‘Hunters’ Season 2, Episode 1: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Did Millie Morris Choose To Kill?

After the startling revelation in season one that Meyer was the Wolf, Jonah’s personality changed drastically. He had slain Meyer and taken command of the Hunt crew. The Hunters were now on their way to Europe to track down eight high-ranking Nazis. Devid Weil and executive producer Jordan Peele created the second season of “Hunters” to wrap up all the questions left unanswered in season one. Amazon Prime has released an eight-episode season of this Nazi-hunting thriller drama, which is set to take viewers on a thrilling ride. Let us set out on a journey to discover what is going on in the “Hunters” world.


On the town’s founding day in 1972, Von Glooten is the setting for the first episode. Chava Apfelbaum, a white-clad woman, was seen walking into a candy store. She informed the shop owner that she was here on business and wasn’t a local of the community. Chava asked the owner if he was a Jew after noticing a Mezuzah on the store’s door. He denied it, but Chava pressed the issue during their conversation, and the owner eventually admitted that he had taken over one of the Jewish people’s shops after the Nazis had imprisoned them. As Chava shook hands with the owner, he noticed the number tattoo on her hand, which revealed that she was a Jew and a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp. Chava did not come here to kill the Jews; she came to inquire about Hitler’s whereabouts. The shop owner, despite his reluctance, had to reveal that Hitler had gone to Valle de Los Sueños. As a reward for his information and to get rid of a witness to her presence, Chava tore out his eyeballs. After leaving the store, she put those eyeballs on the face of a sculpture.

Spoilers Ahead


Was Meyer Offerman Dead? Where Is Jonah?

Let’s go back to 1975, two years before Meyer passed away. Meyer Offerman, or who we know as “the Wolf,” had joined a group of guys while he was sharing some tales to highlight how frequently people misinterpret things. Just like in season 1, Jonah believed Meyer to be his grandfather when, in fact, he was a monster that needed to be destroyed. Nevertheless, Meyer discovered a mysterious man watching him, which led him to think that this man knew something about his background. The same thing occurred the next day in a hotel, where he noticed the same mysterious man again. Even at his workplace, the strange man entered his space to leave a note for him when Meyer was speaking with a friend. Meyer found the letter addressed to Wilhelm. Meyer panicked when he realized that his comfortable and tranquil existence was at risk. In order to permanently silence the man, he had to face him.

In 1979, in Paris, Jonah was no longer a teenager. Compared to season 1, he developed a beard and became more serious. Jonah was an obvious illustration of how circumstances can drastically alter a person. He was seen keeping an eye on some guys in a brothel. He left the area and went back to his house. Clara, his fiancée, and Jonah both attended a college in Paris. They had a romantic experience that gave the impression that their relationship was flawless. But Jonah hid his real identity from Clara claiming to be Sam. He continued to frequent the brothel. It was clear that he was undertaking an investigation, showing that the Hunt hadn’t broken up and that they continued to operate covertly. He snuck into the brothel and discovered Biff Simpson in a room, where he leveled his revolver at him. Biff was defenseless and surprised. He was aware that Jonah was a member of the Hunt team, which hunted down and killed Nazis. So, seeing that his own life was at its end, he made Jonah an offer by claiming that he knew of a bigger fish in the water, and that fish was Adolf Hitler. Hitler was in Valle de Los Suenos, according to Biff, and if Jonah wished, Biff could take him there. While Jonah had started to focus on the Hitler’s story, the guards and the brothel manager entered the room. Biff attempted to flee, but Jonah shot him to death. He gave the management some cash while claiming that he’d never been here at all. Jonah had frequent nightmares about Meyer, and he was also prone to hallucinations in which he saw Meyer in the street. But he didn’t bring any of this up with Clara, indicating that she didn’t actually know about Jonah’s past.


Why Did Millie Morris Choose To Kill?

In the same timeline as Jonah, we see Millie Morris confessing to a priest at a church in Pasadena. She explained that she had lost contact with both her father and her lover, Maria, whom she had expelled from her life. But she didn’t come to the priest to seek solace; she came to arrest him. In the Nazi regime of 1942, the priest, or Bishop Prentz, was a collaborator and murderer. He murdered several Jews as well as younger kids. Even eyewitnesses confirmed that it was him when he was presented to the court, but the judge refused to charge him because there was no proof that his real identity was Father Balkos, a Nazi. Morris was unable to convince the court that Bishop Prentz had broken immigration law because she lacked the necessary documentation. Morris questioned the judge about the eyewitnesses and their identification, but the judge rejected the reliability of their testimony, stating that the events had occurred 30 years earlier and that memory could have been impacted by the passage of time. Given that Prentz and other cold-blooded killers were free to wander the nation, Morris was powerless to bring justice to those families. She reconnected with Danny, an old acquaintance who was now a well-known author. Danny believed that the hunters had broken up, which made Morris think about Jonah. So she called Jonah from a phone booth to see if he was still with the group, but the call was cut short. Morris’ inner demons were eating her up for leaving Prentz free. As a result, she went to Prentz’s house and held him at gunpoint, in an attempt to force him to reveal his identity, but her efforts were futile, so she shot him to death and fled. Her trust in the justice system had deteriorated. After spotting a number of weaknesses in legal authority during the past two years, she had lost faith in them. So she had decided to take up the gun to avenge the priest. The biggest mistake of her life was not letting Jonah murder a monster like Travis. Although she was conscious of her haste, she knew that Prentz deserved it. She hurried back to her house, visibly panicked. Hearing a knock on the door, she opened it and found Jonah, who had appeared to talk to her immediately after getting the call. Jonah informed her that he had discovered something, the nature of which is unknown.

We witness Meyer finally confronting the mysterious man and escorting him to a bar. After a few drinks, the man admitted that Herr Frondheim had pushed him to learn more about Wilhelm since he knew who the Wolf was. Meyer calmed him by promising to bring him to his house and cook him lunch. But as soon as they left the bar, Meyer’s intentions became apparent. Stabbing the man in the neck, he abandoned him to die in the trash. In the episode 1 climax, we see Adolf Hitler shaving his beard while his wife Eva Braun waits for him at the dining table. As Hitler and Eva began to eat, we notice that Joe, who had been abducted and taken to Argentina in season 1, had been transformed into a completely different man who appeared to be a devoted minion of Braun. Hitler offered for him to sit with them, and the three of them started eating together.


With so many knots wrapped around it, episode 1 had a riveting grip. Season 2 of “Hunters” will untie them one at a time. So let’s take a look at the upcoming episodes to see how Morris will deal with the murder she just committed. Is Joe completely evil as a result of his involvement with Hitler, or does he retain some humanity?

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