‘Hunters’ Season 1: Summary And Ending: Things You Should Know Before Watching Season 2

Hitler’s obsession with a burning New York City came perilously close to becoming a reality in the turbulent world of “Hunters,” brought to the screen by Amazon Prime. Many Nazi cohorts in America were secretly preparing for a bigger catastrophe in the late 1970s, which a squad of Nazi hunters led by Meyer Offerman (played by Al Pacino) is on their way to putting an end to. The David Weil and Jordan Peele-produced television series “Hunters” tells a story of retribution, blood, and an unanticipated turn of events. The show’s first season made a big impression, and season 2 will premiere on January 13. But first, let’s take a moment to learn some crucial details before we can enjoy season 2.


A terrifying scene from Under Secretary of State Biff Simpson’s (Dylan Baker) murderous rampage at a barbeque at his Maryland home opens Season 1. A Holocaust survivor who had attended Biff Simpson’s barbecue recognized him as Butcher, a former Nazi agent who had killed her family. As Biff was exposed, he killed off his family first to remove any eyewitnesses, and the survivor at the end. Beginning with these scenes, we progressively learned how Nazi ideology turned people into inhuman monsters devoid of emotion.

Spoilers Ahead


The Dark Reality Of Jewish Camps: What Was Jonah’s Background?

A Jewish teen, Jonah Heidelbaum (Logan Lerman), lived in Brooklyn with Ruth (Jeannie Berlin), his safta (grandmother), who was fatally shot by an unidentified guy in the middle of the night at her home. During his safta’s funeral, Jonah ran across his safta’s old friend, Meyer Offerman, who believed he was forever indebted to Ruth. As Jonah went on a merry chase to find the killer of his safta and exact revenge, he came across Meyer, who introduced him to a whole new side of Ruth. He claimed that both Ruth and Meyer survived a Nazi concentration camp and were subjected to the atrocities of torture. He came across his safta’s letter, which described a flashback to 1931 when her parents were slaughtered in front of her eyes during a raid by German Nazis. Ruth and Meyer had both survived the indescribable torture in the Jewish camp, but many others had not. Many Jews had been slaughtered right in front of Ruth’s eyes. She was in love with Meyer and really wanted to be with him, but the electrified fence stood in their way. During this time, Ruth was constantly being watched over by a doctor by the name of Wilhelm Zuchs, also known by the code name Wolf. In 1945, when the Red Army liberated the Nazi camp, Meyer and Ruth were reunited after the Wolf was arrested but their union was short-lived. Meyer and Ruth gave birth to a daughter, but Meyer fled, leaving Ruth to raise the child alone. Later, Ruth received a note from Meyer along with a necklace bearing a chai locket, which served as his farewell to her. But when Ruth eventually encountered Meyer 30 years later, she noticed the wounds on his chest that had been inflicted at the camp. She quickly came to believe that he was her Meyer and proposed creating the mission “The Hunt,” which was about tracking down and eliminating those Nazi acolytes. But sadly, before she and her Hunt could continue their operations, Richter, one of those Nazi operatives, had already slain her. It took Jonah a little time to comprehend that Meyer was his grandfather, who had abandoned his paternal duties and moved away, leaving his grandma and her child alone. Ruth had lost her daughter and was living with her grandson Jonah in a destitute state, while Meyer was living in luxury. Jonah confronted Meyer, who admitted that he was his grandfather but had concealed his identity because Ruth wanted to protect Jonah and keep him away from Meyer.

Who Had Killed Ruth? How Did Jonah Become One of the Hunters?

During Jonah’s misguided investigation to find the killer of his safta, he got arrested. Meyer released him on bail and drove him to his mansion, where Jonah discovered a picture of Heinz Richter in his room. He discovered the image of his vehicle and made the connections to learn that Richter was the one who had killed his safta, and currently, he ran a toy shop. He went to confront him with his safta’s dagger but got tied up and tortured instead. But just as Richter was about to murder him, Meyer arrived and stabbed him to death. Jonah was brought to his house, where Meyer revealed “The Hunt.” He introduced the vigilantes that would help him find and eliminate these Nazis. These vengeful Hunters included a nun by the name of Harriet (Kate Mulvany), a not-so-famous actor by the name of Lonny Flash (Josh Radnor), a woman of color named Roxy Jones (Tiffany Boone), a former undercover agent named Joe Mizushima (Louis Ozawa), and a couple by the names of Murray and Mindy who survived the Holocaust but lost their son Aaron to an evil Nazi officer. They all came together with the exclusive goal of eliminating those Nazis. While Meyer welcomed Jonah into his crew, the others weren’t too keen on his presence because he was still a teenager and had no experience in such high-stakes intelligence operations. The Hunt’s next victim would be a Nazi operative named Karl Holstedder, according to a letter that Jonah had first decoded. Jonah was at first hesitant, but he had the capacity to decipher codes. Although Meyer killed Karl and was on his way to kill the others, Jonah didn’t support him at first, but Meyer’s brainwashing was effective enough to unleash a beast within him. He made every attempt to suppress the squeamishness he had, but despite his motivation, he was unable to kill anyone.


