‘Found’ Ending Explained & Finale Episode 13 Recap: How Did Gabi Rescue Dashika?

In the previous episode of Found, season 1, we saw Gabi getting kidnapped by a couple who also held two other girls captive. As Dhan came to know about Sir being locked up in the basement of Gabi’s house, he rushed back to him to get his help in finding Gabi. Sir became restless upon knowing that Gabi had been kidnapped, but Dhan managed to lock him up again. Fortunately, Gabi was back safe and alive, but in the season finale of Found, she made the startling discovery that Sir had run away from her basement. Gabi and Dhan were shocked and confused as to where he might have gone, but in the meantime, they got an anonymous tip about a missing girl named Dashika Jones, who was kidnapped in the first episode of this season.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Gabi Rescue Dashika?

The episode opened with Gabi finally trying to confide in Trent, but she couldn’t go through with  it as she thought she should talk to her team first. Gabi came back home and was shaken to the core when she found her basement door open with some bloody handprints on the wall. She went downstairs and found that Sir had escaped the place. Gabi quickly called Dhan, who agreed to help her in every way possible, but in the meantime, Lacey called Gabi, letting her know that the 11-year-old girl, Dashika, who had been kidnapped, was spotted near a railway platform. An anonymous tipster had managed to get CCTV footage of the girl and left her photo in the M&A office. Gabi couldn’t focus on Sir any longer, as she believed she would have to find Dashika and bring her to her home safe and alive. Soon, the investigation started, keeping all the tension surrounding Sir aside. Gabi talked to Dashika’s grandparents, who told them that Dashika was physically abused by her parents multiple times. Dashika’s grandmother’s first suspicion fell upon her son-in-law, Kareem, so Gabi brought Kareem and his wife to M&A’s office for interrogation.


Kareem denied having beaten his daughter ever in his life, but Gabi didn’t initially trust him until she found that it wasn’t Kareem but his second wife, who used to beat the little girl up. Dashika’s stepmother believed it was discipline, not abuse, but according to the law, Gabi found her a criminal, so she quickly made arrangements to get the stepmother arrested for child abuse.

Gabi was still confused regarding Dashika’s whereabouts, so she connected the dots, which led her to discover that Dashika was taken by none other than her grandmother, who wanted to protect the child from her abusive parents. Gabi confronted Dashika’s grandmother and sympathized with her pain, but she also told her that kidnapping is a criminal offense no matter what the reason is. Dashika was finally found in her grandparents’ house, which gave Gabi a sense of relief, but she was still far from finding out where Sir was.


What Happened To Sir?

After escaping Gabi’s place, Sir went to the nearby railway station and managed to spot Dashika in the CCTV footage. Sir knew Dashika’s case was important to Gabi, so he quickly sent a photo of Dashika to M&A’s office. But Sir had also removed the rest of the CCTV footage from the camera, which suggested that Sir didn’t try to depart but that he was trying to mislead Gabi. Gabi realized that Sir was on the run again, and he might be thinking of bringing harm to her colleagues, especially Lacey. Gabi initially covered up the truth behind her kidnapping of Sir and told everyone on her team that Sir had been spotted nearby, so she wanted Lacey to be extra cautious this time.

The episode showed us some flashbacks of Gabi’s life when she was in school, and Sir was her literature teacher. Gabi had always been a brilliant student who won Sir’s heart by answering every question and proving how studious she was. But during this time, when a classmate named Kyle bullied her for being smart and the teacher’s pet, it caught Sir’s attention. Sir made sure that Kyle would suffer for harassing Gabi, so he poisoned Kyle’s lunch to make him sick. Gabi found it weird, but she didn’t give it much thought. Even though Kyle was a bully, Gabi prayed for his recovery.


Did Gabi Tell Her Team About The Kidnapping?

In the concluding scenes of Found season 1 episode 13, Gabi finally made up her mind to come clean about her questionable activity regarding Sir. She couldn’t take this burden of lies any longer, as it grew heavier each day. Therefore, to finally come face-to-face with the fact that she had messed up big time, she thought of confronting everyone in her team to confess her wrongdoing. As she confessed to kidnapping Sir and keeping him in her basement for several years, everyone including Lacey was shaken to the core. Especially, Lacey had blindly put her faith in Gabi only to learn that she had been playing the role of a kidnapper all along. Neither Lacey nor Margaret could even think about talking to Gabi, so they walked away, leaving Gabi all alone. Gabi knew that she’d have to face something like that, but it still caused her a great deal of pain.

In the very concluding moment of the Found season finale, we saw Lacey coming back to her house, terrified and heartbroken. She was extremely terrified of the fact that Sir was on the loose and that he could try to attack her at any time. Meanwhile, Lacey received a call from a vet hospital, informing her that her pet dog had been poisoned. On the other hand, Gabi was back at her home, where she found her kitchen cupboard open with a bloody fingerprint on the cupboard door. She found her rat-killing poison missing, which put her in grave concern. The episode concluded with Sir hiding inside Lacey’s apartment, trying to find an opportunity to attack her. Season 1 of “Found” ended with the possibility that Sir might attack Lacey or other team members of M&A, but we didn’t get any proper answer to that. In the upcoming season of Found, which has already been confirmed by the showrunners, we can anticipate that Gabi will finally get a hold of Sir and bring him to justice while also surrendering herself because of the past mistake she had made.


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