‘Inside Man’ Epiosde 2: Recap & Ending, Explained – Why Did Harry Take The Blame On Himself?

“Inside Man” has released its second episode, and without a doubt, the writing of the series is getting better and better with each episode. The new mystery thriller series created by Steven Moffat and Paul McGuigan is handing over all the thrilling moments that an enthusiastic viewer yearns for. Not only the writing but the actors also played their parts accordingly. It comes to a position where you can say that you only wish to have a remarkable ending to this series because it is the season finale that always matters.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Inside Man’ Episode 2 Recap And Ending

We see Beth has managed to get the attention of Jefferson Grief regarding the case of Janice Fife, a woman who had helped her after an assault in the past. Jefferson saw the image she had received from Janice. When he enquired Beth about her relationship with Janice, Beth told him they were best friends, but Jefferson quickly saw through her lies. Later, she corrected her sentence and said that Janice had helped her in a grave situation, and they had met for coffee many times in the past six months since the incident of assault. She was worried because she had become good friends with Janice. Jefferson told her that since he had rejected her request to give an interview, hours later, she came up with a case so that she could understand his methods and then write about them. Beth strongly rejected this notion and said she was only doing it out of honest concern for Janice. Later, Jefferson offered her that she might write about him, but if she did that, he wouldn’t be taking up Janice’s case. He wanted to find out whether Beth prioritized Janice over her career. But Beth agreed to the terms and swore not to mention Janice. Later, Jefferson brought a case to him, and Beth became his wheel outside to help him with the case. Together, they solved the case, and then Jefferson asked her to go to England as, without her knowledge, he had been working on Janice’s case too. Now, he wanted someone to do the groundwork for him, and as it turned out, Beth would be helping him with that.


On the other hand, we see Harry is confused about his situation. He wanted to reason with Janice, but Janice was beyond understanding. However, Janice told him she might cancel the Skype call with her sister if he wanted her to. If she missed the call, people would start to notice that she was missing. Harry disapproved of her request as he promised her, she would be home before the Skype call. However, Mary was googling how to kill a person without getting caught. The whole situation took a toll on her, and she started drinking and imagining random things, such as murder. Harry told her that he would take care of everything, and she must restrain herself from going into the cellar. But Mary could not help but go there to talk to Janice. She offered her some whiskey; later, Janice told her the same thing about canceling the Skype call, only this time she told Mary that she should be given something in return. Mary could not understand what was going on. Janice said that since she was helping them to get away with her murder, they should offer her something in return. In simpler terms, Janice would give up the password of her mail account if only they offered her something in return, and with that, they could cancel the Skype call with her sister just by dropping a message to her. Janice also told Mary that whatever they had discussed, she must not reveal it to Harry. Or else she won’t give her password to the email, and they won’t be able to cancel the Skype call with her sister. But, when Harry returned home and talked to Janice, she simply gave away the password to him. Harry informed Mary about her password; Mary asked him what he had offered her in return. Harry said he did not have to offer her something because she willingly gave the password.

Harry went to Edgar and tried to record his confession. He wanted him to own up that the flash drive belonged to Edgar, and he wanted Harry to have it because he feared his mother would find out about the offensive files. However, Edgar struggled to confess it in a public bar and denied possession of the flash drive. Later, he followed Harry to the church. There, Harry tried to convince him using the fear of God. He told Edgar that if he did not want to confess his sins to him, he must not deny revealing them in front of God. He said that in Edgar’s dark times, only God was there with him, so he must not lie in front of Jesus Christ. Harry started recording his confession, but Edgar, however, began to confess and failed to successfully submit to God for his sins. Later, Harry told Edgar to clean the flash drive and dump all the files onto Harry’s laptop. In this way, no one would know that those files ever belonged to Edgar. Harry dropped Edgar off at home and told him that if he ever felt the urge to go through such files again, he should never forget how Harry had helped him. Soon we see that Edgar committed suicide, leaving behind a note that might help the vicar but destroy his family.


Why Did Harry Take The Blame On Himself?

In the church, when Harry almost succeeded in alluring Edgar to confess, he saw a broken man begging for death. Edgar was tortured by his mother for minor mistakes in his childhood. It is inevitable that those gruesome punishments, the markings on his hand, led to such pedophilic urges that resided within him as he grew. In his mind, he knew that whatever he was doing was not right, but his subconscious disagreed with it. In his mind, only death could relieve him from such a burden. He cried severely in front of Harry, screaming out loud, begging for death. Harry was a decent person who wanted to do good for everyone around him. Seeing Edgar’s terrible condition, he understood that if the police came to know about Edgar’s pedophilic attributes, they would not show any sympathy for him. Edgar could never survive the path ahead right after getting caught for his crime. Harry thought if he took the blame on himself, being a grown man, he could at least fight against the odds. He did not want Edgar to suffer the consequences, so he decided to take the blame upon himself. However, whatever he did to help Edgar, Edgar was filled with guilt and decided to end his life while leaving a note behind to do justice to Harry. But this note would have been found by his mother, and his mother’s obsession with his son might lead to an interesting turn of events in the upcoming episodes.

Why Did Janice Give The Password To Harry?

Speaking of Janice, she was a math teacher who liked to assess the probabilities of the outcome of different circumstances. So, she first tried to provoke Mary with an offer. Later, she went against it by giving away the password to Harry. She knew that between the two abductors, she had to create a ruckus that would trigger their tension. Mary was more vulnerable, so she was an easy target for Janice. It can be assumed that Janice thought if she gave away the password to Harry, then through this, she would be able to create a misunderstanding between Harry and Mary. Additionally, Mary might actually try and email Janice’s sister to cancel the Skype call. But since Janice’s phone had been broken, Mary had to send the email through her own phone, laptop, or computer within the house. Tracking an IP address is an effortless job for the police. So, if she did send an email, their home would be on the radar anyway. And also, we don’t know for sure about the settlement between Janice and her sister. So, we don’t see how her sister would react after receiving an email to cancel the call. Anyway, why would Janice tell Harry instead of Mary? Well, if she had told Mary, Mary would definitely blabber about it in front of Harry, and Harry, being the calmer person, would stop her from sending any mail. But, if Harry told Mary the password to her email since Mary was in a state of confusion, she would try and email Janice’s sister without letting Harry know about it. Whatever the actual plan is, we have to wait until Episode 3 to find out what exactly Janice was planning to gain from this.


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