the suspicious radar. Chak Hee enters Si Baek’s friend’s restaurant and starts talking over the phone about her being a lawyer, which scares the waiter.

Jang has been preparing to enter the national assembly, but he doesn’t have his wife’s support. She would rather run her own business than become a model housewife for an assemblyman. Jang cares more about himself than his wife and reports the corruption in her wife’s construction business. It is just a threat; she would face more consequences if she doesn’t back off now.


Chak Hee thought that Mr. Lee would act violently again when she took away his packet of chips in the court, but he gave it to her happily. Chak Hee had bought him new clothes and a packet of chips, and hence he didn’t react violently because he liked her. Chak Hee had not prepared anything else and relied on Lee to win the case, but it went against her, and Lee got a sentence in prison. She agrees that the state is rather harsher than she had imagined.

Lee’s mother calls Chak Hee to help her give money to Lee because she cannot go to prison for some reason. Chak Hee doesn’t want to do the free service, so Si Baek tells her to ask Lee’s mother for extra charges. Chak Hee goes to her home and finds the miserable state she is living in. Lee’s mother was worried about the extra charges, but Chak Hee didn’t charge any.


Chak Hee later visits Lee and asks him where he had spent the rest of the money. He shows her the watch he has bought so that he can count the time before he can meet his mother again. Lee doesn’t know how to read time, so Chak Hee teaches him. She brings more funds for Lee next time and also some extra pairs of socks because hers got stolen. At that time, the warden gives her the kite that Lee made for her. Chak Hee feels happy for something other than money for the first time.

Why Does Chak Hee Take Over Si Baek’s Case?

Chak Hee’s new kite got stuck on cables due to the wind, which she tried to take off by climbing on the wall of her terrace. She lost her control and was about to fall when Si Baek caught her. However, Si Baek gets hurt in the process and jokes about losing his memory. This is when Si Baek has to reveal to Chak Hee that he is her neighbor.


Ha Ran has canceled a contract with one of Jang’s acquaintances, but her husband tells her to negotiate with him again. Jang tries to guess who would have killed Cho, but the man he mentioned is already dead. Ha Ran suspects her husband and meets with his acquaintance to find out the truth. The man was desperate to get the contract but refuses to accept her new offer when she questions him about Jang in return.

Chak Hee gets assigned to a new case about a teenage single mother who has abandoned her baby a second time. Lee Yu Jin had a traumatic childhood since her mom had abandoned her because of her abusive father. Later, Yu Jin left home in middle school because her father abused her as well. However, she gave birth to the babies because she wanted to protect them, unlike her parents.


This reminds Chak Hee of her father, who had abandoned her, and she wishes that no other kid would experience the same. Yu Jin is incapable of raising her kids, and she also needs to serve a sentence. Hence, she requests Chak Hee to register the birth of her child so that he can be adopted. Chak Hee works the entire day to submit all the documents and makes Yu Jin’s baby eligible to get adopted.

A teenage boy, Park Jun Woo, is being harassed by an adult man, and the man blackmails him into being good to him if he wants to help his mother. Si Baek gets enraged at seeing the despicable sight and beats up the man. Chak Hee rushes to the police station, but Si Baek tells her to take Jun Woo home and that he will take care of the matter himself.


Si Baek returns home at night, and Chak Hee doesn’t understand how the man had settled with Si Baek so easily. Si Baek was defending Jun Woo’s mother in court, but he cannot anymore because he beat up the man he was fighting against. He requests Chak Hee to take over the case, but she refuses because she already has a lot on her plate.

The next day, Jun Woo and his mother visit Si Baek in his office, and Si Baek tries to persuade Chak Hee to take up the case, but to no avail. Reporter Park calls Chak Hee not for her but because he wants to take Si Baek’s interview. That’s when she realizes that Si Baek’s case can turn her fate around. She takes an interest in Jun Woo’s mom’s case and agrees to take it over.


Jun Woo’s mother is deaf and mute and works as a housekeeper. She is a single mother in need of money to pay for Jun Woo’s surgery. However, the house owner refused to pay her the unpaid salary for many months, saying he didn’t have the money. When she found a box full of cash in his house, she had no choice but to steal it.

Jun Woo’s mother had stolen baby formula and diapers before, and hence the prosecutor was determined to charge her with the longest possible sentence. Si Baek thinks it is a good idea to ask the prosecutor to change the charge sheet to a lenient criminal code, but Chak Hee’s pride doesn’t allow it. However, when the prosecutor starts attacking Jun Woo and his mother personally, Chak Hee requests the court to change the charge sheet.


The prosecutor was determined to go on with his original charge sheet, but Chak Hee took the entire day to convince him, and he finally gave in as everyone in the court, including the judge, was too tired to go on. Jun Woo’s mother doesn’t get a prison sentence and only has to pay a fine. Jun Woo and his mother express their gratitude to Chak Hee for not giving up on them.

‘May It Please The Court’ Episode 4: Ending

The house owner is the son of Jang’s acquaintance, and he gets beaten by his father for losing the case. His father is a brutal man whom he fears. Jang had asked his wife to negotiate with the acquaintance again, but he found out that their negotiation didn’t work out. Jang calls the acquaintance to find out the reason, but he refuses to give the details. Jang’s actions are mysterious, and it is difficult to speculate on his next move.


Later that night, the acquaintance gets killed the same way CEO Cho had died: by drowning in a river. Jang had asked him for his location, which is suspicious enough, but the next day, Si Baek is seen hanging soaked jeans with sand on them. “May It Please The Court” has a serial killer now, and suspicion points at both Si Baek and Jang.

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