‘Little Women’ Episode 3 And 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: Where Has Hwa Young Hidden The Money?

In Joo was just another unnoticed employee until her only friend, Hwa Young, committed suicide. In “Little Women,” the Oh sisters have been fighting each day to survive, but the same money they work hard to earn will soon upheave their lives. In Joo has witnessed two deaths in a short span of time. In Kyung and In Hye have no idea what In Joo is up to, but they are closer to In Joo’s enemy than she is.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Is Doil Trying To Protect In Joo?

In Joo witnesses Director Shin’s death and notices the blue orchid near his dead body. The flower reminds her of Hwa Young’s suicide because the same flower was present at her house. She picks up Choi Doil’s call on Shin’s mobile phone, and Doil is surprised to hear In Joo’s voice. He visits In Joo at the hospital and warns  her  not to tell the truth to the police  if she wants to stay safe. In Joo takes his advice and stops putting effort to prove that Hwa Young was murdered. While taking care of Hwa Young’s orchids, she finds a letter and recognizes a familiar name in it. She meets CEO Won Sang Woo, who turns out to be Park Jae Sang’s brother-in-law.

Sang Woo has been living in a psychiatric hospital because he tried to report his own father for embezzlement, for which his father took away everything that was his and gave it to Park Jae Sang. Hwa Young had written in the letter to In Joo to show Sang Woo the Princess flower once it blooms. She had also mentioned talking with him about any worries, and that’s what In Joo does. She shows him the cash Hwa Young has left for her and asks him what to do about it. He suggests she do whatever she wants with it because Hwa Young has left it for her. He gives her some important ledgers to protect herself from the higher-ups.

Choi Doil has been investigating Director Shin’s accident and finds out the photocopies of the ledger and that his last visit was with the CEO. He knocks on the CEO’s door, and In Joo runs away before Doil finds her. However, In Joo drops her phone, and Doil immediately rushes out to find her. He already knows that In Joo has the two billion won and tells her to keep that to herself and that he only needs the ledgers. He offers her a deal to make money with the ledgers and split them in half. In Joo knows that she cannot keep the ledgers to herself anymore, so she might as well make some money off it. Doil is only concerned about money, but he also tries to protect In Joo because he regrets that he couldn’t save his friend, Hwa Young.

In Hye has gotten close to Hyo Rin’s family, and they have arranged for her education in Boston along with their daughter. Her sisters are not happy about it, and In Kyung shows up drunk at Hyo Rin’s party and embarrasses In Hye in front of everyone. In Hye doesn’t like that her sisters are trying to make decisions on her behalf. She is tired of them trying to protect her and provide for her while they can’t do it themselves. Park Jae Sang notices In Hye’s attitude toward her sisters and tries to provoke her more. He tells her how he had betrayed his father to get what he wanted and asks her if she can betray someone who loves her the most.

How Does In Joo Get Caught With 2 Billion Won?

After Doil allows her to use the money for herself, In Joo tries to pay for In Hye’s education fees for Boston, but Hyo Rin’s mother declines it. However, In Joo exposes herself unknowingly as Hyo Rin’s mother notices the expensive shoes on her legs. She had gifted those shoes to Hwa Young. Hyo Rin’s mother asks her secretary to run a background check on In Joo. In Kyung finds the stash of money and opposes In Joo from using it for anything, as it is a theft of a kind.

In Joo knows the value of that money and how it can solve all of their problems. Despite In Kyung’s opposition, In Joo visits their great aunt and requests her to help buy an apartment. In Joo knows more secrets about their family than her sisters. She reminds the great aunt about their sister, who had died when she was a baby and that the great aunt still feels guilty that she couldn’t save a life. She agrees to help In Joo and shows her an apartment that she can buy without any trouble.

Joo is happy that she can finally buy an apartment, but something unexpected happens. Hyo Rin’s mother has asked In Hye to draw her portrait secretly and takes her inside the secret orchid room to draw. The orchid room has the tree of the rare blue orchid that has been found at all the murder locations so far. In Kyung has been researching them, and they are poisonous. Even their smell can kill those who are sensitive. Before starting to draw the portrait, In Hye smells the flower and suddenly starts feeling dizzy. She collapses, and the doctor diagnoses that she has a hereditary disease and needs surgery soon, or she might die.

In Joo cancels her plan to buy an apartment and decides to use the money for In Hye’s surgery instead. However, she gets caught by Secretary Go with all the two billion won. In Joo begs the secretary to lend her at least a hundred million won for her sister’s surgery. She agrees to get hit by the secretary a hundred times for a hundred million won. Choi Doil had tried to inform In Joo about the secretary, but it was too late. Later, he found In Joo and stopped the secretary from hitting her with the help of Hyo Rin’s mother. Hyo Rin’s mother assures In Joo that her husband’s foundation will help with In Hye’s surgery and offers In Joo a job as her secretary.

‘Little Women’ Episode 4 Ending

In Kyung finds out late that Park Jae Sang is funding In Hye’s surgery when she sees his entire family shooting a promotional video for helping In Hye. She hates to see it and tries to interrupt them, but In Joo stops her. In Kyung doesn’t understand why In Joo isn’t using her stolen money now, but she doesn’t give up easily. She brings her great aunt to the hospital and stops Park Jae Sang from paying for In Hye’s surgery. In Joo feels relieved that she doesn’t have to work for Hyo Rin’s mother anymore, but Doil has news for her.

Hwa Young had been using In Joo’s name to live in Singapore for three years, and she had an apartment, a car, and a college admission under her name. This is only the tip of the iceberg, as Hwa Young has transferred all the embezzled money to different bank accounts under In Joo’s name. In Joo is done running away and is going to face what comes her way. The “Little Women” Oh sisters might see a crack in their relationship as the conflict of interest has three of them looking in different ways.

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