‘Little Demon’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained – Laura Tries to be a Nice Mother

At the end of Episode 4 of “Little Demon,” Laura saves her daughter Chrissy from Slimm Timm, taking the disguise of a college teen. “Little Demon” Episode 5 delves into the relationship that Chrissy and Laura share. While Laura considers herself to be a good mom, Chrissy’s impressions are totally opposite. And with one of them being a witch and the other a “little demon,” issues often turn volatile.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Little Demon’ Episode 5: Recap Summary

Laura returns home from the market and encounters a monster who has come to kill the Antichrist for “ultimate power,” i.e., her daughter Chrissy. But Chrissy is at school, and Laura is running behind schedule to pick her up. After a short battle, Laura kills the monster and is about to leave when Chrissy enters.


Amanda, one of Chrissy’s friends’ mothers, dropped her off at home as Laura was late. Laura doesn’t like Chrissy’s praises for Amanda at all. But what Chrissy doesn’t like is that her mother doesn’t have any interest in her lifestyle. Laura doesn’t even care to ask Chrissy about school. It is Back to School night and Laura’s hatred towards “parents ogling over their kids’ art projects” is why Chrissy has asked Amanda, and she has agreed to cover for Laura. Laura is visibly angry at Amanda and decides to come with her daughter to her school more to find out who this Amanda is than because it is important for her daughter. Chrissy requests her to not overreact while at school. Laura asks her to “chill.”

The moment Chrissy and Laura arrive at the event, Laura almost ends up hitting the school mascot, who was just a dude trying to hug her. Chrissy is already in bits and realizes that her mother is about to ruin everything. Laura meets Amanda, and the rage in Laura is just growing as Amanda tells her how she has been discussing Chrissy with her teachers and how Chrissy needs “some normalcy” even though her mother protects her from dark forces. Amanda even asks Laura if she has considered therapy for Chrissy. This does it. Laura abuses Amanda and all the other moms present. She then leaves the room, followed by a distraught Chrissy, who is clearly ashamed of her mom’s actions.


Meanwhile, Satan is about to receive his co-demons and have a party where they kill humans for fun. His friends include Baka, Mabel, and Bogey. However, Satan’s driver, Snake with Arms, isn’t involved in it and is somewhat annoyed with Satan’s friends.

Back at home, Chrissy wants her mother to apologize to Amanda and the others. But Laura feels disrespected as Amanda accuses her of being a lousy parent, something that Chrissy finds to be true. She often forgets to pick her daughter up from school, and the first time she went to a school event, she beat up the mascot. Chrissy accuses Laura of being incapable of putting Chrissy’s needs ahead of her own ego. But none of this affects Laura as she believes that she is a good mom and, in turn, tells Chrissy that she has no idea how much her mother does for her. The heated debate ends with Chrissy going back to her room. Laura decides that she will prove to her daughter that she can be a better mom than Amanda. “Mrs. Normal…” She decides to use anger leeches on herself so that she can beat the mothers at “their own game.” Anger leeches suck outrage instead of blood. To test the leeches, she puts one of them on her arm and asks Darlene to tell her a story, an act that is sure to make her angry, which will, in turn, allow the leech to suck the anger out. As Darlene begins her story, the leech starts to squelch, proving that the process is working. Laura is calm.


Chrissy comes down from her room and finds that her mother has invited the other mothers she met at school so that she could apologize. However, Chrissy finds her mother’s behavior unlikely, but she doesn’t think about it. Erwin tells Chrissy that something is definitely wrong with her because Laura is behaving as if someone else is speaking through her. Chrissy agrees, but her mother has just given her money to buy new shoes, so she doesn’t mind.

Satan and his friends attack a family and kill all the members. However, Satan is unable to kill a child and rather saves her from dying. But when his friends ask him about it, he tells them that he has decided to take the girl outdoors and bury her alive. But this turns out to be a lie. He goes out and puts the girl in the trunk of his car and warns Snake with Arms to not say a word about it in front of his friends. The other demons come out, all set to go to their next target, a frat house. But some drops of sweat on Satan’s forehead prove that he isn’t enjoying killing humans anymore.


