‘Ferry’ Movie Recap: Everything To Know About “Ferry Bouman” Before Watching The Series On Netflix

Netflix Dutch thriller Ferry, directed by Cecilia Verheyden, is a captivating tale of a loyal henchman of a mafia boss in Amsterdam. Released in 2021, Ferry revolves around Ferry Bouman, who finds himself torn between following orders from his boss and listening to his own heart. Ferry Bouman is a man of principle with a great sense of loyalty, but in the riveting storytelling of Ferry, we get to see different shades of his character. Despite being a stone-cold hitman, he was a man yearning for love and care. But this yearning put him in a lot of trouble, from which it was difficult for him to distance himself. The 2021 film is now all set to release its continuation in the form of a TV series on Netflix. So, before watching the series, let’s discuss the things you should know about Ferry.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

Ferry Bouman was a loyal henchman of a drug lord named Ralph Brink in Amsterdam. He had always followed Brink’s orders and never hesitated to carry out the task of killing someone he was assigned to. Brink had blindly put his trust in Ferry and treated him almost like his son. However, Brink’s own son, Mattijs, never liked his father for being a violent person. Growing up, Mattijs had always witnessed his father beating his mother, which eventually filled his heart with hatred against Brink. After Mattijs lost his mother, Brink remained the only parent, but whenever Mattijs was in any kind of trouble, he could never rely on help from his old man, which further escalated into arguments between the father-son duo. One day, taking Ferry along, when Brink came to visit Mattijs at his workplace to watch a match together, three goons barged into the place and started terrorizing them. While the goons began to rob the place, they held all of them hostages. But Brink was trying to look for an opportunity to shoot them. As he tried to get a hold of his gun, Mattijs tried to stop him but got shot in the chest by one of the goons. Mattijs was soon hospitalized and was in terrible condition. Brink was devastated by his son’s condition and wanted to take revenge on the goons, so he asked his loyal henchman Ferry to find out about them and finish them off. Ferry checked the CCTV footage and spotted one of them. In the Barbant campsite area, he visited his brother-in-law John to collect information about the guy. John recognized the face and told him the name and address of this guy.


Here, we see a troubling dynamic between Ferry and his sister. His sister Claudia was suffering from cancer and had only three months left to live. Ferry, who had not spoken to his sister for five years due to a previous dispute, didn’t know about her terminal condition. So upon meeting John and Claudia, Ferry had another argument with her. Claudia was upset, as her brother wasn’t yet sorry for his past mistakes. Despite having a heated argument with Claudia, when John informs him of her health condition, Ferry feels guilty about it. Collecting all the information about the guy, named Jason, from the CCTV footage, Ferry went to his place at the campsites, but as he sneaked into his place, he found nobody except for a cat and a young lady. To finish his task of killing Jason, he rented a trailer house nearby. He found the young lady, named Daniele, to be his neighbor, and tried to get closer to her to know more about Jason. One day, at a carnival, he saved Danielle aka Daan from her abusive stalker ex, impressing her. Daan told him that she worked as a cleaner at Jason’s house. She also told him that Jason was out for a few days to stay at his girlfriend’s place. Ferry tried to hatch a scheme to bring Jason home as soon as possible so that he could finish his task. One day, he again sneaked into Jason’s trailer and made a scene of a break-in. He asked Daan to call Jason and ask him to come. After Daan’s call, Jason quickly came to take a look at his place, but Ferry managed to capture him. He took Jason to a mountainside and put a bullet in his head. From Jason’s cellphone, Ferry got to know about the other guys and started looking for them.

Did Ferry And Claudia Reconcile?

Ferry had a troubling relationship with his father, whose death brought peace of mind to Ferry’s life. But Claudia, who was close to her parents, honored her father’s soul by visiting his graveyard on her wedding day, according to their tradition. Ferry couldn’t stand it, as he believed his father deserved to belong in the dump. On such a petty thing, both of these hot-headed siblings kept arguing for five years. However, one night, when Ferry and Daan spend some quality time at the carnival with some ecstasy pills, Ferry realizes that he should say sorry to his sister. He felt ashamed of his past actions, but Daan comforted him. The two of them got closer and started seeing each other afterward. However, Ferry, who realized his mistakes, called his sister and sorted things out. Claudia forgave him, as all she wanted to hear was a “sorry” from her egotistical brother.


Did Ferry Kill Lars?

Ferry tracked down the other guy from the group. But before he killed him, he learned about the third associate, named Lars van Marken, from him. However, the most shocking thing he got to know was Mattijs’ involvement in it. The second guy divulged that Mattijs was the one who hired those guys to rob the money, as Brink wasn’t going to help him out. Ferry was startled to learn the truth, and after taking care of this second guy, he began to look for Lars until one day he came to know that Daan, aka Danielle Van Marken, was the sister of Lars Van Marken. Ferry found himself in a great deal of internal conflict, but eventually he chose to do what he felt was right. He spared Lars’s life for the sake of his lady love. However, after cutting all ties with Daan, he came back to Amsterdam, but his mental health was in shambles. He contemplated his actions and his future in the gang. In his absence, Brink didn’t take long to hire a new guy named Rico, which even more confused Ferry, who began to lose trust in his boss.

What Happened To Brink?

Brink could fairly understand something was wrong with Ferry, so he asked Rico to keep an eye on him. One day, Ferry stumbled upon Daan in Amsterdam. Daan was there to attend her girlfriend’s wedding, but she was elated to find Ferry there. However, Rico arrived right away and met with Daan. Daan accidentally spoke out her last name, which raised suspicion in Rico’s mind. Rico informed the boss right away and took Ferry to him. Brink asked Ferry to be honest, but Ferry kept on saying that he killed three of them. However, after a certain time, as Ferry lost his cool, he spoke out about Mattijs’s involvement in the robbery, which he hadn’t shared with Brink earlier. Brink gives him another chance, asking him to kill Lars, but Ferry lets him know that he won’t be able to do it. As a result, the fatherly affection soon turned into hatred, leading Brink to ask his men to finish off Ferry as well as Danielle and her brother. Despite being attacked by Brink’s men, Ferry defeated all of them, killing them off. He didn’t even spare Brink’s life, and he shot him to death. He met Daan at her friend’s place and apologized to her for previously ghosting her all of a sudden. Both expressed their love for each other and pursued a long-term relationship from then on.


What Can We Expect From The Series?

In the post-credit scene of the film, we saw Ferry in a whole new avatar. He had taken over the business of Brink, becoming a new mafia boss. We saw him enlisting Lars as his right-hand guy and hiring his other friends. Probably in the upcoming sequel series, we’ll get to see a fierce and strong Ferry with the power of wealth and his loyal men, who would probably be by his side through thick and thin. Probably in the upcoming series, Daan and Ferry will tie the knot, becoming an official couple. Up until then, we just need to wait for the sequel to drop on Netflix to witness more surprises along the way.

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