Marco And John In ‘Ferry: The Series,’ Explained: Why Did Ferry Kill Marco?

One of the most heartbreaking scenes in the Netflix crime drama Ferry: the Series is when Ferry loses his closest friend Marco. Previously, Ferry’s friendship with John, his brother-in-law, was beautifully depicted in the 2021 Netflix film. While in the series, Ferry’s connections with both John and Marco were brought forth masterfully. But sadly, in the constant battle of power and survival, Ferry had to lose one of them, which significantly devastated him. Let’s take a deep dive into both of these characters that Ferry had an amazing connection with.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Ferry Save John?

On the one hand, Ferry killed his best friend Marco, but he did the complete opposite to John by saving his life without even knowing it. Previously in the film, we learned about John, who was Ferry’s brother-in-law. John had married Claudia, Ferry’s sister, who was suffering from a cancerous tumor in her brain. John knew that no matter how much he loved that person, he was powerless to save her life. Doctors had given up on her, saying that she might have only three months left in her life. While Claudia accepted her fate, John wasn’t yet ready to say goodbye to her. He remained by her side until her last breath and maintained his composure. He was someone who never let his emotional self take over his mind so that he could tend to his lover until the very end. But when the time came and John had to bid farewell to Claudia, the world began to crumble around him. On the surface, he was a strict guy who never revealed his vulnerability, but the pain and sorrow were eating him from within. After Claudia’s passing, John immersed himself in alcoholism. Even in happy gatherings, he sits by a corner, reminiscing about those happy moments with his lover. It was painful for Ferry and Danielle to see him like this. But what else could they do about it?


However, seeing John’s mental health in shambles, Ferry asked him to join his business. John agreed and did whatever Ferry told him to do, but the momentary distraction wasn’t enough for him to move on from the pain. One night, when Lars makes a big mistake by confronting the drug lord Arie Tack all by himself, Ferry finds himself in great trouble. As Tack’s men were desperately after Lars’ life, Ferry decided to bring Lars and Daan to John’s trailer. On that fateful night, John was dealing with a mental breakdown. He was on the verge of giving up on himself. But as he placed the gun in his mouth and was about to pull the trigger, Ferry tapped on his door, asking him for help. Without even knowing it, Ferry saved his friend’s life that night. John helped Daan and Lars by hiding them inside his trailer. Moreover, he was grateful to Ferry for helping him see the light the next morning, so he insisted on helping him out of the mess. He volunteered to join him in his meeting with Tack, as he wanted to protect Ferry. This way, John secured their friendship and vowed to be by Ferry’s side through thick and thin.

Why Did Ferry Kill Marco?

Marco was running his own cosmetic brand, Marcosmetics, which was pretty famous in the town. Along with his brand, he was also helping his wife, Sabien, run her hair salon. The shampoo from Marcosmetics was an expensive product that had sassafras oil as one of the main ingredients. But Marco never knew that, besides making shampoo, the sassafras oil could also be used in the making of ecstasy pills. One day, when Lars pointed out that due to the lack of PMK, it was hard for them to manufacture one million pills per week, Ferry thought of using sassafras oil to make the drug. On a casual visit to Marco’s place, Ferry brought it up, offering Marco a substantial cut for his involvement in his business. Marco trusted him as a good guy, but he couldn’t trust the business Ferry was into. He was initially hesitant to say yes, so he asked him not to bring it up ever again. But over time, as Matco contemplated the profit of the business, he became greedy and voluntarily asked Ferry to recruit his assistance. Ferry grabbed the opportunity and became forever grateful to Marco.


From Marco’s salon, a huge amount of sassafras oil was transported to Ferry’s drug mill, where they manufactured ecstasy. But somehow things took a dark turn when police learned about Ferry’s illicit activity. They also came to know about Marcosmetics’s involvement in the drug-making. Therefore, the police directly approached Marco and brought him into custody. Marco was indeed a greedy man who, despite having a luxurious life, demanded to have more, but he was a very timid individual. He was not a risk-taker like Ferry. He had feared losing his business as well as his wife’s trust in him. Still, he cherished his friendship with Ferry and tried to prioritize it. Initially, in the presence of his lawyer, he didn’t say a word about his involvement in Ferry’s business to protect himself as well as his friend. But circumstances put him in a conflicting situation, testing his loyalty to his family and friends.

During the time when Danielle was staying at his place, he took his wife outside of the house and divulged everything about his part in Ferry’s illegal business. Sabien gave him an ultimatum, saying that if he wanted to have his family back, he needed to betray his friend by handing him over to the police. Later, even the police threatened him with arrest if he didn’t come forward to help. Under such immense pressure, Marco was left with no other choice. He was forced to wear a wire under his shirt and meet Ferry to get some information about his business partners out of his mouth. Ferry, however, having no clue about the treachery, got drunk with his friend and said that he was grateful to Marco for his assistance. He even gave Marco a bag full of cash as a reward for his loyalty and said that Marco would never have to stress over his ecstasy business anymore, as he would eventually figure it out. Marco was devastated to betray Ferry like this, so he brought the bag home and showed it to Sabien. He didn’t want to hand the recording to the police and suggested to his wife that they would just flee the country. But Sabien clearly stated that she wouldn’t allow this to happen. She believed Ferry deserved punishment for his crime.


However, as Daan overheard their conversation and went back to Ferry to tell him everything, Ferry couldn’t believe Marco was snitching on him. On the next morning, when Marco left for the police station, in the middle of the road, Ferry and John captured him and brought him to a nearby wood. Ferry asked for an explanation, but no amount of explanation could have saved Marco’s life. Ricardo, the leader of the Pusaka gang, would have killed everyone in Ferry’s family if he got the slightest hint about police involvement, so to protect himself and especially Daan, Ferry asked John to complete the task. John put a bullet in Marco’s head, which was something that didn’t only break Ferry’s heart but also made him a different person. We, as viewers, who forgave Ferry for his gradual transformation, were shocked to see such a terrifying turn in his character. It proved the fact that in the world of crime, no one is anyone’s friend. Ferry and John dumped Marco’s dead body and managed to save themselves and their illicit business.

In the gritty world of Ferry, these complicated character arcs prove the point that friendship is a muddled concept. While Ferry saved one of his friends from the darkness of despair, he put the other to death by choosing the path of betrayal, which could never be forgiven.


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