‘Found’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To Trent?

Found episode 6 sheds light on the aftermath of Gabi being able to rescue Tony from the drug trafficking racket. In the previous episode, we learned about Gabi’s father, who lost his life a few months ago. Ever since Gabi lost her father, she hadn’t been able to spread his ashes; rather, she kept them to herself. As Trent accompanied her to a nearby lake where Gabi was supposed to spread her father’s ashes, she felt safe and comfortable in his company. In the latest episode of Found, we learned about Gabi’s relationship with her father and what the reason behind his death was.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Gabi Save David?

Found Episode 6 opened with Gabi sitting inside the hospital room where Tony had been admitted. An emergency call summoned everyone in the team to gather at their headquarters, where Gabi found an elderly woman who had come with a young guy. This elderly woman was a terminal patient who had come to file a missing report for her son, David. She was very reserved about David and seemingly didn’t want to divulge much, but it was clear that David was an addict who had gone to rehab multiple times. She told Gabi that ever since David had lost his little sister in childhood, he couldn’t cope with his grief and turned to substance abuse. Gabi realized how difficult it was for David’s mother to bear this tension at this moment in her life, so she promised her that she would find out about David by any means necessary. However, the young guy, Lucas, who accompanied David’s mother, later met with Gabi and dismissed her from the investigation. It came as a shock to Gabi, but she didn’t back off from her investigation.


Meanwhile, Dhan suspected that David might not really have been kidnapped and that he had just run away from the rehab. Gabi decided to pay a visit to David’s rehab to learn about the people working there and the atmosphere of the place. Dhan, Gabi, and Lacey entered the rehab by introducing Dhan to the rehab staff as an addict. Dhan said his name was Mike, which was the name of one of his close friends. Dhan and Gabi looked around, and finally, they met with the person who was operating the rehab center.

Meanwhile, David’s mother had strictly told Gabi that she didn’t want to involve the police in the investigation because David had a history of drug abuse and the police could arrest him. However, even though initially Gabi didn’t involve Trent, eventually she had to inform him as she needed his help. Meanwhile, Trent wanted to have a conversation with Gabi regarding their encounter near the lake, but Gabi didn’t consider it to be the right time to talk about their feelings. She was completely focused on finding David, even though Lucas had fired her.


Gabi was suspicious about the rehab center, where she thought David might have been kept by the rehab operator, but that was not the case. From Trent, she managed to get an old pen drive that contained David’s interrogation by the police. When David was a teenage guy, he was arrested by the police for drug abuse, so in his interrogation, when he was talking about his addiction, Lucas was seen right behind him pressing David’s shoulder with his one hand. Initially, Gabi thought Lucas was probably comforting him, but it was quite the opposite. Gabi consulted the matter with Sir and came to the conclusion that it was Lucas who was pushing David further into the darkness of addiction so that after killing him, he could acquire David’s insurance money. Gabi and her team barged into Lucas’s house and found David there, sitting on a couch, almost passed out. As Gabi forcefully entered his house, Lucas called the police, but his plan backfired as Gabi revealed his true face in front of the police. She revealed that Lucas was the one who was gradually killing David by drugging him. Lucas confirmed that Gabi was right and also revealed that, it was Lucas who pushed his sister from the stairs, causing her death. Even though Lucas denied all the claims, he was arrested by the police, and Gabi brought David back to his mother.

What Happened To Trent?

Gabi took the case of David’s disappearance very personally. When she was kidnapped by Sir, her father turned to alcoholism, which gradually damaged his health and ultimately caused his death. However, when Gabi was kidnapped, Sir always tried to brainwash her by claiming himself to be the ideal guardian of Gabi, as he believed her real father had never tried to look for her. At times, Gabi trusted Sir’s words, but deep inside her heart, she knew that her father was also missing her. One night, when Sir brought a picture of her father boozing at a pub, Gabi noticed something else in the picture. She found her father wearing gloves, which had probably belonged to Gabi. She could understand that her father was not just drinking; he was missing his daughter. Gabi was relieved and thanked Sir for giving her the hope that her father was still missing her, even though he was helpless to find her out.


Back in the present, Margaret continued searching for her missing son, Jamie. Meanwhile, Lacey realized that Gabi, who was hiding something from her, was acting very strangely. Lacey thought it might be the grief that Gabi was dealing with, but understandably, it was more than just grief. She asked Gabi if she was keeping something from them, to which Gabi replied that she wasn’t. She expresses love and care for Lacey and the other team members.

Gabi returned home and sat down to contemplate what she could do about her kidnapper locked in the basement. She was dealing with her internal conflicts as she started to wonder if it was the right thing to treat Sir the same way he once treated her or if she should just hand him over to the authorities. Meanwhile, as Gabi remembered to check on Tony, she opened the door and found Trent at her doorstep. Trent had come to talk to her as he had been suspended from the police by chief investigator Mallory. As Trent had sneakily given Gabi the pen drive containing David’s interrogation, he was fired from his job. At this moment, Trent could only find solace in Gabi’s company, so Gabi let him in and tried to give him comfort. However, in the basement, Sir could hear almost everything, and it seemed like he didn’t like that Gabi was letting someone in her house late at night. In the upcoming episodes, we’ll probably get to see the budding chemistry between Gabi and Trent.


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