‘Little Demon’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained – Chrissy Goes Looking for Friendship

At the end of “Little Demon” Episode 3, Chrissy returns home after surviving in the Wibby Turkle Realm, where her father Satan had taken her so that he could use her powers to bring about the Maximus Dawnus. She is very upset with him for it. Meanwhile, Laura and Darlene escape from an Ego Monster attack in a pocket dimension and return to Earth. Laura is, however, glad that Darlene decided to take her on a night out. In Episode 4, Chrissy tries to make friends in school, but her new friends have something else in their minds, something sinister.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Little Demon’ Episode 4: Recap Summary

Bennigan is caught passing notes to Chrissy during a class. Their teacher, Mr. Wallace, punishes them with “extra reading” for the night. Chrissy doesn’t like it and uses her dark powers to scare the professor using a skeleton specimen. After the class, as Chrissy and Bennigan are about to go to an ice cream parlor, they encounter class diva Arabella and her two friends. They invite Chrissy to a fast-fashion protest. Chrissy thus reschedules Bennigan’s ice cream parlor plan. For Bennigan, it’s “NP,” but only if it stands for Nihilism and Pain.


Three days later, Laura, Chrissy, and their pet monster, Erwin, are having breakfast. Chrissy’s not eating but reading a book. Laura tells her to eat and talks about their plans for the day. However, Chrissy has other plans with her new girlfriends. When Laura questions her about her new friends, Chrissy tells her mom that she has a life outside their house more than her mom knows about. A car honks outside, and Chrissy gets up to leave. Her friend Camry is driving her to school. Laura doesn’t like Chrissy’s attitude at all and tries to hold her hand, intending to talk to her. But Chrissy lashes out at her, her demonic self taking over her. She tells Laura that she wants to hang out with people of her own age and not some “hag.” Saying this, she leaves. Laura is taken aback by this reaction from Chrissy. It seems that Chrissy’s demonic self is slowly getting the better of her human body. Erwin then tells Laura that Chrissy has also taken one of her Wiccan tools, one that can conjure the darkest evils. Laura is freaked out. She arrives at a food mart from where she brings home a stupefied lady and her baby to borrow their youth. In order to get through to her daughter, she will have to become a teen herself.

Meanwhile, in Hell, Satan receives a text from Chrissy saying that she won’t be visiting him the coming weekend due to a “crazy school project” that she is working on with Bennigan. Enraged and thinking that Bennigan is trying to take advantage of his daughter, he arrives at Bennigan’s place in the form of an armadillo and threatens to hurt him badly. But Bennigan tells him that he hasn’t seen Chrissy in days. Satan freaks out when he finds out that his daughter has become popular. Worried that her distractions will sway her away from “universal supremacy,” he intends to use Bennigan’s help to get her back. As Chrissy is popular now, she will only listen to someone more popular. Satan and Bennigan decide that Bennigan has to be that “someone.”


Laura arrives at Chrissy’s school as a teen, looking for Chrissy. She sees her go inside the girl’s bathroom along with her three new friends. She follows them and encounters Chrissy. However, she manages to not act like Chrissy’s mother and pretends to be just another teen who has bumped into her. As the girls come out of the bathroom, Laura notices something written on the wall inside one of the stalls with what seems to be blood: “Slimm Timm is coming.” Bennigan and Satan also arrive at the school, with Satan hiding under Bennigan’s hat as the armadillo. Moreover, Satan has also spread a rumor that Bennigan has slept with a teacher. While Bennigan is totally against it and the teacher is arrested, Satan wonders why his plan to make Bennigan a stud didn’t work.

Laura looks up “Slimm Timm” on the internet and finds out that it is a slender man who roams the globe devouring young hearts. The catch, however, is that the more one believes in him, the more real he gets. In other words, it is a tulpa. In mysticism, a tulpa is an object or a being created through mental powers. His followers often offer him their weakest members in exchange for his eternal love. Laura thus realizes that the girls are going to sacrifice Chrissy to Slimm Timm. She asks the guy sitting on the computer beside her about a place where the popular girls of the school hang out. He shows her a “ShitSta” page (the show’s version of Insta, AKA Instagram) where the girls post everything. There, Laura finds Chrissy, who is hanging out with the girls in what the guy says is the old boiler room. Laura arrives inside the boiler room and finds Chrissy lying on the ground within a satanic pentagram surrounded by her three friends.


