‘Fubar’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Did Great Dane Ditch The Operation?

Previously, in Episode 3 of Fubar, Emma successfully slowed down the train and ensured the passengers’ safety. Meanwhile, Boro obtained information about Luke and Emma from William, potentially uncovering their true identities. Dr. Novak, a physicist who authored a paper on nuclear material extraction, was kidnapped by Boro’s men. Boro aimed to force Novak to help him forge nuclear weapons. The CIA planned to extract information from a secure government dormitory using the ‘Jam Slam’ air hopper. To access the dormitory, someone needed to seduce Novak’s handler, Nik Stalinovich. Emma took on the task and proceeded to retrieve Novak’s research paper from a safe, but her triumph was interrupted when Nik pointed a gun at her.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Emma Manage To Get Out Of The Dorm?

Fubar Episode 4 began with Emma being held at gunpoint by Nik Stalinovich. The communications were already connected, so Luke realized his daughter was in danger. Impulsively, Luke rushed to the dormitory to save his daughter, but Emma proved to be skilled at her job. She managed to calm Nik down by explaining that there was no point in being impulsive and killing her. She reasoned that Nik wasn’t the type of person who knew how to cover up a murder. Furthermore, if he did kill Emma, he wouldn’t be able to answer his comrades, who were already angry with him for recommending the trip on which Novak had been kidnapped. Ultimately, Nik let her go, but he might have called the police. However, before the police arrived, Luke was able to get Emma into their van and leave the place.


Emma was filled with confusion regarding whether she should continue her relationship with Carter or not. To address her dilemma, Luke took it upon himself to provide guidance to his daughter. He offered what he believed was the right advice, suggesting that Emma shouldn’t be with Carter while also pursuing her job. He emphasized the need for her to prioritize what was most important to her in the long run. During this time, Emma received a text message from her mother urging them to return home as soon as possible. However, upon their arrival, Emma had a change of heart. Unexpectedly, Carter surprised her by giving her a marriage proposal. Touched by this incredible gesture, Emma found it difficult to refuse. At that moment, Luke realized that Emma was on the path to jeopardizing her own mental well-being. Despite acknowledging that Carter was a rare gem of a person, Luke believed he wasn’t truly compatible with Emma. Based on his own experiences, he understood that a marriage built on lies and deception was destined to end in divorce. Unfortunately, Emma appeared blissfully happy, wearing metaphorical sunglasses of denial to shield herself from the truth.

What Happened To Tally?

Tally, though happy about her daughter’s upcoming marriage, reached her breaking point with the pressures of her job and decided to leave it. Luke proposed that she join his gym equipment sales business, and Tally gladly accepted the offer. However, once she joined the business, Tally began to exhibit nosy behavior, attempting to access the contact numbers of every customer. Things took an interesting turn when Tally encountered the rival brand, Twinning Formula, who expressed doubts about their sales awards and requested to see their books. Meanwhile, as Tally continued making calls to customers, it became apparent that each customer’s number was actually a fake one provided by the CIA. One of the operatives who answered the phone grew suspicious upon realizing that Luke’s ex-wife was involved in his cover business. At a surprising moment, Tally received a call inviting her to a meeting. Although she agreed to attend the meeting, she appeared highly suspicious. The mystery caller may pose a threat to Luke’s family, which we will learn more about in coming episodes of Fubar.


Who Was The Great Dane?

The mission was still on because Boro was still on the loose. The director gathered all the operatives and discussed the plan involving the use of the MNR (miniature nuclear reactor) as bait to lure Boro into a CIA trap. They needed someone whom Boro could trust, and the only name that came to Luke’s mind was the black market middleman, Great Dane. Dane, however, had a schism with Roo after shooting her toe in a previous mission. Nonetheless, enlisting Dane came with risks, as he was currently imprisoned in Turkey, where daily prisoner headcounts took place. Therefore, the team had to break Dane out of prison and have someone from the team pose as Dane during the headcount. Barry took on this task in an attempt to impress Tina, although everyone knew it was a bad idea. Barry had a heart condition, making the job particularly risky for him. However, the madness of love made it difficult to dissuade him.

Why Did Great Dane Ditch The Operation?

Finally, the mission began as Barry and Luke covertly reached the Turkish cell. Barry successfully freed Dane from prison while remaining inside himself, while Luke took Dane to their plane. Luke explained the entire plan to Dane, promising him freedom and the opportunity to see his son for the first time if he could strike a deal with Boro regarding the MNR. Dane agreed, and everyone aboard the plane traveled to Greece, where Dane was scheduled to meet Boro. Back in the prison, Barry struggled to maintain his composure as he constantly heard the screams of the prisoners. When the jailor came to collect the food tray, Barry carefully pushed it underneath the door without raising suspicion. Tina was deeply impressed with Barry’s actions and decided to stay by his side, providing constant support.


In Greece, Boro began pressuring Dane to expedite their meeting, but a technical glitch delayed the completion of the trap to capture Boro. Luke grew increasingly concerned about what would happen to Barry if something went wrong with the mission. Emma led Dane to the washroom and returned shortly to discuss their plan for getting Barry out of prison. Luke reassured her that they would break their deal with Dane and return him to prison. However, it appeared that Dane had overheard their entire conversation and realized that he was not at all free because, after catching Boro, he would be sent back to prison once again.

When Luke went to call Dane back, he discovered that Dane had disappeared, having escaped through the window of the washroom, leaving a note on the mirror stating that the plan had been changed. With Dane’s sudden disappearance and Barry stuck in prison, the situation took a dire turn. Luke and Emma now faced the challenging task of rescuing Barry and ensuring that their trap for Boro would still be effective. Let’s find out what will transpire next in the upcoming episodes.


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