‘Found’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Gabi Find Denea?

In the previous episode of Found season 1, Gabi and Trent became closer, but as Trent went against the chief inspector and brought her some confidential footage to find the missing person, Trent was suspended. Trent came over to Gabi’s place, but Sir, who understood Gabi had brought a man, began to feel jealous. In the latest episode of Found season 1, we see Gabi Moseley and her team deal with another missing person’s case. However, in this episode, it seems like Gabi Moseley is about to face some serious inquiry as Trent has been able to discover Sir’s location.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Gabi Find Denea?

In episode 7 of Found season 1, Gabi deals with another missing person’s case. This time it was a native American woman, Denea, who was pregnant. Denea’s grandmother was the one who reported the disappearance of her granddaughter, hiring Moseley’s team to find her out. She also informed Gabi that Denea could go into labor at any moment due to having her baby in a breech position. From the very beginning, the suspect list included Denea’s toxic and “White Devil” boyfriend, Charlie, who had recently cheated on his girlfriend. However, Charlie, who got into a car accident due to driving under the influence of alcohol, had to meet Gabi and her team in the hospital. After recovery, Charlie was brought into custody, where Trent’s investigative partner interrogated him, but they couldn’t find anything on Charlie, who might have been an unfaithful lover, but not a kidnapper. Charlie was ruled out of the suspect list.


Gabi talked to Denea’s friends and came to know Denea was planning to move back to the reservation in Virginia, where her entire family was staying. Gabi planned to travel to Virginia to talk to Denea’s family, but it was tough for Lacey to go there because, after their kidnapping, Sir brought them to Virginia and locked them up inside a cabin. However, upon arriving in Virginia, Gabi comforted Lacey and even visited the cabin, where they spent a big part of their lives in terror and pain.

In Virginia, things were not as peaceful as Gabi and Lacey thought they would be. Instead, the family members of Denea turned out to be controlling. Denea’s elder brother Kai, who was also a police officer, didn’t like Gabi and her team’s presence on their reservation. He constantly asked her to go back, as he believed he was capable enough to look for his sister. But their grandmother’s interference finally helped Gabi to continue her investigation. Meanwhile, Gabi came to know that Kai’s wife, Ada, who was a midwife, was the one who last saw Denea before her disappearance. This woman also told Gabi that Ada was responsible for killing a mother and her baby in the neighborhood during the delivery. Backed by this information, Gabi and Lacey decided to confront Ada, but upon the confrontation, they came to know that Ada was not evil. She might be the last person who saw Denea before her disappearance, but she didn’t do any harm to her or her child. She even made it clear that the woman from the neighborhood didn’t die because of her, but because she had severe eclampsia, causing her death. Gabi and Lacey apologized to Ada and Kai and resumed their investigation; however, during their investigation, Gabi thought of looking for Denea at the forest site. And surprisingly, she was found in the woods, but in serious condition. Denea was found unconscious with her baby cut out of her womb. As soon as Denea was rushed to the hospital, it was revealed that someone from a medical background had expertly delivered the baby, leaving Denea in the middle of the woods.


Margaret hurried to Denea’s doctor’s house, asking him to give her quality treatment, but as she reached there, she noticed that the doctor was in a hurry to leave his apartment. He had a pair of boots and a raincoat with mud on it. Margaret didn’t take long to conclude that it was the doctor who had kidnapped Denea and delivered her baby. Margaret entered his apartment and found the baby in his cupboard. As the doctor caught Margaret with the baby, he explained that he didn’t believe Denea was an ideal mother as never followed any of the instructions her doctor had given her. That’s why he believed that he could take the baby from Denea and raise him. Margaret swiftly informed the rest of the group about the doctor, and after a while, the team arrived there to back Margaret and arrest the doctor. Denea’s baby was brought back to her, while Gabi and her team felt happy to be able to save another life.

What Happened To Sir?

In this episode, the flashbacks showed how young Gabi had tried to escape the cabin in Virginia, but Sir had managed to capture her. She was brought back to the cabin, where Sir had locked her up with the chains. Gabi could remember those incidents pretty well, and thus she took revenge on Sir by locking him up with the chains in her basement.


Back to the present timeline, we saw Sir was furious to know that Trent was coming to meet Gabi and even staying at her place. However, it didn’t seem like Sir’s jealousy was stemming from his romantic feelings for Gabi.  It was more like a sense of losing his control and power over Gabi. Gabi, who constantly kept her watch over the CCTV footage inside her home, could see Sir’s every movement. But while she was busy looking for Denea in Virginia, she suddenly found Sir furiously looking at the camera until he broke it. Gabi was startled by the way she maintained her composure. After Denea was finally rescued and her baby was brought back to her, Gabi could take a breath of relief. As Zeke and Trent were independently investigating Sir’s location, they managed to find him wandering around Gabi’s house. In the very concluding moments of the 7th episode, we saw Trent inform Gabi that Sir was seen near her house. Gabi was shocked by this news and realized that this time great danger was looming over her neck. She had been hiding from everyone for so long that she was the one who had hidden Sir in her basement. Now she would have to face the truth, and her team members would also know about this. We will see an important development in the next episode that will determine the fate of Sir and Gabi.

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