Satan tries another trick to make Bennigan famous. He is going to get a kid beaten to a pulp by two of his beast guards. But this time, Bennigan puts his foot down and tries to be popular by being decent. While Satan has no doubt that the plan is going to fail, Bennigan executes it. He makes a guy who has skipped a class realize how he is “valid” for thinking that skipping class is the only thing he can control in his life, and that is okay. The guy hugs Bennigan and addresses him as “cool,” thereby proving that his plan has been successful. Satan is astounded. He then tells Bennigan to give a speech in front of an audience defaming Chrissy and threatens to kill his entire family if he doesn’t do so. This time, Bennigan has had enough and, after going up to the podium, reveals the armadillo inside his hat, kills it with a pencil he had on him, and then defames it in front of the audience too. And the crowd loves him for it.

‘Little Demon’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – Does Laura Save Chrissy from Slimm Timm?

Chrissy’s friends cast the spell, and to Laura’s utter shock, Slimm Timm does indeed arrive. But Laura manages to stab and kill it before it can do Chrissy any harm. All this happens at the end of the room the girls are in, so they aren’t able to discern all that has happened. However, they, along with Chrissy, who is now up, see a pool of blood. And out of the dark comes Laura. It is then that the girls reveal that Chrissy’s sacrifice was fake, and it was meant to summon Slimm Timm in so that he could be held “accountable” for all the girls he has preyed on. And this was Chrissy’s plan. The girls leave, and Chrissy is left behind. As she collects the Wiccan tools, Laura, who is Abigail at the moment, tells Chrissy that she is “cooler” than trying to impress bullies. Chrissy reveals how she never had friends of her age, so she jumped at the chance she got to make some. Saying this, Chrissy leaves. As Laura checks the Satanic symbol, a gust of wind blows out the candles around it. At the very next moment, Slimm Timm’s body disappears, and so does Chrissy’s.


As the three girlfriends of Chrissy walk across a corridor, they encounter Slimm Timm. But before he could attack them, Chrissy hits him with a ball of fire. But that isn’t enough as it hits Chrissy hard and brings her down. The creature is about to devour Chrissy when Abigail (Laura) arrives. The creature gets Abigail in its clutches and is about to kill her when Chrissy remembers the spell, with a little help from Abigail, that can kill it. She casts the spell and Slimm Timm gets blown into pieces. Chrissy finds a new friend in Abigail and asks her if she can join her at a pizza joint. Abigail is about to say yes when her watch pings. Realizing that her time as Abigail (a teen) is up, Laura excuses herself to Chrissy, saying that she is a babysitting teen mom, and tells Chrissy to not look for her again, naturally. The lady and the baby whose youth Laura had borrowed had been in a deep sleep all along. Laura finally returns their youth to them, and the two wake up, the baby smiling in its mother’s arms.

Outside school, bloodied Chrissy (Slimm Timm’s blood) meets bloodied (armadillo Satan’s blood) Bennigan, who tells her that it wasn’t cool for her to blow him off the way she did (the time he asked if she could come with him to the ice cream parlor). Chrissy apologizes and then brings out Bennigan’s favorite ice cream, the Macho Man Candy Savage flavor.


Satan returns to Hell, telling his snake buddy that Bennigan cares for Chrissy more than he had thought. This can be “problematic” for Satan. Meanwhile, Chrissy returns home to see her mother, Laura, at the table. She returns all the Wiccan tools she took and apologizes to her mom. But Laura, rather than yelling at her, tells her that she should go and have fun with her friends, perhaps see a movie with Bennigan or go to her favorite pizza joint. Episode 4 ends with Chrissy going out to see her friends.

From the way Satan addresses Bennigan as problematic, it seems that he might try to use Bennigan to achieve his aim, i.e., use Chrissy to achieve universal supremacy. He won’t kill Bennigan as it might turn Chrissy against him forever, being the good friend that Bennigan is. We must also remember the Episode 3 mid-credits scene that showed the mercenary, from Episode 1, planning to kill the Antichrist (Chrissy). We have to wait to see how it all turns out for our “little demon.”


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