‘May It Please The Court’ Main Characters, Explained

“May It Please The Court” is a 2022 Korean courtroom drama that follows the stories of a public defender who wants to bring justice to his lost family and a top-class lawyer who learns the reality of her life the hard way? The series portrays the characters in such a way that it will keep you guessing whether the main characters are villains or heroes.


Jwa Si Baek

Jwa Si Baek was top of his class during college, and everyone expected him to work at a big law firm and make a lot of money. However, he started working as a public defender but still made his name by winning cases that caught the public’s attention. He supposedly moved to the USA as a child and came back to Korea to study. This was the story that everyone knew, but the truth was different.

Si Baek’s real name was Eun Hee Jun; he had to change his identity when he was a child to save his life. Si Baek’s sister and his father were killed by the Jang father and son. Si Baek was suspected as a serial killer because of his activities, but he didn’t reveal his real purpose until the very end. He wanted to punish all the culprits by law, but Chi Sik ruined his entire plan.


Si Baek had a difficult life growing up, but he chose the right path when there were many opportunities for him to take the wrong path. He was kind and helpful because he knew how important it was to be such a person since he had met none like that. He never wanted revenge but only justice for his family’s unjust deaths.

Noh Chak Hee

Noh Chak Hee had a poor childhood and used to live with her grandmother. Her grandmother would work at Jang Byung Chun’s house as a housemaid. After her grandmother died by falling down the stairs, Byung Chun took care of Chak Hee and made her into a big lawyer. She cherished Byung Chun like her own grandfather but didn’t know that he murdered his beloved grandmother.


Chak Hee was hard-working and ambitious. Her grandmother wanted to see her become a partner with Jang Law Firm, and she worked hard, keeping that as her goal. She was proud of her achievements but had lost her humanity behind her material desires. Byung Chun’s son, Jang Gi Do, always pretended to support her but wanted to get rid of her once she looked like a threat to him.

After she became a public defender, she saw a whole different world. It brought back her humane side. When Si Baek was arrested for the murders, she was the one who deciphered the entire mystery and rescued him. Chak Hee was fooled by the person she cherished the most, but she still stood strong and decided to pay them back for their sins.  


Jang Gi Do

Jang Gi Do inherited the Jang law firm from his father, Jang Byung Chun. Byung Chun was a police officer back in the day, and he had sent Gi Do to a factory workers’ protest as a mole. Because of Gi Do, the protest failed, and many people lost their lives. Gi Do use to love Si Baek’s sister, Hee Soo, and when she refused him, Gi Do molested her. This resulted in Hee Soo taking her own life.

Gi Do had been working as a successful lawyer for a long time and wanted to step into politics. He had married Oh Ha Ran only because she had big connections. Ha Ran was a businesswoman herself and didn’t care about Gi Do’s political career. She refused to live as a housewife because she knew how selfish Gi Do was.


Gi Do thought he was smart, but all of his plans relied on external factors, and he was actually a coward who would rather sacrifice others than face difficulty himself. He was a selfish person who could only establish business relationships. In the end, Chak Hee got him behind bars, but it was also his wife who betrayed him and helped Chak Hee. 

Shin Chi Sik

Shin Chi Sik had a dumpling restaurant in Si Baek’s neighborhood. He was close to Si Baek, and Chak Hee knew Chi Sik as Si Baek’s brother. Only later, Chak Hee found out Chi Sik’s real last name and realized that they were not real brothers. Chi Sik was Si Baek’s brother-in-law who lost his cherished wife because of Jang Gi Do. Chi Sik was poor as well, and he was tortured by the police back in the day.


Chi Sik was the culprit behind all the murders because all the victims had ruined his life somehow. Si Baek surrendered first because he wanted Chi Sik to come to his senses while Chak Hee exposed the truth. Even Si Baek had no idea that Chi Sik had been killing people. As soon as Si Baek got out of custody, he met with Chi Sik and told him to surrender.

Chi Sik used Lee Dong Pil, who had dementia, to murder the victims. He made Dong Pil torture the victims in the same way Dong Pil had tortured Chi Sik in the past. Chi Sik only wanted all the victims to apologize to him, but they didn’t. Jang Gi Do was his last target, but he didn’t kill him. Chi Sik jumped off the building while fighting with Gi Do. His final task was to expose the biggest villain in his life, and he sacrificed himself to do so.


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