‘Ferry: The Series’ Recap & Ending Explained: Did Ferry And Daan End Up Together?

After the 2021 release of Ferry, Netflix has just released its continuation in the form of a series of the same name. Ferry: The Series, directed by Cecilia Verheyden and starring Frank Lammers and Elise Schaap in the lead, centers around a drug lord’s loyal henchman, Ferry Bouman. In Amsterdam, Ferry was a ferocious animal who never hesitated to kill his boss’s enemies, but as he was tasked with going to the campsites of Brabant to kill a group of goons responsible for killing his boss’s son, he failed to complete his task. He fell in love with a woman whose brother was one of those goons. Love brought about a big transformation in Ferry’s personality, resulting in him betraying his boss and killing him to save his lady love. In this eight-episode series, we’ll get to see the aftermath of his boss’s death and Ferry’s rise as a mafia lord in the area of Brabant.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Summary: What Happens In The Show?

Ferry: The Series opens with a drug lord named Arie Tack getting caught by the police after his entire drug mill was raided by the authorities. Meanwhile, Ferry was trying to kickstart his business by selling ecstasy pills to whoever he could. Strict police surveillance was a huge problem for Ferry, who didn’t have any idea how to deal so many ecstasy pills. One day, evading police capture, he managed to get back to his house, where Danielle, aka Daan, had organized a gathering. Ferry romantically asked her to marry him in front of everyone, and Daan agreed. We see John had lost his wife, Claudia, two years prior, and now the loneliness and depression were killing him from within, driving him to alcoholism.


Ferry learned about Arie Tack’s arrest, and in his absence, he thought of meeting with Tack’s partners in crime, the Pusaka biker gang. He met with the co-leader of the gang, Ricardo, who initially didn’t want to make any kind of deal with Ferry, but later Ricardo’s partner Mick put his trust in Ferry, asking him to bring them one million pills in a week for their Australian customers. For one million pills, Ferry would be given one million euros. Ferry struck the deal and enlisted Daan’s brother Lars and two of his friends in his group. He also recruited John, who was willing to help him.

In the midst of all this, Ferry came to know about Daan’s pregnancy, which further motivated him to make more money to welcome their child and give them a good future. Meanwhile, Arie Tack came out of prison and discovered that Pusaka had made a deal with someone named Ferry Bouman. Arie Tack met with Ferry and offered him all his materials, asking Ferry to manufacture the drugs for him. But Ferry, who initially showed no interest in this offer, later thought of exploiting this opportunity. Lars told Ferry that to make ecstasy pills they needed PMK, which was available in Tack’s drug mill, so, together with Lars and his friends, Ferry carried out a plan to rob Tack’s entire drug mill. With the equipment and PMK, Ferry and his men could manufacture as many pills as they wanted. Ferry finally sold one million pills to the Pusaka gang and earned one million euros in return.


Who Was Marco?

In Ferry: The Series, we are introduced to a new character, Marco, who was a close friend of Ferry’s. Marco was the owner of his own cosmetic brand, Marcosmetics, which was famous for its shampoo. Marco’s wife, Sabien, had a hair salon, where Ferry’s fiancée, Daan, got a job as a hairdresser and befriended Sabien. One day, when Lars told Ferry that it was impossible to make one million pills every week due to a lack of PMK, he came up with the idea of using Sassafras oil, which could be used to make ecstasy. Sassafras oil was one of the main ingredients in the shampoo manufactured by Marco’s company, so Ferry asked Marco to take part in his business in exchange for a significant cut. Initially hesitant, Marco was attracted to the offer, so he took a leap of faith by trusting Ferry and joining hands with him in his ecstasy-making business. Things were just going fine until one day, the police came to know about Marcos’s involvement with Ferry’s drug business.

Who Killed Mick And Arie Tack?

Arie Tack didn’t take the betrayal so easily. So his loyal henchman sneaked into Lars’ house and held him hostage. He tortured Lars, warning him not to mess with Tack anymore. Lars was extremely traumatized by this, so he told Ferry, who then wanted to take revenge on Tack. The Pusaka gang came forward to help Ferry, asking him to communicate with Arie Tack. The matter wasn’t quite settled between Tack and Ferry. Lars feared that Tack could any day send his man again to finish the job, which was something that traumatized him to the core. Lars began to take extra precautions so that he could defend himself from Tack’s men. To distract himself, he even started doing drugs, which drove him insane and detached from any logical thinking. One day, when he was high, he made the extremely stupid choice of going to Tack’s place and trying to kill him. However, Tack caught him in the act and sent his men after him.


Lars rushed to Ferry’s place in the middle of the night, asking him for help. Ferry, who realized that Lars’s action put them in great trouble, took Daan and Lars to John’s trailer to hide them. In the morning, Ferry decided to talk it out with Tack to settle the matter with money. He contacted Pusaka leaders Mick and Ricardo, who then talked with Arie. As Ricardo convinced Mick to bring Ferry to have a conversation with Tack, Mick called Ferry, who agreed to come down to settle the matter. But after Mick hung up the phone, Ricardo stabbed him to death. Ricardo was an unempathetic soul who cared not one iota what advice anyone had to give him when it came to leading the gang. Plus, he also found out that Mick might have had some links with the police, so he thought it would be better just to finish him off. However, Ferry came to meet with Tack, bringing John along with him. As Tack demanded they hand Lars over so that they could kill him, Ferry tried to negotiate with him by bringing up the financial settlement. But in the meantime, Ricardo shot Tack and his men to death all of a sudden and solved Ferry’s problem. That’s how Ricardo just bought Ferry’s assistance in a matter of seconds so that Ferry could become a puppet of his hand, doing everything Ricardo would ask him to do.

