‘La Brea’ Season 3 Episode 4 Recap And Ending Explained: Who Was Maya?

In the third episode of La Brea season 3, Ty traveled back to 2021 and met with Sam and Gavin. Meanwhile, in 10000 BC, Gavin and Sam were rescued from captivity by Maya Schmidt, who revealed that this time travel was the result of an experiment conducted by the government, and Gavin was one of the test pilots in this experiment. Sam’s daughter Riley and Gavin’s son Josh were lost in a different timeline, while we have no idea where Eve could be. Let’s see if, in this episode, Ty can find a way to prevent the sinkhole from opening in 2021.

Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Helena?

In this episode, the characters repeatedly traveled back and forth in time, especially to the timelines of 2021 and 10,000 BC, which complicated the story while also managing to make it more interesting. In 2021, Ty managed to convince Gavin and Sam, as we have already seen in the previous episode, but in this episode they had to add Scott to their team as well. In this timeline, Ty and Sam took Gavin to a nearby restaurant, where he was supposed to meet someone from his office. However, a woman showed up and took Gavin with her. Gavin initially didn’t want to follow her, but the woman told him that she was the one who cancelled his meeting. She grabbed Gavin and ran away from the place in her car. The woman introduced herself as Helena, a civilian consultant who had bigger plans to dismantle this time-traveling project. She also revealed that she was the one who chose Gavin as a test pilot, and Gavin, having no idea about the consequences, willingly signed the government contract. But later, when Gavin found out more about what was going on, he teamed up with Helena to work against this project, and at that time, Gavin stole the microchip. Gavin had no memory of signing such a contract or any of the subsequent events, but Helena confirmed that he did by opening a deposit box that held the microchip. Helena wanted Gavin to take the microchip and travel back to 1965 to fix the problem at the source. 

Meanwhile, in 10,000 BC, Maya revealed that in 2021, she had recruited Scott for some technological function in their base. So, Sam decided to send a tar pit message to Scott in 2021. After Scott received a message in 2021, he directly called Gavin on his number as he was asked to do. However, instead of Gavin, who had been kidnapped by Helena, Ty picked up the call. Ty then met with Scott and tried to tell the same old time-traveling story that Scott of 2021 struggled to believe. To prove his words, Ty finally made a sandwich for Scott, who once told him about his favorite dish in 10,000 BC. Scott began to trust Ty, as this piece of information was too personal for a complete stranger to know.

Ty, Scott, and Sam went out to meet Gavin, while Helena, taking Gavin along, approached a double aurora with two different portals to two different timelines. Helena revealed that she was actually Gavin’s half-sister. Helena also revealed that she despised her father, who never cared about his family and gave his undivided attention to this time-traveling experiment. Therefore, to get rid of the main issue, Helena wanted Gavin to travel back to 1965, but in the meantime, Ty showed up there. Ty told Gavin to give him the microchip and travel back to 10000 BC, where they could put an end to this time-traveling experiment and save Eve, Josh, and Riley’s lives. Gavin was torn between believing Helena and giving the chip to Ty, while Ty, Sam, and Helena got into a brawl. Sam managed to snatch the gun from her hand and intimidate her. Eventually, taking the microchip from them, Ty managed to portal back to 10,000 BC.

What Happened To Scott?

In 10,000 BC, a huge wildfire took place, which became a great concern for the settlers and survivors of this timeline. Veronica, who was running for the council, took the lead, and Lucas finally supported her choice. Ruth began to gather her men and decided to craft an explosive to destroy a water dam so that the water could save everyone from the fire. Some explosives were made. 

Sam, Gavin, Maya, and Scott were separated, trying to find a way to the base so that they could free the captives, Petra and Levi. Gavin could remember that he had seen someone’s arm with three scars and a tattoo called “Universal Flora,” written by Scott. Scott couldn’t remember when he had ever written it, but he was startled when he found Maya’s arm with those scars. He instantly realized that Maya was not who she said she was. Maya had been lying the entire time regarding the microchip, saying that she had no idea about it, but in reality, it was Maya who had it, and Gavin had stolen it from her (speculatively). Probably, Maya demanded to have the microchip so that she could destroy it, which was the only option to prevent these sinkholes from opening. As Scott already had an idea who Maya was, Maya felt threatened and did something awful to him, which we didn’t get to see in this episode. Pretending to be exhausted and terrified, Maya rushed back to Gavin and Sam and told them that Scott had been captured by the soldiers from her organization. Gavin, Sam, and others took Maya back to their shelter.

In the concluding scene of La Brea season 3 episode 4, we saw Ty come back to 10,000 BC and reunite with Gavin and Sam. He also brought the microchip with him, which brought a glimmer of hope into their lives. However, from afar, Maya was seen watching over them and trying to find out what they had been so happy about. In the upcoming episodes, we expect to see Scott in prison with Levi and Petra. Maya would probably try to grab the microchip, but it might reveal her true intention, causing a conflict between her and Gavin’s team. Let’s see how things will unfold in the upcoming episodes.

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