‘Little Demon’ Episodes 6 & 7 Recap & Ending, Explained – Does Chrissy Save Bennigan? What is Biggleheim?

At the end of “Little Demon” Episode 5, Chrissy saves her mother, Laura, from the angry leeches, while Satan finds a friend in Snake with Arms. In episodes 6 and 7, we see Chrissy trying to manage her friendship with Bennigan and her relationship with her father. On the other hand, Laura’s feelings for Satan become visible, and there is a hint of her loneliness for not having her husband around.


Spoilers Ahead

Episode 6: Recap

Chrissy and Bennigan are at the latter’s house discussing their school project on the 52-Hertz Whale, famous for its unusual calling frequency of 52 hertz. At dinner, Chrissy has a great time talking to Bennigan’s family. However, Bennigan is facing an eating disorder and excuses himself to return to his room without eating much. Chrissy follows too. She hears Bennigan talking to himself in the bathroom. But on asking, he states that everything is alright. After leaving Bennigan’s house, Laura decides to check on him discreetly. She transfers her soul to his pet lizard and finds out that Bennigan is making a self-portrait of a fatter version of himself, trying to come to terms with himself. Laura makes up her mind to help him. After being unable to get help from Laura, Chrissy goes and meets Snake with Arms, who takes her to a room that stores her father’s documents. Here, Chrissy finds a book on how to change the way someone thinks about themselves. She decides to put it to work.


Satan is sad as his hellhound, Bark Woofalo is dying, and it seems that there is no way to save it. Bark Woofalo’s soul has been living in the body of this hellhound for 13 years. And now Bark is holding out because he wants to see Laura, who, along with Satan, brought him home as a puppy. Satan ultimately decides to talk to Laura. But Laura thinks that it is just another plan of Satan to lure her and then kill her. Even Erwin tries to make her understand that she should visit her beloved dog, probably for the last time.

Chrissy arrives at Bennigan’s home and casts a spell on him. Naturally, at school, Bennigan begins to see the good in everything, from the teachers to the canteen food. However, this isn’t enough as Laura sees Bennigan rush to the bathroom and throw up. Inside the bathroom, she notices the “evil Bennigan,” who has been demeaning Bennigan’s appearance. Later on, Bennigan finally opens up to Chrissy and tells her that he doesn’t like the way he looks. Laura then searches for some other spell and finds one that can change the form of things. Again, Laura casts this spell on Bennigan, and he turns into a handsome hunk. Both then decided to go to a fun zone. But there, too, Bennigan finds himself rushing to the bathroom after not being able to cope with his new body. But this time, the evil Bennigan takes over, and Bennigan turns into a huge monster, sucking up everything through a maw-like mouth with teeth that were formed in his stomach. The owner of the Fun Zone, who was ex-military, calls for backup to kill the monster.


Laura arrives in Hell, and Satan tells her that they have to go to the Isle of Wepwawet, a place where all dog souls come into being. They get into a fight, blaming each other for their bad parenting skills when Bark falls into the river nearby. Laura and Satan somehow manage to save him. Realizing that they only put the things they love in danger by fighting with each other, Laura and Satan make peace. They bid goodbye to Bark Woofalo’s soul. While Laura tells Bark how much she will miss him, a teardrop in one of Satan’s eyes reveals that he, too, can feel sad.

With no idea how to stop a whole army from killing her best friend, Chrissy frantically searches for a solution in the book. The solution to stop the corruption is for her to absorb Bennigan’s matter into herself, which she then does. Bennigan returns to his human form and runs away out of shame. Chrissy, who has turned into a blob monster herself, arrives at Hell for help. She finds her father, Satan, talking to Snake with Arms, and asks for help. Satan brings Chrissy back to her human form.


Chrissy then returns to Earth, meets Bennigan at his house, and apologizes for trying to change him for her sake but without his permission. As hurt as Bennigan is, he gives Chrissy the completed school project about Whale 52, a creature that calls out year after year without any other whale responding to him or understanding him. Bennigan then goes back inside, shutting the door on her face. Back in Hell, Satan goes into his private vault and brings out a picture of Laura with Bark Woofalo. “Little Demon” Episode 6 ends on an emotional note with both Chrissy and Satan missing someone they love. The mid-credits scene shows the mercenary from “Little Demon” Episode 1 buying tools from a store with which he intends to kill Chrissy.