What Happened To Daan’s Child?

Daan never quite knew about Ferry’s business. But she had trusted him blindly. Growing up with her brother, Daan also had a very rough childhood, with her father being a drug dealer while her mother had been neglectful. Daan never wanted to welcome her child and give them the same environment she had received. As she came to know about her husband’s illegal dealings, she tried to support him even though she didn’t like it. One day, when she learned that the chemical waste from a drug factory had injured a little girl, her heart went out to the girl’s family. She still managed to deal with this troubling life with Ferry, until one day Lars messed up everything. When she and Lars were brought into John’s trailer, she saw her brother being reserved about Ferry. As she pressed his brother to reveal the truth about Ferry’s past, Lars told her how Ferry had killed two of his friends after arriving at Barbant. The truth was too much for Daan to digest, so she just decided to leave everything in the middle and made up her mind not to live with a murderer anymore. Having no other place to live, she ended up asking for help from Sabien. Sabien let her in, but Daan never told her or her husband exactly why she decided to leave Ferry.

However, as Marco’s involvement with Ferry came out and Sabien learned about everything, she unleashed her anger upon Daan, asking her why she never told Sabien about it. Daan left her place and decided to drive far away. But as a result of a minor car accident, she ended up in the hospital. At the hospital, when she asked the doctors about her baby, they found that she was never pregnant. Due to early menopause, she would never even be able to conceive. Daan, who thought that she would move on from Ferry by raising her child all by herself, had nothing to hold onto anymore. Her heart was shattered. Even though Ferry had gotten violent due to his business, Daan decided to stick by his side. She was brought back to Sabien’s house, where Sabien apologized to her for her past behavior, but Daan let her know that she would soon be leaving the place.

Why Did Ferry Kill Marco?

The police brought Marco into their custody to interrogate him about Ferry. Initially, with his lawyer, Marco denied his involvement in this whole mess, but later, as the police threatened him with his arrest if he didn’t help them, Marco found himself torn between saving his own back and betraying his friend. He never discussed it with his wife, so one night he had to say everything to Sabien, who was furious to know about it all. She asked him to do the right thing to save themselves, their family, and their business by betraying Ferry. Marco was forced to wear a wire beneath his clothes to record Ferry talking about his drug dealings with the mafia gangs. Marco found himself feeling guilty, but he had no other choice. But as he met with Ferry and managed to get a confession out of him, Ferry surprised him by handing him a bag full of cash as a gift of Marco’s loyalty and friendship. Marco returned home and showed the bag to Sabien, who still believed Marco should go to the police to hand over the recording.


Daan overheard their conversation and sneaked out of their house. She came back to her house and told Ferry everything. Ferry was betrayed and shaken to the core. But the next morning, he made up his mind to prioritize saving himself over his friendship. Ricardo, who was still the bossman looming over Ferry’s shoulder as a danger, could go to any length to punish him and his family. So, to safeguard himself, especially Daan, he chose what he couldn’t even imagine in his darkest nightmares. He blocked Marco’s path and took him to a nearby wood. John put a bullet in Marco’s head, which was indeed one of the most heartbreaking scenes in Ferry: The Series. The chemistry between Marco and Ferry was heartwarming from the beginning; therefore, seeing Ferry kill one of his closest friends came as a shock to most of the audience. Ferry and John dumped Marco’s body and returned home. On the other hand, we saw Sabien bring the rest of Daan’s belongings to her house and ask her if she knew anything about Marco. Daan behaved very coldly with Sabien and asked her to go home. It seemed like Daan, who knew that at the end of the day, she had no one but Ferry by her side, decided to stand by his side forever. She made her heart stone, realizing that to stay with Ferry, she needed to suppress the emotions that posed obstacles on her path.

Did Ferry And Daan End Up Together?

The police eventually arrested Ferry. But during the time of his interrogation, Ferry remained silent. The police couldn’t even get an answer from him, so he was asked to bring an eyewitness who could at least confirm where Ferry was the last night. Daan became a witness and confirmed that Ferry was at home the last night, which saved Ferry from prison time. He was a free man again and restarted his business, partnering up with John. In the concluding moments of Ferry: The Series, we see Ferry and Daan getting married and starting a new chapter in their lives.


Even at the end of Ferry: The Series, Ferry, who remained elusive and victorious in his daring endeavors, was not an idealistic person or the true protagonist of the narrative. Despite trying to reform himself, he went back to his darkness again and again. His decision to kill Marco showed his desperation and his need to prioritize himself over everything else. Even in his love life, he never prioritized Daan’s decisions; rather, he constantly put her in danger by choosing the path of violence. Therefore, in the 2021 film, even though Ferry’s love for Daan caused him to undergo a huge transformation in his character, in the series, we find him as a mere antihero. Furthermore, in the series, it was Danielle whose personality and morality changed over time, driven by her love for her husband. The way she wore the blindfold over her eyes, ignoring every red flag in Ferry, proved the point that love doesn’t always necessarily bring positive change in human beings.

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