The next day, Chrissy finds a note from her mom that says that she is away for the PTA meeting. This means she has to do all the household work. While taking a bath, the water runs out. Erwin tells her that there are no utility bills to renew as Laura is off-grid and runs home in her own ways, ways that Chrissy will have to follow. Her chores include descending into the haunted well for water, trimming the monster plants in the garden, reconnecting Raiju (the thunder beast) to the power source, throwing the remains of these attackers into the compost pile, dealing with the monster of the week, and many more.

Back at the PTA, Laura puts more leeches on herself so that she can throw away her anger. Also, it is obvious that Laura has put up a much better literacy nook than Amanda, something that Amanda doesn’t like at all. She gets further annoyed when she finds that Laura has made adrenal gland calming stickers for the kids so that they can go to school without fear. Laura is all calm, which proves that the anger leeches are doing their work. On the other hand, Satan and his friends attack a frat house, killing every human they lay their eyes on. But Satan isn’t able to kill even a single human. Thus, he again puts a handful of guys into his car trunk. Snake with Arms tries to make him understand that he has a child now, and maybe that’s why he is growing softer. Satan disregards him. As his friends return, Satan tells Snake with Arms to stay put as they decide to go to their third target, an orphanage.


Back at home, Chrissy is attacked by a monster (of the week, probably) who has come to kill the Antichrist. While battling with the monster, she sees her mother return home and yells for help. But Laura is too calm to even realize that her daughter is in danger. She goes inside and closes the door. Chrissy somehow manages to slit the monster’s throat and falls to the ground, all out of breath. After gaining strength, she goes inside, frustrated at having to do all the work, yelling at her mom all the while. She goes up to the bathroom and opens the door, and she is almost scared to death. She sees her mother covered top to bottom in leeches. But Laura is apparently unaffected by it and speaks to her in an affectionate tone. Which makes her all the more creepy. Meanwhile, the other moms arrive at their house, perhaps for another tea party.

Satan is struggling to put more and more humans inside his car. And as soon as his friends and the demons arrive, some humans spill out of the trunk. One of them recognizes a nun and a teen that he had planned to kill. This is when they realize that Satan has turned into a “soft, little baby.” Satan, too, finally admits that he doesn’t enjoy the killing anymore. He even calls his friends dumb for playing these “murder games.” The demons then reveal that they always knew Satan was lame but never told him about it as he was their “meal ticket.” They are about to pounce on Satan when Snake with Arms interferes and swallows Baka. Satan then kills his remaining two friends, demons Mabel and Bogey.


‘Little Demon’ Episode 5 Ending- Does Laura Become Her True Self?

Chrissy rushes down and tells the ladies that they have to leave as “something is wrong with her mom.” At the very next moment, a smiling Laura comes down, covered all over with leeches. Everyone is shocked and scared to see her like that. When Chrissy tells her mother that she has to get the leeches off her, it is the leeches that answer and not her. They have taken control of Laura and her anger, which they are feeding on. Hearing this, Amanda realizes that this is how Laura has been “one-upping” her and calls her a cheater in front of the other moms. Chrissy, however, isn’t bothered and tries to talk to her mother, asking her to snap out of the leeches’ control. Amanda’s rage attracts the leeches, and they fall off Laura and start approaching her without her notice. Chrissy notices this and tries to tempt her more, only to make her angrier. She turns the ladies on each other, which speeds up the effect on the leeches. Finally, Laura comes to her senses and the mother-daughter duo destroys the leeches using their powers. Chrissy finally accepts that she would take the “psycho real version” of her mother over the pretentious personality from thereon.

Satan and Snake with Arms are having drinks in their realm. Satan asks him why he saved him despite having received such rude behavior from him throughout the night. Snake in the Arms replies that it is because Satan is his friend. Both of them then start dancing and rejoicing.


Chrissy has realized that her mother has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders, and she loves her the way she is and always has been. Because that is what makes her Chrissy’s mom. And Chrissy wouldn’t have it any other way. Satan has also found a true friend in Snake with Arms after having been fooled around with demons who only used him for their own purpose. Altogether, “Little Demon” Episode 5 brought about happy accidents for Satan and his child, Antichrist. As Billy Shakes had said, “All’s well that ends well.”

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