Lana Aka Anastasia Koslov In ‘Obliterated,’ Explained: Will Lana Return In Season 2?

The recently released action comedy series on Netflix, Obliterated, follows a force of elite CIA agents who are looking for a nuclear device to disarm it before it could blow up the entire Las Vegas. Along with the main characters of the series, we also have some formidable antagonists in the storyline. Some of them are obvious from the start, while one of them hides her real face behind the mask of an innocent lady. Yes, we’re talking about Lana, aka Anastasia Koslov. She was the sister of Ivan Koslov, the Russian arms dealer who wanted to bring death and destruction to US soil. Although Ivan was the ultimate target of the elite agents, they eventually found out about Lana’s true identity and tried to stop her at all costs.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Lana, Aka Anastasia Koslov?

Lana, aka Anastasia Koslov, was born Russian. She was the sister of Ivan Koslov, who lost his family in an airstrike. Lana and her brother lost their parents in that airstrike, which further motivated them to take revenge on the US government. Ivan initially thought Lana was killed as well, but his sister survived. Together, they came up with the idea of blowing up Las Vegas to avenge their family’s death. Although it was a pointless revenge, Lana and Ivan were not ready to back off.


Lana was first found inside the room of the hotel where the CIA agents captured Ivan and managed to locate the nuclear device. As the team found Lana, she introduced herself as one of Ivan’s flings, who was just there to hook up with Ivan. She told the force that she had no idea who Ivan was, so she just agreed to have sex with him, as she found Ivan was filthy rich. Lana was arrested afterward and brought to custody, but she maintained her character. Even Ivan had no idea that Lana had cooked up some lies to be close to the CIA agents.

Lana was intelligent and cunning, and just like Ivan, she was also very cold-hearted. She did whatever she could to win the team’s trust and blended with them so that she could gather every bit of information about them. Initially, her character might seem to be an innocent woman who happened to be entangled with such a ferocious gang, but it was predictable enough that Lana might turn out to be an antagonist of the show.


After Maddox’s death, Ava had a reality check on Lana. Initially, Ava didn’t want to involve Lana in their cat-and-mouse chase, trying to protect her from any kind of harm, but when Maddox was killed and took the name of Koslov, the CIA team was taken aback. They believed Koslov was in prison, so he couldn’t come there and kill Maddox; however, Ava could connect the dots and conclude that the innocent blonde Lana was not who she seemed to be. Ava received a call from Lana and realized that Lana was the sister of Ivan Koslov. The team soon shifted their focus from Maddox and Litvin to finding Lana, as they came to know she was the real villain of the story.

Will Lana Come Back In Season 2?

Lana was already a dangerous woman who didn’t have any sympathy for the innocent people of Vegas, just like her brother. She didn’t even think about why she should orchestrate a crime against those people who had nothing to do with her loss. Lana strengthened her feet and carried out the ultimate plan of her brother. She was ready to go to great lengths, but her world eventually crumbled when her brother Ivan Koslov was shot to death by Ava Winters. She couldn’t tolerate the death of her brother, which became another reason why she wouldn’t back off from blowing up the entire city.


Ava and her team desperately searched for Lana, and even at times when Ava confronted her, she tried to bring the humanity out in Lana. Ava repeatedly asked Lana to reconsider her plan because she believed Lana could be better than this. However, Ava or anyone else couldn’t shake the determination of Lana, especially after her brother’s death. So, Lana continued on her journey to bring harm to the CIA team and managed to hide the nuke inside a slot machine in a casino bar. Even after getting defeated, Lana was not ready to give up. Ava once again tried to convince her, but Lana, who realized her mistake, told Ava that things had already gotten out of her hands.

In the concluding moments of Obliterated season 1, we saw Lana, who was a stubborn and selfish individual just like her brother, realize that her entire plan of exploding the city was pointless. But even though the realization came, she believed it was too late to fix it. However, a little bit of humanity awakened inside her, which prompted her to reveal the secret location of the nuclear device. Even though Lana believed that the team wouldn’t be able to save the city anymore, her revelation actually helped them find the nuke in the casino bar. The team disarmed the nuke with the help of Hagerty, while Lana was arrested after she was defeated by Ava.


As Lana was sent to prison, we probably can not expect to see her in the next season of Obliterated. But, as per the flow of her character journey and how she had been portrayed in the series, we may expect that there was no reconciliation between Ava and Lana. It means that if Lana ever gets released from prison, she will probably come back for Ava to hunt her down and avenge her brother’s death. Let’s see what happens in the upcoming seasons of Obliterated.

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