Episode 7: Recap

The weekend has arrived, and Chrissy is back in Hell to spend the two days with her father, Satan. They are watching bullfighting. The bull stabs the matador with its horns. As the matador is about to die, Satan, accompanied by Chrissy, approaches him and successfully persuades him to sell his soul in return for the fulfillment of his lifelong dream of becoming a professional rollerblader. Satan then takes Chrissy to his soul hole. Chrissy is disgusted to see how the souls are living their dreams that look more like torture. But what Chrissy finds to be torture is free will for Satan.


Laura has come to stay at Darlene’s for the night as she has set off a bug bomb at her house to prevent an infestation. But Darlene hesitates to let her in, eventually taking her directly to the bedroom and locking the door. She knocks the door open with a kick and looks for Darlene, smelling something fishy. As she looks for Darlene, she decides to get herself some drinks when a male voice startles her. It is the voice of the soul of Gus, Darlene’s ex-husband.

Satan finds out that some of his souls have been stolen by Marv, the Beast Guard, who has taken them to Biggleheim, the hub of the soul trade. While it appears to be a fun house, it is just a black market for con artists to trick souls into eternal suffering by offering fun and joy. From the sound of it, Chrissy prefers Biggleheim much more than Soul Hole. Satan decides to take her to Biggleheim to show her what the place is for real. Chrissy is overjoyed after arriving at Biggleheim, which looks like an amusement park. She and Satan have to sneak in as Satan is banned from entering the place. Chrissy finds herself in front of a concert where the Biggleheim Angels are performing. But Satan reveals that those guys had abandoned him. He then notices Marv and decides to go after him. But Chrissy is nowhere to be seen.


After finding out that Gus’s soul has been in the house for months, Laura is shocked as it is only a matter of moments before Gus’s soul turns into a wraith, a vengeful spirit who hunts the living and feeds off misery. She asks Darlene to show her the place where Darlene stores the precious things from her relationship. They have to destroy all the things that connect her to Gus so that he can cross over. Meanwhile, Gus’s limbs have started to fall apart. Laura decides to confine Gus to a Dybbuk box forever.

Satan finds Chrissy talking to a toe from the Thumb Realm and immediately takes her away. Both then have a little quarrel when Chrissy telling her father Satan how nothing can be worse than what he does to the souls in Soul Hole and is now an “outdated fossil.” Satan has had enough and walks away, only to come across a ship that is loading a box of Satan’s souls. Marv is also present. He sneaks up on Marv but is captured by the Biggleheim Angels. Satan kills Marv Meanwhile, Chrissy is having a great time when she receives a notification from the Thumb Realm and arrives there. Every being is a thumb, the one true and pure form. She is taken to the Great Thumb, which crushes and kills any toe that doesn’t like to be a thumb. Realizing how horrifying the truth is about Biggleheim, she decides to head back to her father.


‘Little Demon’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – Does Laura Save Darlene? Do Satan and Chrissy Make It Out of Biggleheim Alive?

As Gus is sucked into the box, Darlene rushes towards it and kicks it, freeing Gus; but only this time, it isn’t Gus anymore. He has turned into a wraith, just as Laura had stated earlier. Before it can attack the two women, Laura manages to get herself and Darlene inside a bathroom, and the door locks. This is when Darlene reveals that she and Gus started a business selling her used underwear online that didn’t work out at all. Thus, if someone buys one of these underwears, Gus’s business will be successful, and he will leave. Laura calls Erwin immediately, who unwillingly buys one. This turns the wraith back into Gus, and he is finally able to cross over to the corporeal plane.

Chrissy finds her father Satan chained down by the Biggleheim Angels on the ship and attacks them and their minions using the powers of the Antichrist. But she, too, is wounded and left at the mercy of the angels. Seeing her daughter hurt, Satan takes up his corporeal form and kills every single entity on the ship. However, the Biggleheim Angels manage to escape. Satan returns to his human form, and then he and Chrissy leave Biggleheim together. Chrissy returns home to Earth. Laura, who is sitting on the stairs, asks her if Satan said anything about her. “Nothing,” says Chrissy as she goes inside. Laura keeps talking to herself, picturing a conversation between her and Satan.


It seems that the flame of love for Satan has rekindled in Laura’s heart. The same is the case with Satan; although he seems to have never stopped loving her, his actions prove it time and again. With the mercenary preparing to kill Chrissy, we have to wait and see if Laura and Satan come together as parents to save their daughter. The season finale will surely answer this.

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