A Serial Killer on the Rise: Who Was Travis?

After the massive slaughter at Biff’s house, we saw a young American named Travis arrive, and Biff gave him the gun to shoot his hand, giving the impression that he was also an intended victim of the massacre. Travis later sided with the Colonel after she told him that Travis was necessary for the “Fourth Reich.” Travis was a cold-blooded killer and complete sociopath who identified as a devoted American Nazi. He went to look into Richter’s slaying, where he learned that Ruth’s grandson Jonah was involved in his murder. Therefore, he attacked his home but was unsuccessful in finding anyone. He found Jonah’s comic shop, where Jonah’s best friend Booty, unfortunately was . He lied and told him that he was Jonah and got killed by Travis. Travis was certain it wasn’t Jonah, so he waited for the right moment to remove him. The Colonel’s son degraded Travis just because he was American, ignoring the fact that Travis was a Nazi and a monster by nature. He brutally murdered the Colonel’s three sons while humming his favorite songs. He even learned who was in charge of the Nazi hunt, Meyer Offerman, so he went to his mansion and destroyed all of his top-secret papers. However, he supplied agent Morris with the evidence that Meyer was responsible for the deaths of Nazi agents, including Richter, making it simpler for her to arrest Meyer Offerman.

What Was Agent Morris’ Mistake?

Millie Morris, an FBI agent, was assigned a case involving the murder of NASA chemist Gretel Fischer, who was killed after being locked up in her bathroom while gas leaked out of her showerhead. Millie discovered a picture of a young Gretel shaking hands with Adolf Hitler on the scene. Millie’s boss Grimsby assigned her another case to work on involving the murder of Heinz Richter, who she later discovered was a former Nazi officer. When she learned Jonah’s grandmother had recently been murdered, she went to meet him to ask him if he was connected to the crime. Jonah, however, did not assist her with her investigation. Millie had a lover named Maria, but she was afraid to tell anyone about their relationship. However, her mother, who was on her deathbed, had always supported her and understood how serious Millie was about her job. Millie finally got a lead on Gretel and Richter’s murders when Travis sent him the evidence implying Meyer was behind it all. Morris was about to arrest Meyer, but she was unaware of a larger threat looming over America. When the Hunters were on their way to find the Nazi operatives one by one, they came across the Ghost, who was one of them. They broke into his mansion only to discover he was in ventilation and had had plastic surgery to conceal his identity. Jonah deciphered morse code from a music box and discovered that there would be a chemical explosion tonight. Meyer was arrested, and he tried to persuade Morris that instead of arresting him, she should go save the city from the explosion, but Morris didn’t believe him. Another Nazi officer named Moritz was apprehended by Harriet, who then took him to Murray and Mindy, whose son Moritz had murdered when they had been interred in a concentration camp. Moritz was restrained in their basement. As they debated whether to kill him or not, Murray was summoned by Jonah as they prepared to defuse the bomb. The bomb was discovered inside a train. Murray told Jonah to leave him alone because he was going to defuse the bomb and didn’t want anyone to get hurt if it exploded. Murray attempted to disarm the bomb but cut the wrong line, causing it to explode and killing him as well. In the basement, Mindy killed Moritz when she had gotten over the pain of losing her husband.


Morris was reluctantly assisting Meyer’s group as she realized the Nazis were becoming a major threat to the country. Schidler Corp. was one of the companies run by the Colonel, who was attempting to destroy America. Her company’s laboratories began producing chemically poisonous corn syrup, which would be used in all medicines, drinks, and candies, intending to wipe out more than half of the population of the country. Harriet gathered the details and sent out Lonny, Jonah, and Joe inside the Schidler Corp factories. Lonny walked into the factories dressed as a plant engineer and turned up the heat. Meanwhile, Jonah planted explosives in the chemical ducts. All the chemicals in the corn syrup dripped down as a result of a massive explosion, injuring everyone, including the scientists.

In the meantime, Millie discovered an immigration document in Meyer’s home and a reference to Carmel Offie, employer of her boss Grimsby. She stormed over to Grimsby’s house, where she discovered Biff and took him captive. However, as she was escorting him to custody, she discovered that Jonah was chasing Travis, who had fled the scene of the factory explosion, and Jonah was on his way to kill him. As Morris headed out to catch Jonah, Biff got a chance to escape. Morris stopped Jonah from killing Travis because she thought that if he killed Travis, he would become just like him. Morris, however, found it difficult to comprehend that many lives would be saved if Travis were to be killed. Imprisonment wasn’t what a murderer like Travis deserved; death was. The Colonel, on the other hand, exited the factory, and Meyer offered her a ride without showing his face. But because the Colonel was armed, she shot him, and the car crashed into the river. Meyer was severely injured when Harriet found him and swam him to the shore, but the Colonel was nowhere to be found.

