‘May It Please The Court’ Ending, Explained: What Was Chi Sik’s Purpose Behind Murders?

After a number of murders, Si Baek surrendered himself to the police and claimed to be the serial killer. “May It Please The Court” has two more characters that are suspicious, but the police have no clue about them yet. The police detectives are not convinced that Si Baek could be the murderer as they do not have sufficient evidence against him.


Spoilers Ahead

What Does Chak Hee Use To Threaten Jang?

Si Baek has asked Chak Hee to become his lawyer, but Chak Hee finds more ways to charge Si Baek than to defend him. She thinks that Si Baek could not have murdered people, but he could have planned it for sure. She tells detective Kyung Jin to look for an accomplice, and the detective is confused as to why Chak Hee is trying to prove that Si Baek is the main culprit.


The detectives capture Chi Sik and Dong Pil’s faces on the CCTV camera. Jeon Jae Ho tells them that Dong Pil was the one who tried to kill him, and he doesn’t know who the other person is. Chak Hee investigates Chi Sik’s restaurant and finds enough evidence to prove him as the accomplice. She also finds out that his last name is Shin, which is different from his brother, Jwa Si Baek. She informs the police and asks them to confirm the evidence themselves.

The police have been looking for Chi Sik, but he has disappeared. He is at the final stage of getting justice for his beloved wife and her family. Chak Hee asks around and finds out that aunt Hye Soo, whom she knew was Chi Sik’s wife, died because of Jang Gi Do. Chak Hee discovers more shocking information. The child named Jwa Si Baek died a long time ago, around the same time when Hye Soo’s younger brother Hee Jun went missing. It turns out that the old woman in Si Baek’s neighborhood is Hye Soo’s mother. 


Chak Hee finds this timeline odd and assumes that the lost son, Eun Hee Jun, of the old woman, is Si Baek. The more Chak Hee investigates, the more she finds Jang Byung Chun suspicious. Si Baek, her father, and Yi Yeon tried to tell her that Byung Chun was not what she thought of him. Chak Hee needs to know the truth and asks Yi Yeon why she hates her grandfather so much. Yi Yeon had seen her grandfather murder Chak Hee’s grandmother, which traumatized her, and moreover, she always pitied Chak Hee whenever she saw her working hard for Jangsan.

Chak Hee cherished Yi Yeon’s grandfather as her own because he had raised her after her grandmother passed away. She has a hard time deciding what to do next and goes straight to Jang Gi Do. She shows him all the evidence that she has against him and his father, which could ruin his life. She asks him for shares in the Jangsan firm and gives him an ultimatum of a day. If he doesn’t transfer shares to her name, she is going to send the documents to the media.


How Did Jang Get Arrested?

Chak Hee shows all the evidence documents to Si Baek and asks him to speak the truth because that’s the only thing that she is left to know. She needs to know why Si Baek changed his identity and what all the deceased people have to do with him. Si Baek agrees that he is Eun Hee Jun and that he changed his identity to survive.

Jang Byung Chun, who was known as Officer Kim, tortured Si Baek’s father to death. Si Baek was the one who brought Byung Chun to his father. His mother begged Byung Chun to let her family live, but she was harassed as well. Chi Sik was also tortured by Byung Chun, and he knew the only way for Si Baek to survive was to disappear, so Chi Sik made him change his identity.


Si Baek tried to open his father’s case again, but the prosecutor in charge got a job at Jangsan firm and took the case file with him. Chak Hee can access that file if she becomes one of the major shareholders, and that is why she has asked Jang to give her Byung Chun’s shares. When Jang sees himself caught in a trap, he cries in front of the reporters and exposes his father’s crimes himself.

Chak Hee knew Jang would do something like this, and she had an alternate plan. She goes to Jang’s wife, Ha Ran, and gives her all the evidence against him in exchange for the case papers of Si Baek’s father. Ha Ran agrees to it and also promises to give her Jang’s shares in the firm once he is charged with his crimes. The detectives catch Lee Dong Pil at Chi Sik’s house and also find video recordings of Dong Pil killing the victims. The detectives let Si Baek go as there was no more reason to hold him in.


Si Baek goes straight to his brother first and asks him to surrender because his sister and Chi Sik’s wife wouldn’t like to see him as a runaway criminal. Chi Sik promises Si Baek that he will surrender after burying his wife’s remnants where they belong. Chak Hee informs the police to provide protection to Jang as his life is in danger. This is a powerful move by Chak Hee to keep Jang under police surveillance.

On election day, Jang receives a link that has the video of his father getting tortured and talking about how he didn’t care about the working class people. Jang calls him and agrees to meet him. Chi Sik only wants an apology from Jang, just like he wanted from all the others, but Jang refuses to do so. They get into a fight, and Chi Sik jumps off the building just as the police arrive. Jang gets arrested and acts like he’s innocent, but Chi Sik has live-streamed their conversation, which is enough evidence.


‘May It Please The Court’ Ending Explained

Lee Dong Pil gets a death sentence, while Jang gets a sentence of 10 years and his secretary, Dae Hyeong, for three years. Chak Hee gets Si Baek’s father’s case documents from Ha Ran, and she reopens his case in court. Not only does she plan to clear Si Baek’s father’s name from false accusations, but she also wants to drag down Jang Byung Chun, even if it is after his death.

“May It Please The Court” was not a revenge story but rather a story of justice. The storyline will keep you in suspense and a dilemma about Si Baek’s purpose and his motivation behind it. Si Baek wanted to go by way of the law, but his brother-in-law was too broken to wait for anyone else to bring him justice. He only wanted to hear an apology from those who wronged him. Si Baek was a suspect until he claimed to be the culprit. As Si Baek told the detective, people are more interested in digging for the truth when it’s controversial and not when an uninterested and innocent person wants to show it to the world.


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