‘La Brea’ Season 3 Ending Explained & Finale Recap: Did Gavin Find Eve?

In the previous episode of La Brea season 3, Gavin met his half-sister, Helena, who was also after the microchip to destroy Maya’s time-traveling experiment, so she teamed up with Gavin and his team in 10,000 BC, where they found a double aurora appearing in front of them. One of the auroras would transport them to 2021, and the other one was for 1965. Helena told Gavin to travel back to 1965 to destroy the military base where the time-traveling experiment took place. In 1965, Gavin might find his wife Eve and his son Josh as well. In the season finale of La Brea, the one and only question is whether Gavin will be able to find Eve. Let’s discuss this final episode of this season to find the answer.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Maya?

Episode 6 of La Brea opened with Gavin’s flashback to having his first child with Eve. The scene then shifted back to the 10,000 BC timeline, where Gavin’s team split into two groups. Gavin, Sam, Izzy, and Helena traveled to 1965 to retrieve Eve, Josh, and Riley, whereas Ty, Veronica, Scott, and Lucas remained in the prehistoric era. In 1965, Gavin and his team entered the military base in Pasadena, but Eve was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Sam realized that Josh and Riley had drifted apart, as Riley ended up in a hospital for her treatment and Josh was captured by people from the military base. Josh, therefore, was inside the military base, locked up in a cell. Sam knew that his daughter Riley might not be able to make it as her diaphragm was injured due to the raptor’s attack, and in 1965, the medical procedures were not that advanced, so in order to treat his daughter, Sam would have to take her to 2021, where she would get proper treatment to recover from her injuries.


On the other hand, Gavin and Izzy found out that the captives from the base were about to be transferred to a prehistoric timeline, so before that happened, they would have to rescue Eve and Josh. Gavin and Izzy found Josh, who told them that he had previously been locked up with Eve, before they got separated. Gavin decided to take Josh with him and return to 10,000 BC, where they could destroy all the research recorded on the microchip, which could be the only way to stop the sinkholes from opening and erase the entire time-traveling experiment.

Lucas and Veronica also faced some trouble. Veronica suffered cramps due to her pregnancy, but her baby was healthy. The community led by Ruth decided to time travel and reach the 2021 timeline, so Veronica accompanied them, but Lucas stayed initially to help Gavin and his team destroy the microchip and get rid of all sinkholes. Lucas promised that he’d come back to 2021 after they’d accomplished their mission.


However, things did not go as smoothly as planned because, after they came back to 10,000 BC, they were attacked by Maya Schmidt’s men, who wanted to grab the microchip. A fight ensued between Gavin’s team and Maya, and her soldiers surrounded Gavin’s team, leaving them helpless. Maya’s men attacked Izzy to weaken Gavin, but before Izzy could get hurt, Leyla saved her life. Maya repeatedly demanded the microchip from Gavin, who decided to fight against her. Unable to shake Gavin’s confidence, Maya grabbed Josh and held him at gunpoint. Gavin was almost on the verge of giving up, as he had no choice left, but in the meantime, Helena managed to rescue Josh and shot Maya to death. However, despite the fact that Maya was gone, there was another obstacle on their path. A massive flash of light appeared in the sky, which suggested that the aurora was closing and meant that Gavin and his team would have to return to 2021 before the aurora closed. Ty didn’t want to leave Paara, who was now his family and meant the world to him. Paara was the only reason Ty wanted to live, so he decided to remain in 10,000 BC to build his family with Paara. It seemed to be a satisfactory ending for Ty’s character, as he had lost a lot throughout this journey, especially his will to live, and now that he had begun to desire life again, he embraced the opportunity to relish it with his beloved. Gavin, Helena, Izzy, Lucas, Scott, and the rest of the people on their team, except for Ty, boarded a chopper, and Helena placed the microchip in a computer, which would direct them to 2021. They eventually flew to the timeline of 2021 and safely landed in Los Angeles. The aurora was finally closed for good, and perhaps neither these auroras nor those sinkholes would further open in the universe of La Brea ever again. 

Did Gavin Find Eve?

In 2021, Riley had almost recovered, and Josh had a sigh of relief seeing that she was alive. The two of them continued their relationship and expressed how much they loved each other. However, Gavin was still bewildered, as he expected Eve might be at his house, but she was still nowhere to be found in LA. When everyone had almost given up on Eve, Gavin came up with an idea. He could recall a special place where he used to meet Eve back then, when they used to date. It was on a hillside, near a tree, where he expected Eve might come to meet him. Gavin went to the hillside and waited for his wife, but after a long time, when he almost lost hope, he found Eve running towards him. Eve had managed to get out of the base, where she used to write letters to her family expressing how much she missed them. Finally, in the concluding scene of La Brea season 3, we saw Gavin and Eve reuniting as a happy couple. Their kids, Izzy and Josh, joined them, and it looked like Gavin and Eve’s journey had a happy ending. 


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