Who Was The Wolf? Was Harriet A Mole In The Hunters?

When Jonah visited his grandfather Meyer, he said under his breath that Jonah had made a mistake by letting Travis live, as Travis didn’t deserve to live. Jonah wanted to make things right since he was guilty of his mistake. His grandfather’s words had such an impact on him that he vowed to track down and kill the Wolf. Only the Wolf was still alive after the other Nazi officials were all slaughtered by the Hunt crew. He started reading his safta’s letters, and one of the hints directed him to her cookery books, where she kept the Wolf’s file. The file had evidence based on which Jonah found out about a mysterious cosmetic surgeon. He knocked him out and took him to Meyer. Meyer was both impressed and terrified when he saw the doctor. But before the reason for his fear became clear, he stabbed the doctor. Before he died, the doctor suspiciously pointed at Meyer, saying, “It’s you.” Meyer had previously claimed to Jonah that he always sang the Kaddish prayer before murdering anyone, but Jonah found that he hadn’t done so before killing the surgeon. When Jonah put everything together, it became shockingly clear that the man in front of him, whom he had recognized as his grandfather, was indeed the Wolf. Meyer admitted that he was the Wolf, also known as Wilhelm Zuchs. He was the Wolf who murdered Meyer Offerman while serving as the camp’s doctor. He told Jonah that after being apprehended, he was the one who had tortured and murdered Meyer and assumed his identity in order to prevent the Soviets from putting him to death. Although he had never been a Nazi, he always cherished power. In order to resemble Meyer, he underwent plastic surgery and gave himself scars on his chest. He sent Ruth the chai necklace with the letters from the name Meyer. Jonah lost his composure and charged at him with his safta’s dagger. Jonah doesn’t even pay attention to Wolf when he tries to persuade him by suggesting that he can’t kill him. His whole family had been killed, making him a person who had nothing to lose anymore. By sticking a knife through Wolf’s heart, he killed him. Jonah revealed everything to the crew, who were all taken aback. But Jonah was the only one who remained calm, as he had transformed into a completely different person after killing the man, he had trusted the most and been betrayed by. He assumed charge of the crew and told the others that they would have to kill those Nazis in order to uphold their group’s mission.

Harriet, who has German ancestors, previously acted as a double agent when she captured Moritz. Though she clarified her intentions at the time, we see her at the end of the series calling someone about the Colonel’s death. She appeared to be a double agent, but as the series had a habit of providing us with one twist after another, her true intentions were difficult to decipher.


What Happened To Travis? Who Was Eva Braun’s Husband?

Travis was taken into custody and interrogated by Millie Morris. While questioning him, she realized what a huge mistake she had made by sparing his life. As the season came to a close, we saw Travis emerge as a powerful villain capable of taking down the authorities on his own. He was primarily giving off a Charles Manson vibe by gathering men in prison in order to brainwash them with Nazi ideology. He was seen killing a psychiatrist, who predicted his appearance in the following season would be more foreboding.

Harriet got information over the phone from a villainous character, proving her to be a double agent. She approached Jonah to go after the eight highest-ranking Nazis in Europe. Joe had had enough of the bizarre events, so he went outside onto the road, where a car arrived to pick him up. They abducted him and took him to Argentina, where we see the Colonel, named Eva Braun, standing with her grace at an outdoor dinner, showing that she survived the accident. The biggest surprise came when she welcomed an elderly guest to her table, who turned out to be her husband, Adolf Hitler. We could only glimpse his whitened toothbrush mustache. Like Joe, we too were stunned that Season 2 of “Hunters” might reveal Hitler, who was still alive in the late 1970s as Eva Braun’s husband.


Final Words: Is Meyer Coming Back In Season 2?

Since the trailer debuted, fans have been debating everything from Jonah’s gangster look to Hitler’s cameo or the return of Meyer Offerman or the Wolf. We can assume that in season 2 of “Hunters,” Jonah will become the next Offerman, with a whole new set of killer instincts to track down the Nazis and exact their ultimate punishment. But with a double agent like Harriet in their midst, things could get dangerous. To discuss whether Al Pacino will have screen time in season 2, we could say that we are curious to know if the Wolf was involved in Ruth’s murder, so maybe season 2 will surely bring Wolf’s flashbacks to shed light on that matter. However, the next season is soon to be released on Amazon, so without further ado, let’s wait a little longer to get the final answers to all of our questions.

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