‘Found’ Episode 12 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Gabi Find Estrella?

After a long hiatus, Found season 1 has come back with another episode, where Gabi finally faced her inner demons and confided in her most trusted friend, Dhan, about the grave mistake she had made in her life. In the previous episode of Found, season 1, we saw Gabi was almost ready to confess her crime and turn Sir in, but she couldn’t muster up the courage to do it. In the latest episode of Found, we saw her finally making a decision and calling Dhan to admit her mistake; however, in this episode, we learned more about Dhan and how he unknowingly got involved in Gabi kidnapping Sir.


Spoilers Ahead

How Had Dhan Helped Gabi Find Sir?

Gabi urgently called Dhan to her place and showed him the doorway to the basement. Dhan couldn’t even imagine what he might get to see there, so as he went downstairs and found Sir hiding behind a wall, it startled Dhan. The reason Gabi chose to call Dhan over anyone else was Dhan’s involvement in Gabi being able to locate Sir in the first place. It was Dhan whom Gabi approached first after her father passed away. Dhan managed to locate Sir and handed him over to Gabrielle; however, he never asked her what she’d decided to do with him. Dhan had always maintained secrecy about Sir’s existence in order to give Gabi the freedom of her choice, but he could have never imagined that Gabi would end up kidnapping him. Dhan was tremendously upset and mad at Gabi, so he didn’t even talk to her the entire day. Margaret and Lacey could understand that these two had had some sort of argument between them, but they didn’t try to poke them.


Who Kidnapped Gabi?

Meanwhile, Zeke found a kidnapping victim named Aisha running for her life when she ended up at his doorstep asking for help. Gabi and Dhan were soon summoned to Zeke’s house, where they tried to talk to Aisha, but Aisha had been drugged by her captor, rendering her unconscious. As Aisha woke up in the hospital and described her kidnapping, she said that two lizards had captured her, one with hairy arms and the other with claws. Not only that, but she also told Gabi that her other two friends, Nova and Estrella had also been kidnapped by those lizards. Gabi completely trusted Aisha, realizing that she was saying such things for some reason. So she initially contacted Aisha’s therapist and found that Aisha was delusional. Soon, Margaret checked Aisha’s belongings and found several costumes and masks of some characters from a book called “Night Jupiter.” This book also had some characters named Nova and Estrella, which suggested that Aisha might not be telling the truth. But the more Gabi and her team dug deeper and read the book, they realized that this book had mentioned a flower field called Celestial, where they should investigate. Upon reaching there, Gabi found one of the kidnapping victims’ dead bodies in that field, which further devastated and agitated Gabi, who held a press conference and openly threatened the kidnapper, saying they’d get him alive or dead.

The book had a huge fandom, and sometimes the fans of this literature gathered to throw a costume party at a place. Finding out about that, Gabi and her team arrived at the party, hoping to catch the kidnapper red-handed, but when Gabi got accidentally separated from her team, the kidnapper knocked her out and kidnapped her.


How Did Gabi Find Estrella?

After Gabi’s kidnapping, her entire team began to worry over her safety. Dhan, who held grudges against her, thought of the only option left to save his friend. He went straight up to Sir and informed him of Gabi’s kidnapping. Sir was extremely infuriated and anxious to know if Gabi was alright, but Dhan asked him to solve the case and leave the rest up to their team. As Sir looked into the matter and concluded that the kidnappers were a couple, as Aisha had described earlier, something clicked in Dhan’s mind, and without wasting much time, he ran towards the building to disclose to his teammates that the kidnapper was none other than Aisha’s therapist. Aisha’s therapist was the wife of a former convicted rapist who had previously served his sentence. This time, this couple was targeting black women and trying to kill them, but Gabi’s team wouldn’t let that happen.

Meanwhile, Gabi woke up inside a locked chamber and found Estrella, another captive of the kidnappers. The kidnapper woman, the therapist, tried to play the victim, but Gabi saw right through her. Gabi and Estrella tried to escape from their clutches, but the therapist’s husband reached there in time to capture them. However, at that precise moment, Gabi’s team appeared there with their guns pointing at the kidnapper couple. Gabi was safely rescued, and so was Estrella. Estrella reunited with Aisha in the hospital, while Dhan also reconnected with Gabi.


What Decision Did Gabi Make?

Dhan decided not to criticize Gabi’s choice because she might have made a big mistake by allowing Sir into her life once again, but whenever Gabi had reached out to Sir, asking for help, she had been driven by her desperation to save a helpless person’s life. Dhan and Gabi spent quality time together, and while Gabi apologized for her mistakes, Dhan expressed his concern for her. Gabi described how Sir had lured her into his place with the excuse of showing her books and locked her up. Gabi explained that she desperately wanted to fix that particular time in her life, which kept haunting her even in the present, so she decided to move past those traumas and go ahead. Gabi had made up her mind that she’d turn herself in the morning and confess her guilt to Trent. Dhan reminded her that she’d probably need to pay a big price for her decision, but Gabi didn’t want to back off. She knew what she was going to do, and she did it anyway. As Found season 1 is nearing its end, we may anticipate something big is going to happen in both Gabi and Sir’s lives.

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