‘Obliterated’ Recap & Ending Explained: Did Ava And Chad End Up Together?

Obliterated is a Netflix action-comedy series with some hilarious comedy and action sequences, even though at times it gets a bit awkward. The series centers around a force of CIA agents who are on their way to save Las Vegas from an explosion. Their target is to bring down a Russian arms dealer, who is the mastermind behind a plot to bomb the entire city. However, the journey to find and disarm the nuke is not an easy one because the CIA agents are heavily dosed on psychedelics. Let’s see how they succeed in their voyage to save the city from destruction.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Show?

Obliterated season 1 opened with a force of CIA agents, the leader Ava Winters, and her fellow operatives Chad McKnight, Maya Choi, Paul Young, Angela Gomez, Trunk, and Hagerty arriving at a pool party in disguise to find the Russian arms dealer Ivan Koslov, who was about to blow up Las Vegas. Decoding the location of the nuke, the team later intruded on a building and managed to disarm it. After Ivan got arrested and the team succeeded in their mission to save the city, Chad decided to celebrate their victory. On a drunken night in Las Vegas, when Ava and her team were all boozed and drugged, partying hard, the chief of the organization, Langdon, called Ava to inform her that the nuke they had disarmed was a fake one, as Koslov had hidden the real nuke elsewhere. An anonymous caller threatened the CIA that if they didn’t release Koslov, they would activate the real nuke by next morning. The agents embarked on their journey to find the nuke, but the effects of the drugs kicked in, causing several mishaps on their way.


What Did Ivan Koslov Want? Who Was Maddox?

Ivan Koslov was a Russian arms dealer who had a grudge against the US government. After losing his family in an airstrike, Ivan thought of taking revenge by blowing up Vegas. He had lost his sister and mother as well, which had deeply scarred him. After Ivan was arrested, Ava and Chad tried to interrogate him, but nothing really came of it. However, Lana, a civilian woman who had hooked up with Koslov, was also brought into custody. Interrogating Lana, Ava came to know that the nuke was in Koslov’s associate Litvin’s possession. They soon started looking for Litvin, but even though they managed to get a hold of him, an unknown group of men kidnapped Litvin under the nose of the CIA team.

After some hilarious accidents involving the crashing of their chopper or Paul hallucinating his daughter, the team finally managed to reach a place where a guy named Maddox had held Litvin captive. Maddox, who was the buyer of the nuke, was from a military background. He was now the owner of a private military group whose main objective was to ignite a civil war in the US.


The team of agents managed to get to the location where Litvin and Maddox were hiding the bomb. As they confronted the bad guys, a massive exchange of gunfire took place, in which Maya got shot in the stomach, but she fortunately survived. However, after Maddox and Litvin managed to escape with the nuke and Maya was admitted to the hospital, Langdon called off their mission, and the responsibility of saving the city fell upon the FBI. Meanwhile, Ava’s team split into two due to a misunderstanding. Chad and Trunk began to investigate independently, while the rest of the team followed Ava’s commands. However, they later reconciled and decided to carry on the mission together. On their journey, they killed Maddox and looked for Ivan Koslov.

What Happened To Ivan? Who Was Lana?

Lana was not what she seemed to be and was probably the series’ most predictable aspect. After Lana was arrested and brought to custody, Ava began to put faith in her. In the beginning, Lana helped them in their mission by informing them about Litvin, but all of these things she did only to win the team’s trust, so that being in their team, she could bring them down. Lana was Anastasia Koslov, the sister Ivan thought he had lost in an airstrike. She had come to accompany her brother on their mission to raze the city down. She acted as a protective shield for her brother, trying to doctor situations so that he could get away. Therefore, while her brother was in jail, she took over the gang and kept pulling strings.


Meanwhile, after the FBI and CIA had their arguments and the FBI decided to transfer Ivan Koslov, Koslov’s gang created a scene by showering the city with cash from a helicopter. The plan was to distract the police so that Koslov could kill everyone and get away, but Ava Winters managed to stop him by shooting him to death. Lana witnessed her brother’s death in front of her eyes. Lana was enraged, and nothing could stop her from destroying the city. Ava’s team started looking for Lana, and when Ava finally managed to get a face-to-face conversation with her, she tried her best to persuade Lana so that she could back off from her plan. But Lana was not ready to listen. She didn’t care about the millions of people who were about to die in the explosion.

What Happened To Hagerty?

Hagerty was a bomb disposal expert who got so high on drugs in that celebration that he passed out for a long time and had no idea that the nuke he disabled was fake and that his entire team was on a mission to find the real nuke. After the entire night passed, Hagerty woke up in a lifeboat and found a bunch of people partying on a cruise. He fell in love with a woman and even married her, all while his team was struggling to stop the explosion.

Who Disarmed The Nuke?

The team again split up, and on their way to find the nuke, they faced several Russian henchmen sent by Lana. Finally, the team regrouped with Ava, and after a huge gunfire exchange, Ava’s team fought with Lana. After defeating her, Ava tried to make her realize her own mistake for the last time. Though it seemed like Lana had realized that her need for vengeance was meaningless and only meant harm to humanity, she was unable to help them because the nuke was in a casino pub in Vegas, hidden inside a slot machine. With the help of Maya, the team finally located the pub and went there to get the nuke out. However, even though the team managed to find the nuke, there was no one to disarm it. Meanwhile, in a very calm and composed fashion, Hagerty came back riding on a camel and successfully disarmed the bomb.

Did Ava And Chad End Up Together?

Ava, who had lost her husband, hesitated to start a romantic relationship with Chad, whom she believed to be “all biceps, no brain.” However, after multiple times saving each other’s lives in this mission, Ava finally falls for the guy, and at the concluding moments of season 1, we see Ava moving on from her past and giving her and Chad’s relationship a chance.


Obliterated season 1 ends with giving us a hope that the series might come back for another season. Although nothing has been officially announced, we can expect the makers to renew the series for a few more seasons. If there is a second season for Obliterated, we expect to see an entirely new storyline featuring some even more formidable enemies than what we saw in Season 1. But at the same time, we might see some glimpses of old enemies from last season which will spice up the series. However, perhaps the chemistry between these characters could change, or some major development in this character’s journey, which we can only explore in the second season of Obliterated if it returns to Netflix screens. 

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