‘How I Met Your Father’ Season 2, Episode 19 Recap & Ending, Explained: Was Parker Lying About Her Past?

The eighteenth episode of the second season of How I Met Your Father ended with Sophie finally coming to terms with the fact that her parents are dating. Meanwhile, Sid and Ellen try to make sure their respective roommates move out of the apartment. Ellen, though, changes her mind and wants Charlie around her. Meanwhile, Jesse agrees to move out because he understands that Hannah is a bigger priority for Sid.


Spoilers Ahead

A Storm And A Moving-Out Party

This episode begins with a storm warning being issued in the city of New York City. The storm warning episodes are also a common theme in the prequel to this show, narrated by Ted Mosby. Amidst all of this, Jesse and Parker announced to the group that they would be moving in together as it is cost-effective for both. It only makes sense because New York happens to be one of the most expensive cities not just in the US but around the world.


Though the move-in seems too quick for them as they have not been together for that long, hopefully, the two of them have discussed the possibility of what their living situation would be if they decided to break up. Sid wants Jesse to move out, but he is visibly upset by the news because the two of them have been friends for too long, which only makes this an emotional moment. Things would change from here on for the group. Jesse announces that he will throw them a party at the apartment in the evening because he feels this is a milestone for him.

Sid And Sophie Have Their Doubts

Val comes to know that Sophie likes Jesse as well, but Sophie claims that she is a supportive friend and she would do anything that would make Jesse happy. Sophie does not reveal anything to Val because she does not want to be pitied at this point and wants to make sure her secret doesn’t make it out. Sophie also does not want to complicate the scene because Jesse seems content with Parker.


When all of them reach the apartment, they realize that Jesse tricked all of them into helping him pack his stuff. Jesse also wants his friends around him as he is making a big decision for himself. The whole setup is reminiscent of when Ted and Robin planned to move in with each other, and Ted planned to move to New Jersey with Stella. The two different episodes gave away the varied reactions of his friends. Something similar is being brewed here.

Sophie tries to have a conversation with Parker about when she moved to New York. Her vague answer makes Sophie want to investigate the woman because she thinks Parker is probably hiding something from the group. She ropes in Sid because as Jesse’s best friend he would also want to know about the woman he is about to move in with. Sophie, on the other hand, is reacting this way because her feelings are resurfacing, and she is channeling them in a way that would inadvertently sabotage the relationship.


They come across a credit card in the name of a man and many containers of prescribed pills in the name of a woman. This setup inside the house is slightly getting out of hand because it is sure that whatever they are about to find out about Parker, it won’t be as big a deal in the grand scheme of things that Sophie and Sid are making it out to be.

Val Is Looking Out For Something

Val, on the other hand, tries to find the song Jesse had written for Sophie in the lost and found box. She only wanted to prove to Sophie that Jesse still liked her, and she should probably try to win him back. As she starts helping Jesse with the packing, she realizes Ellen and Charlie are acting weird regarding that box, and she wonders if they know what she is looking for. Val is for Sophie what Sid is for Jesse. She wants what is best for her best friend, and she thinks if she does not push the two of them to talk about their feelings, one of them will end up getting hurt. Right now, she wants them to take a leap of faith.

Is Parker Lying About Her Past? Will Sid And Sophie Apologize For Their Bizarre Investigation?

Val gets to Charlie and Ellen and forces them to get what they stole from the lost and found box. She is expecting to see the love song, but it is obvious that they’re all talking about two different things. The setup is highly predictable at this point, and it would be surprising if Ellen and Charlie were also talking about the song. The storylines grow more and more implausible because the writers, at this point, have become repetitive with the narrative.

As expected, Ellen and Charlie had the hair-cutting-at-home book with them because Ellen wanted to try chopping her hair. It was during that stage in Ellen’s life when she did not have a steady job and a salary. It would only make sense that she would not want to spend money on a salon. In a bid to make it right, Charlie and Ellen end up ruining her hair, and she ends up having to wear a wig to cover the disastrous experiment. Sadly, Val does not get hold of the song, and she is still wondering who took it. It could have either gotten lost or someone purposely took it away so that Sophie does not come across the paper.


Sophie ends up inviting Drew to gather more information on Parker. Jesse perceives Drew’s arrival as Sophie getting back together with him. This confusion was bound to happen because the two of them were never good at communicating with each other. This will also give him clarity on whether moving in with Parker is the right move for him.

Drew is excited to be a part of the gang, and he lets out the name of the school Parker had worked for before she moved to the city. Sophie and Sid are obsessed at this point, and they cross-check in search of information that would suit their narrative. Sid is going along with this only for Jesse. When the two of them confront her, Parker reveals that the medication belongs to her mother, the credit card belongs to her brother, and she is back in town to take care of her mother after she’d suffered a serious accident. It was expected that Parker might have a genuine reason for all the discrepancies the others had noticed


Parker only expected Jesse’s friends would try to understand her instead of going behind her back and carrying out a parallel investigation into her life. This makes Jesse angry, but he is quick to forgive Sid because his concern seems genuine. The two of them had been friends for a long time, and this separation made him act a little cuckoo. Sophie does not have a strong explanation for her apology. She cannot reveal to Parker that she has feelings for Jesse. She only claims that, as a friend, she was looking out for him. Sid could have stopped Sophie from going over the top, but things have gotten slightly worse, and Jesse is understandably livid at Sophie. The episode ends with Parker heading out to meet her mother. As the storm also intensifies, the power goes off. There is more to this plot, and it will be continued in the next episode.

What Can We Expect From Episode 20?

The next episode would be about Sophie trying to salvage the situation. Jesse’s anger is justified, and he would want his friends to be more understanding of the situation. Parker will come back, but things between her and Sophie will be awkward. Val will find the love song, but it will be in the possession of the most unexpected person, and she will try to make things right, but Sophie will not be ready for it.


Final Thoughts

This episode had hints of humor attached to it, and it was the first time in the last many episodes that we got to enjoy it. It shows that the writers can churn out comedy. The plot and the subplot were predictable, but again, more work needs to be done to make the show relatable and even more funny. I am looking forward to the next episode because there is more to this moving-in story, and viewers would want to know how this one would conclude.

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