‘Little Women’ Episode 1 And 2: Recap And Ending – The Blue Orchid Killer

“Little Women” is a 2022 Korean Mystery Thriller on Netflix written by Jung Seo Kyung and directed by Kim Hee Won. The Korean screen adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s novel of the same name features Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Park Ji Hoo as the sisters, along with Wi Ha Joon, Uhm Ji Won, and Uhm Ki Joon in leading roles. The series follows three sisters as they go up against the wealthiest family in the nation.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does In Joo Agree To Help Shin?

Oh In Joo and Oh In Kyung wait for their youngest sister, Oh In Hye, on her birthday to surprise her with a birthday cake. The oldest, In Joo, shares the memories from her childhood when her mother couldn’t buy a cake for her, and instead gave her boiled eggs as a cake. The sisters are happy that they can at least buy their youngest a cake. In Hye studies arts in a top high school on scholarship. The middle sister, In Kyung, is a reporter, and In Joo works as a bookkeeper. Their mother shows up on In Hye’s birthday to make Yeolmu kimchi for her, which she doesn’t even like. In Joo and In Kyung have saved some money to send In Hye on a field trip to Europe. Their mother called it a waste of money and stole the money overnight to leave for the Philippines.


In Kyung gets a call from their great-aunt, and even though she is not fond of her, she agrees to meet her for money. Their mother informed the great aunt about leaving the country and requested her to help her daughters. In Kyung used to live with her rich great aunt before moving in with her sisters. The great aunt agrees to help In Kyung with money, and in exchange, she has to visit the great aunt every day for breakfast. On her way back, In Kyung meets her childhood friend, Jong Ho, whom the great aunt had asked to visit at the same time as In Kyung.

In Joo asks her boss for an advance payment and gets humiliated. In Joo is an outcast whose only friend in the office is another outcast, Jin Hwa Young. Hwa Young has more experience than In Joo, and she often guides and helps her. She tells In Joo to not mind her co-workers as they have secrets that make them just as pitiful. Hwa Young takes In Joo out for an expensive dinner and also gives her the money she needs for her sister. Hwa Young has been developing an app that will replace bookkeepers soon. Hwa Young has been rumored to date the director, Shin, of the company. She is soon to go on a trip to Europe and entrusts In Joo to take care of her orchids at work and fish at home if she is late for some reason.


In Kyung often cries while reporting a sensitive case, and her boss has not been happy with her work. When watching coverage of Park Jae Sang apologizing to a victim of an old case, she calls him a fake. Park Jae Sang intends to run for mayor, and In Kyung thinks he is doing everything for a show. In Kyung worked on her first case as a reporter related to Park, and she found him oddly suspicious. Her boss asks her to work diligently, but soon enough, she makes a mistake. In Kyung asks Park Jae Sang about the old case in his press conference, and later, Park humiliates her in front of everyone because she looked drunk. Her senior was also present at the conference and found Tequila in In Kyung’s mouthwash bottle. Further investigation leads to a stack of tequila in In Kyung’s desk drawer. In Kyung gets suspended for a month to get treated for her alcoholism.

In Joo meets the guy from the European branch of their company who Hwa Young told her about. He has been trying to reach Hwa Young and asks In Joo if she can find out if Hwa Young is back in Korea or not. In Joo goes to Hwa Young’s home and shockingly finds her dead in her closet. The police rule it as a suicide as Hwa Young also left a suicide note, but In Joo is traumatized by it. She goes to the office to hand in her resignation, but director Shin asks her to work with them to find out the hidden money embezzled by Hwa Young. In Joo didn’t believe that Hwa Young was such a person and refused to do it. However, she changed her mind when she found a bag full of cash that Hwa Young had left behind for her. She couldn’t understand why someone with so much money would commit suicide and wondered if Hwa Young was murdered. She goes back to meet Shin and agrees to help them find the money but gets herself a job at the Orchid Garden, where Hwa Young worked part-time.


Why Does In Joo Find Shin Scary?

In Hye refuses to accept money from In Joo and leaves with a friend in a luxurious car. She follows her and waits for her to come out of the house. She sees her mother’s friend gave her money, and that’s when In Joo meddles and stops In Hye from accepting it. In Hye had been painting a portrait of her friend, and she was happy that she was making money on her own. In Joo is a responsible sister who also helps In Kyung control her alcohol intake and teaches In Hye to not take money from privileged people like they are beggars. In Joo dreamt of doing many things after she had money, but now that she has it, she doesn’t know what to do with it.

In Joo finds a lot of information on Hwa Young through her social media profile and realizes that she lived a dual life-an outcast at the office and an elite socialite in Singapore. In Joo strongly suspects that Hwa Young really had an affair with Director Shin, and her previous co-worker tells her that Hwa Young was different from what she showed herself to be. The co-worker told her a weird thing about Shin that made In Joo uncomfortable. Shin likes certain types of girls who wear cheap shoes, and Shin had mentioned to In Joo about her cheap shoes and told her that he would buy a better one for her. In Joo gets scared and worries if she has gotten herself into trouble by agreeing to help Shin.

In Kyung has been suspended, but she still hasn’t stopped investigating Park Jae Sang’s case. Her great aunt tells her to quit working as a reporter and work for her instead. In Kyung had learned stock trading at a young age, and she was exceptionally good at it. The great aunt wanted her to join her office instead of studying further, and hence, she left her house. Her childhood friend, Jong Ho, has been helping her with her investigation, and he thinks In Kyung is being irrational. However, he changes his mind after the informer In Kyung was supposed to meet dies.

‘Little Women’ Episode 2: Ending

In Joo tells her doubts about Shin to Choi Doil, and he tells her about another woman who used to embezzle money for Shin and died the same way as Hwa Young. In Joo asks him if she can file a police complaint, but that means losing money, and Doil cannot afford that. He was good friends with Hwa Young because they both had a similar desire for money. In Kyung sees a broadcast of an international art competition and sees someone else winning the prize for the portrait that In Hye painted. In Joo receives red shoes from director Shin that both the women who died previously had also received from him. She gets scared and confronts Shin, but he is going to surrender himself because he is scared of someone higher up. He runs away in his car, but his car brakes fail, and he dies right in front of In Joo.


Hwa Young’s suicide, the informer’s, and Shin’s deaths all had one thing in common: a blue orchid. In Kyung has challenged Park Jae Sang directly, and he seems to be involved in her informer’s death. Her sisters have also involved themselves in Park Jae Sang’s circle, as In Hye’s friend Hyo Rin is Park’s daughter, and the higher-ups that Shin mentioned could be Park as well. “Little Women” has already put forth a lot of questions and a lot of mystery. A thrilling saga has just begun, and more is yet to unfold.

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