‘Fubar’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Did Boro Kidnap And Why?

Previously in Fubar, episode 2, in Guyana, Luke and Emma found themselves surrounded by Boro’s men but were rescued by their CIA colleagues in a helicopter. Back at their base, they were offered the opportunity to work together on the mission. The CIA learned that Boro was planning to rob a Maglev train carrying nuclear waste to create a nuclear weapon. Luke and Emma were tasked with boarding the train as ordinary passengers and stopping it. In the meantime, Emma also struggled with her relationship with her boyfriend, Carter, who desired an ordinary life while Emma prioritized her career. During their mission, assuming false identities, Luke and Emma got on the train and encountered suspicious individuals in their surroundings. They discovered a plot to evacuate the nuclear waste, and Luke inadvertently caused a potential catastrophe by cooling the train’s magnets too much. Let’s see whether Luke could prevent the disaster by stopping the train.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Luke And Emma Manage To Save The Train Passengers?

Fubar Episode 3 begins with the Maglev train getting detached from the chopper, but due to Luke and Barry’s reckless actions, the train’s extremely cold magnet fields cause it to become unstoppable. In order to slow down the train, Emma devised a plan to climb onto it and connect the nuclear waste extraction pipe to the train’s tanker, which would warm up the magnet field. Emma finally admitted to her father that she needed his help, and Luke gave her a chance to prove her worth. Using the magnetic vest provided by Pfeffer, Luke assisted Emma in attaching herself to the train’s roof. She successfully slowed down the train, ensuring the passengers’ safety.  Though Boro’s team failed to steal the nuclear waste entirely, he proved to be a formidable opponent for Luke and Emma. He had already acquired information about them through the British man named William, who was seen in Fubar episode 1 asking for Luke’s assistance to leave Guyana. Through William, Boro obtained a clue about Emma’s true identity, which would soon lead him to uncover their complete information.


Who Did Boro Kidnap And Why? Did Emma Obtain The Research Papers?

At that time, another severe situation emerged. One of the Moldovan applied physicists, Dr. Novak, who had recently authored a research paper on the extraction and augmentation of nuclear materials from nuclear waste, was kidnapped by Boro’s men. Boro had a scheme in mind to coerce Novak into assisting him in creating nuclear weapons. Despite Boro’s efforts, he couldn’t obtain the research papers because they were hidden in a government dormitory with no internet access. However, the CIA operatives had the plan to retrieve the information from the dormitory using an air hopper hidden in a famous game called Jam Slam. To execute the plan, someone from the dormitory needed to invite a CIA operative, who would then hack the dormitory’s security code and retrieve the papers. The only way this could happen was if Novak’s handler, Nika Stalinovich, who resided in the dorm, invited someone to her place. Therefore, one of the CIA team members needed to seduce Nika to persuade her to extend an invitation. The task was assigned to Aldon, the most handsome hunk on the team. However, their entire plan unraveled when Aldon discovered in the bar that the person they thought was Nika Stalinovich was actually Nik A. Stalinovich—a man. Despite the setback, the operation had to continue, and Emma made the decision to take matters into her own hands. Aldon helped Emma prepare for the seduction, and fortunately, Emma succeeded. After some drinks and pleasant conversation, Nik eventually invited Emma to his place. However, upon their arrival, their communication went offline. With Roo’s assistance, a bullet camera was discreetly installed near Nik’s place, providing Barry, Tina, and the others with video and audio surveillance of Nik’s bedroom and dining area. Throughout the operation, Luke remained concerned about his daughter, but he had faith that she would successfully accomplish the mission.

In the meantime, Emma opened the Jam Slam app on her phone, but it accidentally captured Nik’s attention. Nik enthusiastically played the game like a child, while Barry grew increasingly concerned about the danger it posed since the secret codes would be revealed and the game would automatically turn off within seconds. Meanwhile, Emma, who had just seduced a stranger and arrived at his place, began to question her actions, feeling guilty about potentially cheating on Carter. However, prompted by Barry’s insistence, she devised a plan to distract Nik from the phone. She undressed and enticed Nik into the bedroom, using her beauty to enchant him and divert his attention. Falling into the trap, Nik spent the night with Emma. She disconnected her communication devices and waited for Nik to fall into a deep sleep. Once he was completely asleep, she located the safe and cautiously opened it. With utmost care, she successfully retrieved Mr. Novak’s research paper. Emma reconnected her communication devices and informed her team that she had accomplished the mission. However, at that very moment, she heard the distinct sound of a gun being loaded. Turning around, she discovered Nik pointing a gun directly at her.


Final Words

There is no denying that Fubar is an engaging series that skillfully captivated the audience’s attention. However, as the story progressed, certain elements felt unnecessary for the plot. While the in-depth character development of Emma, her internal conflicts regarding her relationship with Carter, her ongoing struggle to accept her father in a new light, Luke’s constant concerns for his daughter, and his earnest attempts to salvage his relationship with his ex-wife added layers to the show, the series occasionally veered into the contrived and exaggerated territory. Despite this, there were still many aspects to appreciate about the series. The thrilling nature of the show and the unexpected twists and turns were enjoyable, even though some events felt daft and unnatural. Hopefully, the series will avoid rushing to conclude the story in a sloppy manner and maintain its quality.

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