‘Little Demon’ Episode 1 And 2: Recap And Ending Explained – Who Is Chrissy Feinberg?

The animated series “Little Demon” follows the life of a 13-year-old Chrissy Feinberg’s (Lucy DeVito) who takes a radical change after she finds out from her mother (human) Laura (Aubrey Plaza) that she is the daughter of Satan (Danny DeVito). In other words, Chrissy is the Antichrist. And when her father, Satan, is finally able to track her down, Chrissy’s life is divided into two parts; one is her teen life with her mother and the other is the “metaphysical realm” with her father. In the middle of all this, she has trouble figuring out who she really is.


Spoilers Ahead

Episode 1: Recap

A woman is about to kill her unborn child as it will be born a monster. However, when she gives birth to a girl, she decides to keep her. Laura is driving her 13-year-old daughter Chrissy to school. Chrissy isn’t happy that her mother has moved them to a new town in the middle of Chrissy’s school year, and now she has to restart 7th grade with a new group of kids. They have moved 14 times in the last 8 years, jumping from one place to another. But the reason Laura mentions this is because she is looking for a job that pays well. While having this conversation with her daughter, She almost runs over a man before hitting the brakes and yelling at him. Chrissy, irritated, decides to walk the rest of the way to school.


At her new school, she befriends Bennigan. He invites her to a party the same night at the abandoned Taco Chateau on Concord Pike. Meanwhile, Chrissy’s stomach starts to hurt. She excuses herself to Bennigan and rushes to the bathroom. Inside the stall, she finds that her periods have started. It is her first. While inside the stall, she sees a couple of guys bringing Bennigan into the bathroom and about to hurt him with a knife. The guys discover her and are about to click her picture in that state when darkness possesses her. The guys explode one after another, and Chrissy blows open a black hole over the city of Middletown. She then returns to her human self and finds Bennigan covered in blood. She reassures her invitation to the party by asking him one more time. And Bennigan, who is almost completely covered in blood, gladly concurs.

With everything being sucked into the black hole, and chaos all around, Chrissy runs out of her school and finds her mother waiting in her car. She gets in, and this is when her mother tells her that her dad is the devil, AKA Satan, and she is his mortal conduit on Earth, the Antichrist. Chrissy is completely shocked at the news. Furthermore, her menstruation, which resulted in the hole in the sky, is a beacon for her father who now knows Chrissy’s location. He intends to use her to bring about the end of times. Meanwhile, a mercenary has been planning to kill the Antichrist, AKA Chrissy.


While in the car, Laura tells Chrissy the true reason she has been moving from one place to another. It is so that Satan cannot track them. She wanted her daughter to have a normal life. But Chrissy’s life is far from normal. She has no friends, and she just “exploded” on two bullies. And she would rather have her dad, Satan, take her than be gaslighted by her mother. But Laura has made up her mind. They will pack and leave for a remote fishing village in Alaska. They come home, and Laura cuffs Chrissy inside the bathroom, giving her a pair of pants to change into. As Laura closes the bathroom door behind her, three monsters arrive inside the bathroom, who have been sent by Satan to take Chrissy. They, along with Chrissy, somehow manage to leave through a portal before Laura kills them. Desperate to get her daughter back, Laura decides to go to the “other side”, and begins preparations. This includes taking the necessary weapons, potions, and other paraphernalia.

Satan is glad to meet his daughter for the first time. He gives her a tour of the “metaphysical realm” where he and his followers presently are. There are cosmic laws that he can’t break, and that is why he is not in hell. Laura arrives in the metaphysical realm, all set to kill Satan and get her daughter back, leaving her mortal body on Earth. Once there, Laura and her husband start fighting, first verbally and then physically, without paying any heed to what their daughter is trying to say. Chrissy has had enough of it and finally leaves the realm, returning to Earth, and going to the party she had been invited to, where she’ll feel better. There she meets Bennigan and has a good time. Back in the metaphysical realm, Satan and Laura find out that not only has Chrissy returned to Earth and gone to the party but there is now a group of mercs arriving there to kill her.


