‘Little Women’ Episode 5 & 6: Recap And Ending – What Does The Blue Orchid Represent?

In “Little Women,” In Joo only had one dream- to become rich. She didn’t have any particular skill to make loads of money but always had men trying to date her and, hence, she dreamt of marrying a rich man. She did once and got conned by her ex-husband. Luckily, she got another chance to be rich, but it involved risks. Nevertheless, In Joo decided to take the risk because money is all she wants.


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What Makes Jae Sang A Suspect In Hwa Young’s Murder?

Do-il showed In Joo the properties that Hwa Young owned under In Joo’s name, and In Joo expressed her wish to go to Singapore right away. In Joo still acts naive, unaware of how many eyes she has on her. Park Jae Sang’s wife, Sang Ah, has offered In Joo a job as her secretary, and Do-il suggests that In Joo accept it. Sang Ah often travels to Singapore for money laundering, and In Joo will get a chance to travel there with no questions asked if she is working for Sang Ah.


In Kyung spots In Joo and Do-il talk with each other and think that they are dating. Jong Ho recognizes Do-il as they had studied together before and tells In Kyung that he is a money launderer. In Kyung doesn’t understand why her sister always dates the wrong men. When she tries to get him away from In Joo, Do-il doesn’t even deny her dating allegations and plays along with it. In Joo changes the topic and tells In Kyung that she is going to accept Sang Ah’s offer as In Hye is also going to stay at her house before she goes to Boston.

On her first day at the job, In Joo realizes that everyone at Jae Sang’s house is crazy. Sang Ah had fired a maid because she cleaned her room and left for Singapore, leaving her daughter in In Joo’s care. Hyo Rin has many psychological issues and has to take pills for each of them. Jae Sang comes home to find out his wife is away without informing him. He gets violent and breaks the TV in front of Hyo Rin, which sends her into a panic attack. In Joo tells Jae Sang about Sang Ah going to Singapore, and he gives Do-il the responsibility to bring her back.


In Joo had accepted the job offer because of Do-il, but she is now scared. Do-il asks her to trust him and shows her beautiful getaways where she can spend the rest of her life. Jae Sang’s secretary sees them talking and confronts Do-il about it, but he brushes her off by calling it just a fling. In Joo admired those getaways and daydreamed about living there one day, but In Kyung, being the reporter she is, digs out Do-il’s past. She finds a news article about Do-il surviving a car crash while his girlfriend died. In Kyung finds it suspicious, but In Joo ignores it.

Hyo Rin shares with In Hye how her parents have an obnoxious relationship and how it affects her. She started hurting herself physically when she couldn’t bear her parents’ fights anymore, and she has been taking pills since then. In Hye tells her to paint the thing that scares her, something that In Hye practices when she is scared. While looking for Hyo Rin’s mobile phone, In Joo finds her painting under the bed and gets startled; it is a painting of a woman wearing red shoes, and it reminds her of Hwa Young’s suicide. Hyo Rin tells In Joo that the air had a distinct smell on the day she saw this vision of a woman in red shoes.


Talking about the smell reminds In Hye of the blue orchid and how it was responsible for her hallucinations. She tells In Joo about the secret garden, but Hyo Rin shows her something more intriguing than shifts her focus from the orchid. It is a dashcam video of the day Hwa Young had died, and it clearly shows Jae Sang entering Hwa Young’s house. Hyo Rin denies giving the video to In Joo and threatens to kill herself if In Joo takes it without her permission. In Joo pretends to know nothing and works with Sang Ah, thinking her to be a pitiful woman, but Do-il warns her that it is just a show to gain In Joo’s trust.

In Kyung’s great-aunt has appointed her as the director of her company, but In Kyung still hasn’t left her job as a journalist and has been digging into Park Jae Sang’s case. While looking into old documents, she finds huge investments under Park Jae Sang’s father’s name. Jae Sang has been promoting himself as a poor father’s son for his election campaign and In Kyung now has a chance to expose him. However, she wants to dig into the blue orchid murders first, but she gets fired from her job all of a sudden. It enrages her, and she crashes Jae Sang’s press conference. Without thinking about the consequences, she declares about Jae Sang’s father’s wealth and shows proof. Jae Sang is left with no option but to leave the conference without any answers.

How Are Jae Sang And In Kyung’s Great Aunt Related?

Despite the promise made to Hyo Rin, In Joo tries to steal the dashcam video, but In Hye stops her. It comes as a shock to In Joo that her sister is siding with a supposed murderer, but In Hye is just trying to protect her friend. Later, Park Jae Sang reveals to the press that the wealth under his father’s name actually belonged to his father-in-law, General Won, but it was donated to the foundation when the General went into a coma. Jae Sang kills two birds with one stone as he gets back to In Kyung by making In Hye stand with his family during the conference, and the revelation of money donation increases Jae Sang’s popularity. In Hye turns her back on In Kyung when the journalists criticize her.

After her argument with In Hye, In Joo goes to Hwa Young’s place, and Jae Sang’s secretary Go follows her to check what she is doing. In Joo gets startled to see Go waiting for her outside, but in truth, it was a bait from In Joo to see who shows up if she does something suspicious. Secretary Go only strengthens In Joo’s suspicion about Jae Sang but Do-il is not happy with In Joo’s moves. He tells her to be careful because Jae Sang needs to win the election if they want to get money from him. In Joo takes In Kyung to their great aunt, who advises her to not obstruct Jae Sang’s path.


In Kyung is not the one to sit still and, hence, digs out more information on Jae Sang’s father. It turns out, Jae Sang’s father, Sang Ah’s father, and In Kyung’s great-aunt were all part of a community called Jeongran Society, and most of the members of the community died at a rather young age. The great aunt explains to In Kyung that she had to do what she did because it was the only way for an uneducated and divorced woman to survive. She has built an empire of money from hard work and, hence, she wants In Kyung to look after it when she is no more.

‘Little Women’ Episode 6: Ending

In Kyung has already caused Jae Sang enough trouble, and Secretary Go doesn’t trust In Joo either. However, Sang Ah vouches for In Joo and tells Go not to meddle in her and her secretary’s business. Sang Ah has been trying to gain In Joo’s trust, and she finally reveals her true intention. When In Joo visits Sang Ah’s father, General Won, in the hospital, Sang Ah asks her to attend the International Orchid Festival in Singapore on her behalf. She reveals information about money laundering, but In Joo asks her why she would believe in her after Hwa Young betrayed her. In Joo has her sisters, and that is the reason Sang Ah trusts her. It is indirectly a warning that In Joo’s sisters are safe as long as she doesn’t betray Sang Ah.


Sang Ah hands a blue orchid to In Joo to signify the beginning of her assignment. If In Joo does a good job, Sang Ah promises to keep her orchid on the family tree. The blue orchid indicates the Jeongran Society, and In Joo has unknowingly accepted the invitation to the Jeongran Society. She doesn’t know what the flower indicates; it means privilege and abundance, but it also signifies death. That is why, when Do-il sees her with the flower, he asks her to give it to him.

In Joo takes the flower home and carries out Sang Ah’s instructions. She smells the flower overnight because Sang Ah had told her that the smell would reveal to her what she desired in life. This is followed by a series of mysterious events as Hyo Rin shows In Hye the stairs that she sees in her dreams and In Joo sleepwalks on similar stairs. “Little Women” Episode 6 ends in an eerie way as In Kyung finds In Joo beside her great-aunt in a puddle of blood. What exactly did In Joo see in her dreams? The question remains whether In Joo had killed her great aunt consciously or was she intoxicated by the blue orchid?


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