‘La Brea’ Season 3 Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Levi Dead Or Alive?

In the fourth episode of La Brea season 3, we learned the truth about Maya Schmidt, who was the one who captured Eve and was responsible for Gavin’s memory loss. Maya wanted Gavin to give her the microchip, but Scott managed to find out who she really was. As Scott became a problem, Maya’s men took him captive in a prison, where he met with Levi. In this penultimate episode of La Brea season 3, let’s see if Gavin can recognize Maya’s true intentions and rescue his team from her.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Saved Gavin From Maya?

Episode 5 opened with Gavin contemplating what to do with the microchip while Ty was wondering who could be the person sending them those messages. Ty was also worried about Paara, who wasn’t yet back from her trip, and he thought she must have been lost in a different timeline. Both Gavin and Ty swore to bring their families back, but before that, they would have to know who the mastermind was behind these operations. Meanwhile, Veronica and Izzy talked to each other, and Izzy admitted that she had romantic feelings for Leyla; however, their conversation was interrupted by Gavin, who needed Izzy’s help.


Gavin and Sam checked their laptop and found that the sender had texted them back, saying that they needed Gavin to come to Cahuenga Peak to hand over the microchip to them; otherwise, they’d never release Eve. Gavin was tensed as the microchip was the only way to save Eve’s life, but in the meantime, Maya arrived and told Gavin that it would be best for them to give up the chip in exchange for Eve’s life. Gavin began to get suspicious about Maya, so he went for a walk alone to think it over. Maya followed him and asked him what he had decided, but Gavin told her that he wasn’t ready to give up the chip. Rather, he decided that he would just destroy it. Maya finally revealed her true face and pulled a gun, pointing it at Gavin. But before she could shoot him, Ty and Sam surrounded her, pointing their guns at her. In the meantime, Maya’s soldiers came to the spot and threatened to kill everyone. As Ty had to release Maya, she cunningly took the microchip from him. Helena, in the meantime, arrived to aid her brother, Gavin, and managed to rescue them from the soldiers and take them back to the forest. Surprisingly, Gavin from 10,000 BC recognized Helena, and we have no idea how. Helena met Gavin in the timeline of 2021, which never actually happened with Gavin from 10,000 BC, so how he was supposed to know her is a mystery.

Lucas was a little emotional about his mother’s passing, so when Sam found him wandering around the woods all alone, he asked him to come back to the shelter, as he believed Lucas was probably searching for Scott, but Lucas told him that he wanted to visit his mother’s grave.


Where Was Eve?

Veronica and Ruth took on serious responsibilities as the head of the council, but Veronica became wary when she learned that Ruth had a connection with the military base. Veronica had been able to find a radio inside the fort, which enhanced her suspicion. But later it was revealed that Ruth didn’t have any contact with the military base, but it was her daughter, Leyla, who had found the radio and unknowingly talked to Maya about everything going on in their community. Learning about the radio, Lucas wanted to look into the matter, and Leyla came forward to help him in the situation. She knew a code that could turn on the radio, so with her help, Lucas came to find out that some soldiers were coming to their shelter to kill or capture Ty, Gavin, and Helena.

On the other hand, in the base, Levi had started working for Maya, but it was all a ruse. He wanted to closely observe Maya’s experiments and intended to go back to Gavin and help them. As Scott spotted Levi, he had to pretend to be a strict and ferocious interrogating officer so that Maya wouldn’t suspect anything. Maya asked Levi to torture Scott more, but Levi had already told Scott about his plans, and Scott continued the act as well.


Back in the forest, Gavin, Ty, Sam, and Helena were riding on a boat, crossing a river to reach the base, but on their way, a huge alligator hit the boat, causing Helena to fall into the river. Sam and Ty managed to retrieve their guns and shoot the alligator to scare it off. After defeating the alligator, they finally arrived near the base, where Levi had taken Scott to reach the detention center, as instructed by Maya. As Izzy spotted Levi, she was amazed, but a soldier noticed her and tried to take her out. Realizing Izzy’s life was in danger, Levi jumped onto her to save her, but he found that Gavin was also the target of the soldiers. As Levi rushed to save Gavin’s life, he was shot by one of the soldiers. Sam, Ty, and Gavin checked his wound and found that he had been shot in the gut, which suggested that he might not be able to make it. Levi realized that his time had come, so before taking his last breath, he wanted to talk to Gavin. He told Gavin that he had seen Eve at the base, and that’s why he was working for Maya to be able to save her. Now that he was on the verge of death, he asked Gavin to save his wife. Gavin broke down in tears, and the two of them called each other brothers. Levi took his last breath in Gavin’s arms.

In the concluding scene of La Brea season 3 episode 5, we saw there was another double aurora appearing in front of Gavin and his team. The red one was supposed to take them back to 1965, when the military base started their time-traveling experiment. Therefore, all they needed to do was travel back to 1965 and destroy the entire operation. Also Josh and Riley were also lost in this particular timeline, so at the end of this season, we might see Gavin retrieving his family from  1965. 


As Levi’s journey ended with La Brea season 3, we can say there is not much drama left regarding Gavin, Eve, and Levi’s triangle chemistry. Therefore, in the upcoming season finale of La Brea, the story will likely entirely focus on Gavin and his team’s efforts to save Eve and bring them back to the present timeline.

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