Chrissy is captured and almost killed by the mercs when Laura and Satan arrive at the party and kill them instead. Blaming her self-centered parents for ruining her whole day, Chrissy declares she will be “calling the shots” from now on. She tells Laura that there will be no more running from place to place. She then tells her father that she will meet him but only once “every other weekend.” Satan returns to the metaphysical realm with the belief that he will soon be with his daughter. Laura and Chrissy return home. “No more running.”

Episode 2: Recap

Satan is teaching her daughter Chrissy how to possess people. However, Laura isn’t at all happy about it. She knows that Chrissy’s dad is trying to win her over so that he can use her power to turn the universe into his own hellscape. Laura tells Chrissy that if she continues to do what she is doing, she will soon lose all the good things she has in life, e.g., friends, school, sleepovers, and others. At school, Chrissy shows Bennigan her powers, and he tells her that she can use her power to do good to the people around town.

Back in the metaphysical realm, Satan is visited by Asmodeus, the Grand Demon of Possession. He has come to “make good” on a deal they made earlier. According to the contract, once Antichrist arrives, Asmodeus will join Satan at the helm of hell in exchange for everything in Asmodeus’ name, which is why he has already relinquished his family, his land, and his thousands of children. But Satan turns a blind eye, stating that the contract wasn’t real. Asmodeus is thrown out of the realm. He promises to have his revenge.

While in the school library, Chrissy decides to take her possessing power into high gear. She leaves her body in the library and goes out in the city, possessing people and helping them. Unbeknownst to her, Asmodeus takes possession of her mortal body in the library, intending to begin Maximus Dawnus, i.e., turning the universe into hell. When Laura comes to pick Chrissy up from school, she realizes that something is wrong with her, ultimately realizing that there is a demon inside her. She decides to get the demon out of Chrissy’s body and find her soul wherever it is. With the help of her neighbor, Darlene, she tries to knock the demon out of Chrissy. She is successful in trapping it within a magic circle, but only after it has possessed Darlene’s body. Also, Bennigan, who has just walked into the house, gets his soul transferred into Chrissy’s body, whereas Darlene’s soul is now inside Bennigan. Meanwhile, Satan finds out that her daughter has been possessed by Asmodeus. He decides to bring an end to the demon.


‘Little Demon’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – Does Laura Save Chrissy’s Soul?

Laura, accompanied by Bennigan, Darlene, and Asmodeus, are looking for Chrissy’s soul when they come across a group of people trying to kill the city mayor; Chrissy’s voice is audible in the mayor’s voice as well as those of some people in the crowd.  Asmodeus reveals that Chrissy’s soul has overexerted itself by splitting into too many host bodies. Soon her soul will be spread so thin that she will be lost forever. Just then, Satan arrives and mistakenly pulls Bennigan’s soul out of Chrissy, and it gets inside Laura. Laura’s soul gets inside Chrissy. Satan then finds out that it is Asmodeus in Darlene’s body and Darlene’ soul in Bennigan’s body. Further trials by Satan at fixing souls and bodies end with Asmodeus in Chrissy’s body while Laura’s soul gets her body back. The souls of Darlene and Bennigan are still in each other’s bodies. While Satan goes after Chrissy (Asmodeus), Laura goes to find Chrissy’s soul. Satan manages to manipulate Asmodeus and capture his soul. Laura, on the other hand, manages to pull out Chrissy’s soul before it disappears inside other people’s bodies by uttering Chrissy’s favorite words, “Pee Pee Poo Poo.” Satan brings Chrissy’s body, and her soul returns to her. Laura brings Chrissy back home. She tells Chrissy that she is proud of her for trying to do the right thing. Moreover, now Chrissy knows what she shouldn’t try to do. While listening to her mom, Chrissy sees a squirrel get run over by a car through the kitchen window. She is visibly heartbroken for not being able to save the creature.

It seems that Chrissy is back to normal, i.e., being the Antichrist. And with Asmodeus captured, there is no more worry at least for the time being. However, it seems that Satan is still bent on trying to woo his daughter into joining him only so that he can carry out the Maximus Dawnus. It needs to be seen what lies next for Chrissy during her trips to the metaphysical realm.


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