Danielle Van Marken In ‘Ferry: The Series,’ Explained: What Happened To Daan’s Pregnancy?

Love doesn’t always bring happiness in life. Sometimes it can be a cause of pain. It hurts expectations, leaving someone with a broken heart, just like it did to Danielle when she found out the truth about her lover in the narrative of Ferry. Danielle Van Marken is an important character from Ferry: The Series. We were first introduced to her in the 2021 Netflix release when Ferry came to the campsites of Brabant to finish his task. Danielle, aka Daan, fell in love with Ferry, who once saved her from her stalker ex, but little did she know about Ferry’s background and his murderous activities.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Danielle?

Danielle had a very troubling childhood. Growing up with her little brother, Lars, she never had the maternal affection of her mother, whereas her father, who did care for them, was affiliated with criminals. Therefore, as she grew up, all she wanted was a peaceful life and a loving and caring husband who would always be there for her and her children. But fate had something else in store for her. When Ferry arrived in Brabant and hid himself in Jason’s trailer, he first came across Daan, who didn’t have any idea about Ferry’s presence there. Later in the evening, at a carnival, they properly met each other when Ferry saved her from a stalker. Daan felt a sense of gratitude towards Ferry and realized that he was a gentleman. She gradually fell for him and began to cherish their connection. But when Ferry came to know Daan was the sister of one of his targets, Lars, Ferry had to sever all ties with her. However, in Amsterdam, their paths intertwined once again, giving both of them a sign that they were meant to be together. Ferry eliminated all the enemies from his path to be with his lady love, Daan, who truly believed in and worshipped Ferry as an embodiment of a true lover.


What Happened To Danielle’s Pregnancy?

After he killed Ralph Brink in Amsterdam, Ferry moved in with Danielle. Two years had already passed, and John had lost his wife, Claudia, while Ferry was coping with the loss of his sister. However, in the midst of all this, Ferry decided to put a ring on Daan, showing his lifelong commitment to their relationship. It was the happiest moment for Daan, but her health was not cooperating with her. After throwing up and feeling nauseated all the time, Sabien asked her to take a pregnancy test. Daan took a pregnancy test, which came out positive, bringing a wave of joy into her life.  She wanted to give them a neat environment to adapt to. But Ferry, who was as pleased as Daan was by the good news, knew they couldn’t give the child a safe environment to grow in. Although Ferry earned a lot of money and elevated their status, the danger of getting killed always loomed over his shoulder.

Danielle was an extremely kind individual who knew about Ferry’s illegal drug business, but deep in her heart, she never wanted Ferry to bring harm to anyone’s life. When she heard the news of a little girl getting injured by the chemical waste from Ferry’s drug mill, her heart went out for the girl. She began to feel guilty about the girl, and to make it up to her family, she secretly provided them with an envelope full of money, leaving it inside their mailbox. Even during her pregnancy, she never felt good about Ferry’s absence from the house and his involvement in illicit activities. One day, when Lars made a grave mistake, putting everyone’s life in danger, Ferry brought her and her brother to John’s trailer to hide themselves for a while. During this time, Daan came to know about Ferry’s past mistakes one after another. As she pressed Lars to reveal the truth, he couldn’t help but tell her everything regarding Jason and Davy’s deaths in Ferry’s hands. But he did try to reassure her by stating how Ferry had spared his life for the sake of his love for Daan. But hearing how mistakenly she had fallen in love with a cold-blooded murderer, she couldn’t handle it well. She left John’s place so that she would never have to cross paths with Ferry again. She took shelter at Sabien’s place to think clearly. But no matter how much she was in love with Ferry, she was unable to forgive him for his past mistakes.


Why Did Danielle Choose To Return To Ferry?

Danielle began to hate Ferry, as he had changed a lot. His growing business and his affiliation with criminal gangs made him violent. Even though Ferry came to apologize to Daan, he made a huge scene by accidentally hurting her. Danielle felt extremely betrayed by her lover, so she chose to stay away from him. She was so frustrated by Ferry’s activities that she decided not to return home anymore. Even when she argued with Sabien, who just straightforwardly asked her to leave her place, Daan drove far away from there, hoping to settle down elsewhere. She had only one hope in her life—her baby, whom she wanted to raise, pouring all her love and attention upon them—but tragedy struck after she had a car accident. She was rushed to the nearby hospital, where she was shocked to learn that she was never pregnant in the first place. Rather, due to having an early menopause, she would probably never become a mother. The truth was even more hurtful than the way Ferry had broken her heart. She desired to hold onto her child, but she lost that tiny possibility in her life. She was brought back to Sabien’s residence, but when she learned about Marco and Sabien’s plan to turn against her husband, she chose what she felt was right at that moment.

Daan had already lost everything. She never had a loving family, and now that her brother had gone out of fear of being killed, she was left all alone. Furthermore, the truth of her not being able to conceive left her with a deep emotional scar. So she wasn’t able to afford to lose the last and only person in her life. She realized that Ferry had always gone to great lengths to protect his family, so she took the initiative to save Ferry from being caught by the police, but in the process, it cost Marco’s life. Sabien, who once used to be a good friend of Daan, grew distant from her. Daan chose to return to her husband and accept him the way he was. She swallowed her own emotions to mold herself in the shape of her husband’s demands. They finally tied the knot and exchanged their vows. Probably, Ferry was not someone who could provide her with a safe and secure future, but what Daan wanted the most was to love and be loved by someone, which she believed she had achieved in her relationship with Ferry.


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