‘Inside Man’ Epiosde 1: Recap & Ending, Explained – Why Did Harry Lie?

The Stanley Tucci and David Tennant starrer “Inside Man” has released its first episode. It is a crime thriller series that follows a convict on death row who likes to help other victims outside the jail with his sharp wit and investigative skills. The first episode ends the series on a cliffhanger and already promises to have real depth in writing, which we can expect in the upcoming episodes. As far as the first episode is concerned, it was really engaging, and the pace was perfect, without a doubt.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Inside Man’ Episode 1: Recap And Ending

The series starts with an abrupt scene only to introduce the character of Janice Fife (Dolly Wells). A random guy on the tube harasses some women, and Janice holds her camera on his face and says she is going live on Facebook. Although, later she reveals that she was bluffing as she doesn’t have Facebook on her phone. Other women follow her, and suddenly, Janice requests the police to arrive at the next station to arrest the molester. As soon as the train arrives at the station, the police arrest the guy, and a woman named Beth Davenport (Lydia West), whom the guy had been harassing, quickly calls out to Janice and thanks her for the courage she showed up inside the tube. Impressed by the act, Beth reveals that she is a journalist and wants to interview Janice for her magazine. However, Janice politely refuses to do an interview, but they exchange their contact details anyway.


Then we are introduced to Jefferson Grieff (Stanley Tucci), a professor of criminology at some university, who is on death row for murdering his wife. He gangs up with a serial killer named Dillion Kempton (Atkins Estimond), whose cell is right beside Jefferson’s. Whenever someone seeks help, Jefferson brings Dillon along because he has an eidetic memory. Beth Davenport wants to interview Jefferson to understand why people from the outside seek help from the “Inside Man.” The interview doesn’t go well, and Beth leaves without knowing much about Jefferson. However, Jefferson also asks her not to write anything about him but to find any clue that can make him forgivable to the law.

Between these events, we see Harry Watling (David Tennant), a priest in a church. He calls himself “the Funny Vicar,” as he loves to joke around occasionally. There is a guy named Edgar, a suicidal man in his 30s who is in constant fear of his mom finding out about his adult film addiction. In one such incident, Edgar arrives at Harry’s office and asks him to hide his flash drive before his mother can get hold of it. Although Harry denies it several times, he later carries it with him. On his way home, he picks up Janice Fife, his son’s math tutor, from the train station and brings her home. Harry’s son, Ben, says he needs to go to the festival, so he requests to take the day off. Accidentally, Ben hands over the flash drive to Janice. When Harry tells him it has some personal stuff, Ben thinks it must be some adult film. Ben tries to help out his father and tells Janice that the files on the flash drive belong to him. Ben does not know about what the flash drive carries; neither does Harry.


Janice checks out the files on the flash drive and is completely stunned. She asks Ben to leave her alone with his father. As soon as Ben leaves the room, Janice shows these files to Harry, who immediately realizes that he is in big trouble. There are numerous adult films that involve pedophilia. Harry says the flash drive belongs to him. Janice tries to make him understand that if he is taking the blame on himself to save his son, then it will not solve the problem. Harry then confesses that the flash drive actually belongs to some man from the church who is suicidal, and they must handle the situation with caution. One lie led to another, and it triggers the situation into a complete mess where Harry unwillingly breaks Janice’s phone while she is trying to send a picture of him to Beth Davenport.

Also, in the heat of the moment, Harry accidentally pushes Janice into the basement, where she slips down the stairs. In fear, Harry locks the basement and tells his wife, Mary Watling (Lyndsey Marshal), about everything that has happened under the roof. Mary tells Harry to go down to the basement and ask her what she wants to eat. When Harry goes down there, he sees that Janice has cut herself and spread her blood all over the place. She claims that even if he kills her, the police will know she was present. Janice is under the impression that Harry will be forced to kill her. So, she is doing all this to make him suffer, even if she has to die. On the other hand, Beth receives the photograph from Janice. She tries to reach her number but fails. Suspecting that something is wrong, Beth makes an appointment with Jefferson again. Jefferson wonders what case she might bring for him.


Why Did Harry Lie On Behalf Of Edgar?

Harry, the funny vicar, is a respected person and a very decent family man. He is very friendly with his peers and also looks out for everyone. He is the perfect guy who somewhat pretends to be a better person. How so? Well, in one scene, we see him listening to intense music when he is driving alone. But, once Janice is inside the car, he changes it into a very soft melody. Music tells a lot about a man and his character. Harry loves chaos: he just suppresses it in front of people. He knows Edgar is a very disturbing character. He is suicidal, and he is trying to recover from his past. If Janice tells the police about the flash drive, the police will put Edgar in jail. Harry doesn’t want that. He wants him to rectify his mistakes and be a better man. But Janice, on the other hand, is very vocal and protesting. We see this attribute in her character at the beginning of the episode. So, Harry knows that he must do something to stop Janice from stepping outside the house. His instincts prefer chaos, but his personality screams at him to be polite.

The emotional catastrophe pushes Harry to the edge, and he panics. Panic can lead to gruesome mistakes or inevitable accidents. Harry starts to make one mistake after another. First, he breaks Janice’s phone. Right after that, when Janice screams, he pushes her, and she slips and falls into the basement. However, later, while confronting everything with Mary, he tells her that he will go to the police and say that the flash drive belongs to Edgar. But Mary tells him that no one will believe him after what he has done to Janice. Harry knows he is in deep trouble. How deep? Well, we will have to wait for “Inside Man” Episode 2 for that.


“Inside Man” is a 2022 mystery thriller series starring Stanley Tucci.

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