‘How I Met Your Father’ Season 2 Episode 20 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Sid And Hannah Break Up?

The penultimate episode of How I Met Your Father ended with Parker walking away from Jesse’s friends because she was hurt by Sid and Sophie’s actions. Jesse is also livid. Val is unable to find the song Jesse wrote for Sophie because she believes it will make the two of them talk about their feelings. With the storm intensifying, will all of them be locked up, or will there be a solution to all their problems?


Spoilers Ahead

Hannah’s Truth

As the storm intensifies, all of them are at Sid’s bar, Pemberton’s, trying to get through this night, except Jesse, who is still angry at Sophie for pulling the stunt and is trying his level best to get to Parker. Jesse is coming across as a concerned boyfriend, as right now, he would want to be with Parker consoling her.


Hannah lands in New York right before all the flights shut down so that she can be with Sid. It only seems they are meant for each other because she managed to reach him, which showcases how eager Hannah is to begin her life in the city with her husband and at the fact that they would be waking next to each other. But there is a secret Hannah is carrying, and if it comes out, it will blow up her marriage.

Hannah accidentally texts Ellen instead of a certain Eli, stating that it was only a one-time thing and that she wants to move on. It is not that hard to conclude that Hannah cheated on Sid, and Ellen confronts her, saying she knows the extent of what happened between her and Eli. Hannah admits to kissing Eli after getting drunk, but she wants to keep it in the past because it didn’t mean anything to her, and the fact that she is in New York with Sid proves that she would rather be with her husband.


Ellen, on the other hand, wants Hannah to talk to Sid about it because, as a friend, she only expects the best for him. Ellen comes across as a genuinely concerned person because she does not want either of them to end up alone, and talking about tough love is the only way to make things work. Ellen’s experience with divorce made her wise, and maybe she faced worse situations in her marriage. Hannah is torn, and her state of mind is understandable because, for the first time, things are falling into place in their marriage.

Ellen put across a question based on a hypothetical scenario like that of Hannah to Sid to understand his point of view. He claims that the couple in Ellen’s story should talk it out instead of letting it fester. His point of view comes across as genuine because there is nobody who understands long-term relationships like Sid and Hannah do, and they have waddled through worse situations just by communicating.


Drew Talks About His Feelings

Drew comes clean about his feelings for Sophie. He’d assumed that Sophie still liked him, and that is why she invited him over to the party. It would only make sense for him to feel this way because she has not hung out with Drew in a long while and suddenly Sophie asked him to attend a small gathering with her friends. Sophie feels upset, but lets him know that she still has feelings for Jesse, and that’s why she cannot seem to make way for anybody else. She can’t seem to move on unless she gets a thorough answer.

Drew also gives her the bill on the back of which Jesse wrote a song for Sophie, and this is when she gets angry about the fact that Jesse never confided in her or talked to her about his lingering feelings. As predicted, an unexpected person got hold of the song. Drew did not initially share it because he knew if Sophie ever came across it, she would not give him a chance, but he realized he was being selfish by not letting Jesse and Sophie give it a shot with each other.


Jesse And Sophie Confront Each Other

Sophie confronts Jesse about the song and complains about him letting her be around him without saying anything about it. Both also talk about how they started, and then it fizzled out rather quickly because Sophie freaked out about the idea of being in love. Sophie’s anger is justified because she has been harboring feelings for him, just like he did, and they have both ended up unconsciously breaking up with a number of people up until now.

Jesse is furious too, because to him, Sophie comes across as a hypocrite, and things would have been easy for them if she had also tried to let him know how she feels. This outburst and the fact that all of their issues are out in the open proves that Sophie and Jesse are still keen on being with each other, but because of Parker’s situation, he is unable to make a decision. This scene would remind viewers of when Ross learns that Rachel likes him in the second season of “Friends.”


Val Is Helping Charlie

Charlie, who everyone knows is an aristocrat by birth, is afraid of the storm because, as a child growing up in England, his mother left him with their dogs, and he weathered the storm alone in their mansion, leaving him terrified. This fear carried on till his adulthood, and right now, it is Val who has come to his rescue through his childhood issues. What Charlie has is more of an abandonment issue because he feels he will be alone all through this ordeal, though he is surrounded by friends.

Val and Charlie come close to admitting that they like each other, but still, it seems there is a rift between them, and both are trying to figure out how they will get past it. She distracts him throughout the storm. This scene was added to showcase that maybe there is some unfinished business between the two of them, and they are trying to tap into those feelings. At the end of the day, Val still cares for him, and Charlie is letting her get closer to him.


Will Jesse And Sophie Get Back Together? Why Did Sid And Hannah Break Up?

Sophie confides in Val about how rude Jesse is because she feels she was entitled to know how he felt about her. Sophie is angry because their spat happened in front of the group, and she feels Jesse embarrassed her by speaking about their well-concealed secret. She had only let Val know to some extent about her lingering feelings for him, and now that it is out in the open, it makes her feel weak in front of the group. Val sternly lets her know that Sophie did nothing when she was moping around in love with Jesse. Val rightly states that she cannot expect Jesse to do all the heavy lifting when Sophie could have let him know how she felt and how sorry she was when things didn’t work out the first time.

Val believes in tough love because, as Sophie’s best friend, she is expected to tell her the truth, even if it is unpleasant to hear. Val says this because she probably will never get back with Charlie, but Sophie now has a chance to be with Jesse. 


Sophie runs out to seek Jesse, and to her surprise, he is on his way back to find her as well. They confess their love for each other even though they are not sure where this relationship will take them. They take the plunge because, right now, there is nothing more important than the love they have for one another.

Ellen changes her mind about Hannah letting Sid know the truth, but Hannah feels she needs to get this off her chest to make her marriage work. She confesses, and Sid is devastated, and rightly so, because this is the last thing he expected would happen between the two. He also confesses about the woman he was texting regularly and stopped because he thought it was going over the top. For some reason, Hannah thinks it is Sophie, but he rectifies her doubts.


The two of them have a hard decision to make because either they will live with the fact that they made mistakes, or they will break up because, for both, infidelity is a deal breaker. The two initially chose to stay together and make it work because they had gone through a long-distance marriage, and nothing could be tougher than that. The fact that she ran off to New York right after the incident bothers Sid because he feels she ran away from the feelings she had for Eli.

This does not make sense because, at the end of the day, she chose Sid, and that should have mattered to him. Maybe Sid did not want to live with the idea that he was her safer option. The fact that Hannah assumed it was Sophie who he kissed might spark rumors that Sophie eventually married Sid. Only season three would give the viewers more answers on this.


The episode ends with Sophie and Jesse walking back to Pemberton’s together as a couple, happy and soaked in the rain. The group is happy for them, while Sid breaks up with Hannah because he thinks it would be the only way out. This whole scene is inspired by the season finale of the first season of How I Met Your Mother, where Ted and Robin decide to date amidst the storm, while Marshall and Lily break up over their differences. It is an endearing ode to the prequel because the viewers could feel Sid’s pain, and it would be interesting to see how he would lead his life from here on.

Val ends up kissing Drew because she is vulnerable at this point. As the older Sophie reveals Val’s relationship with Drew paves the way for Charlie and Val getting back together, and through a photograph, it is implied that they got married and had a child. It only makes sense because they did find their way back to each other.


Final Thoughts

The last episode did a good job of tying up the loose ends because, even though many subplots were going on, the writers joined them through a tight screenplay and made sure that this season ended in a straightforward way rather than confusing the viewers. This episode would be the reason why the viewers would eagerly wait for the next season and watch out for the path all of them would take until each of them find their respective soulmates or life partners.

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