‘Inside Man’ Season 3: Recap & Ending, Explained – Why Did Mary Think That Sending The Mail Was A Wrong Idea?

The previous episode of “Inside Man” left us with a cliffhanger and an eager to know more about the characters. The makers have intensely addressed the conflict of interest between each character in this series. The writing has been uptight from the beginning till now. The narrative is uptight, and the actors are brilliant in their parts throughout. Let’s explore what all happened in Episode 3 and what lies ahead of us.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Inside Man’ Episode 3 Recap:

Episode 3 primarily focuses on the gradual disaster inside the Vicar’s household. Harry cannot sleep at night; neither can Mary. Janice is also busy crafting new ideas to survive these darker hours. Harry downloads many more similar videos found in Edgar’s flash drive. We have seen in “Inside Man” Episode 2 that Edgar has committed suicide and left a note stating that no one should think of the Vicar as a pedophile because he was protecting someone else. Now, the following day when Harry is trying to put everything into order, without knowing about Edgar’s suicide, the police call to and tell him about the incident, including the note Edgar had left. Harry informs Janice that the police would be coming to their house to ask a few questions. Janice promises him that she will not shout if that is what concerns him. However, when the police arrive, they start asking some unsettling questions which makes Harry feel uneasy. 


We see Harry and Mary planning to make Janice listen to the conversation between him and the police. Mary rings on Harry’s phone, keeps it hidden in the place where Harry would meet the police, and brings her phone into the cellar so Janice can listen to their conversation. When Harry comes to know about what is written in the suicide note, he understands that his plan is going to waste entirely. The note says that Harry is protecting someone else. Now if Janice leaves the house, she will definitely point out the fact that Harry was trying to protect Ben. She will also tell them that the flash drive was given to her by Ben, Harry’s son. So, it will not be hard for the police to guess that Harry is trying to protect his son, and soon Ben, without any knowledge of the crime will get involved in this and will eventually end up in jail. 

Ben finds out that Harry is lying to him about Janice’s bag. Harry told Ben that Janice had come to pick it up earlier while Ben clearly saw the bag lying on the dining table. To find out why his parents are acting so weirdly, Ben comes to his home early and enters the cellar. In the meantime, Harry and Mary finally plan to kill Janice to save Ben. Harry puts a broken heater inside the basement. A significant amount of gas leaks from the heater that can kill a person in their sleep. But unfortunately, Harry doesn’t notice that Ben, too, is already in the cellar. He locks the basement from outside and waits for Janice to die in her sleep. Ben screams out loud for help, but Harry cannot listen as he has put music on. Mary had already sent the email to Janice’s sister and realized her mistake. She tries to call Harry, but he doesn’t pick up his phone.


On the other hand, Jefferson Grieff has now received his execution date from the court. He now demands to postpone the date to a different day, and in return, he will tell the authorities where he has hidden his wife’s head. We find out that Jefferson Grieff not only strangled his wife bare-handed, but also removed her head and buried it somewhere else. He says that only after knowing where he had buried his wife’s head the police may discover why she had to be killed; basically, Jefferson’s motive behind the murder. He had also sent Beth to England, where she was picked up by a woman named Morag. She was a criminal herself and handed over some details about Janice to Beth. Jefferson continued the investigation, while Beth was helping him from the outside.

‘Inside Man’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – Why Did Mary Think That Sending The Mail Was A Wrong Idea?

At the end of “Inside Man” Episode 3, we see that Mary is trying to call Harry again and again just to inform him that sending the mail to Janice’s sister was a wrong idea. Janice is a very clever woman. She likes to think ahead of the person in front of her. In this episode, we have seen how she tried to trigger a fight between Harry and Mary. Now, when she had told them to send the mail to her sister, she always had mentioned that they should at least read it once in front of her so that she could help them with any mistake in the writing of the mail. Without following her instructions, they had sent the email. In the mail, Mary had written on behalf of Janice that she had broken her phone; she was then too exhausted and was going to bed. Now, there can be two possibilities that made Mary uncomfortable after sending the mail. If Janice’s phone had broken, why would she send a mail from someone else’s laptop saying she was going to bed? Now, the other thing is, Janice said that her sister would call at 9 PM. There can be a possibility that she never mentioned whether they both are from the same time zone. So, there is a chance that as she has sent the message according to their time zone, Janice had already missed the call from her sister. Now, since her sister has received the mail post the call, some severe concerns may arise. But, anyway, we have to wait for one more episode to find out what exactly was Janice’s plan when she said about sending the mail to her sister.


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