‘La Brea’ Season 3 Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Izzy And Leyla Get Close?

Previously, in La Brea season 3 episode 2, Ty traveled back to 2021, a few days before the opening of the sinkhole. He teamed up with Sam, who didn’t have any idea about the upcoming events. Ty managed to convince Sam to help him prevent the sinkhole from opening, but for that, they needed Gavin’s help as well. On the other hand, in 10,000 BC, Gavin and Sam teamed up to find Petra and Levi, who had been kidnapped by the military organization. To find Petra and Levi, as well as to know Eve and Josh’s location, Gavin needed to meet Maya Schmidt, the lady he used to work for. Let’s see if Gavin and Sam can find Maya’s whereabouts in the latest episode of this series.


Spoilers Ahead

How did Gavin find Maya?

In 10,000 BC, Gavin remembered that he used to work at Ladera Air Base in Los Angeles, where he met with Maya Schmidt. Gavin and Sam embarked on their journey to find Maya and unravel the mystery surrounding the connection between time travel and the military organization she’d been working for. On their way, they were chased by a giant rhinoceros, but as they ended up in a minefield, one exploded killing the poor creature. Shortly, Gavin spotted a chopper approaching them, so they tried to run away, but some army officials captured them and tied them to a tree. Meanwhile, a woman covertly helped Gavin and Sam by untying them and asking them to run away. As Sam asked the woman who she was, Gavin could recall that this woman was none other than Maya Schmidt. Maya, Gavin, and Sam escaped the area, but neither Gavin nor Sam could trust her. Maya finally revealed a big secret regarding time travel, saying that it was an ongoing experiment conducted by the government in Ladera. Their main objective was to locate the enemy and launch an attack before time, so they used Gavin as a test pilot in this experiment. Maya apologized to Gavin and revealed that it was because of her that he was losing his memories. Maya had been feeding Gavin a biological cocktail, which was causing his gradual memory loss. Therefore, to make it up to Gavin, she would try to restore his memories.


Maya collected some wild mushrooms from the forest and made a potion that gave Gavin a high. Tripping, Gavin began to have severe convulsions and lost consciousness. Gavin was brought to a fort, where Izzy tended to him. As Gavin woke up, he recalled a safe in which he’d found a microchip. Gavin talked to Maya about their previous communication through the computer, but it was someone other than Maya who had sent this message. It was someone else who wanted to manipulate Gavin to make him find the microchip. Gavin realized that the military organization didn’t have Eve or anyone in their captivity, as it was all just a trap to get into Gavin’s head. Maya also revealed that she’d wanted to blow the whistle about this secret experiment, but before she could do it, she had been caught by the military base. That’s why she had been on the run. As Maya came to know that Petra had been kidnapped by those people from the base, she became terrified. 

Did Ty manage to save Sophie’s life?

In 2021, Ty and Sam tried their level best to convince Gavin to help them in this situation, but Gavin didn’t trust them at all. He fled and ended up at a bar to drown his sorrows away. Ty, in the meantime, was feeling extremely restless because it was the date when his ex-wife Sophie was about to suffer an accident under the influence of alcohol. He met with Sophie and tried to explain what was about to happen to her, but Sophie didn’t listen to him at all. It was the time when Ty had already left her because of his terminal disease, which made the matter worse and turned Sophie into an alcoholic. Ty wanted to prevent Sophie’s death, but he knew that he had no power over time or someone’s destiny. Therefore, he returned to find Gavin and finally met him at the bar. He told Gavin everything about Sophie and how she had turned to alcohol because of depression. Gavin wanted to help Ty out of this situation, so he finally agreed to listen to him.


In the evening, Sophie attended an AA meeting where she would be facing a severe disappointment, which would cause her to drink and drive and eventually die in a car accident. To prevent that catastrophe, Gavin stepped in and showed up at the AA meeting. He gave a speech and expressed his sorrow in front of everyone, saying that they all needed someone to rely on and be happy. Sophie was moved by Gavin’s encouragement, and she agreed to talk to Ty, who encouraged her to write more and publish her book so that she could have a purpose in her life. Ty managed to distract Sophie from drinking too much that night, which might have saved her life. However, in the concluding scene of this episode, Gavin, Sam, and Ty were being followed by a woman with a gun in her hand. This woman remains a mystery, and probably, in the upcoming episodes, her identity will be revealed.

Was Lucas really in love with Veronica?

Lucas desperately wanted to seize control of the leadership council to overthrow Ruth from her leading position, so Veronica tried to talk to Ruth in favor of Lucas. However, Ruth, realizing that Veronica was a bit blinded by love, offered her the role of leadership in the council. Veronica communicated with Lucas and expressed her eagerness to become the leader of this community; however, Lucas wasn’t very happy about Ruth’s decision, but he managed to hide his real feelings and show fake happiness. Veronica realized that Lucas wasn’t happy about her decision to take the lead.


Did Izzy and Leyla get close?

Izzy and Leyla felt a romantic tension between them. One day, when the two were roaming around the forest, Leyla fell into a tar pit, and in the meantime, a wild boar appeared to attack them. Izzy tried to shoot the boar, but she missed it, while Leyla, getting out of the pit, managed to kill the boar to save themselves. Leyla and Izzy expressed their mutual romantic feelings for each other and were about to kiss, but their kiss was interrupted by some women passing by. In the upcoming episodes of La Brea, we may get to know about the identity of that mysterious woman whom Ty saw in the timeline of 2021, as well as the secrets behind the anonymous sender who contacted Gavin previously.

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