What Is ‘The Womb’ In The Series ‘Exception’? How Did It Negatively Impact Lewis’ Development?

Adapted from the original context of Hirotaka Adachi, “Exception” is a 2022 science fiction series on Netflix that revolves around the space crew members who are currently adopting new ways to terraform humans to a different planet. Well, the whole crew was created through a 3D printer called “The Womb.” Eventually, they were all humans, but throughout the whole space travel, they were recreated and assigned a mission to promote functionality on Planet X-10. The show introduced us to the characters of Nina, Mack, Oscar, Patty, and Lewis. The first few days of their creation were quite experimental as their taste buds, memory, and other sensory organs were working efficiently. The biological printer certainly worked beyond its capability as it created a new life form itself. With everybody ready to work on board, the crew members were specifically waiting for the arrival of Lewis, who was amidst the printing process. Both Mack and Nina are sure that their bodies and memories have changed significantly. Meanwhile, it’s been over a week since the whole team left Earth. They were granted special permission to be printed by The Womb. Since all the other human beings will be moved to another planet, their bodies are terraforming through a migrant vessel in cryosleep. Moreover, The Womb specializes in creating human forms through pre-existing DNA and memory samples.

Their travel was interrupted by a solar electromagnetic wave, and even though most of the parts were protected, the flare posed negative effects on Lewis’ printing process. While they inspected for damage, the crew members couldn’t spot anything that would risk their lives. But the flare turned Lewis into a monstrous creature. After multiple guesses, the crew mutually decided to eliminate him and create another Lewis with his pre-existing biological data. Lewis’ presence was necessary for their mission since he was responsible for the development of the atmospheric transformer on Planet X-10. Nina decided to inject him with three different sedatives that would gradually relax his muscles and stop his heart. This was one of the most humane processes that would keep him from pain. But Lewis’ monstrous form is powerful, so he violently reacts to the injection.

In the process, Nina is attacked by Lewis, and he immediately eradicates her. Despite all her efforts, Nina couldn’t sedate him with the medication. Her body was disposed of to create a new printed version, and amidst all this chaos, Oscar and Mack searched the whole ship to find Lewis. Once Nina was recreated by The Womb, she informed her authorities about Lewis’ violent transformation as the solar flare has affected his thought processes. Well, this is heavily affecting his ability to make out the difference between right and wrong. Meanwhile, Mack and Oscar took turns figuring out his hiding place inside the ship, and to his surprise, Lewis provided signals to the whole team through small messages like “Help.” Upon discovering this, the team realized that Lewis was fluent in his language. This revelation played a very important role in Lewis’ life since he proved that his monstrous side didn’t overbear his human form. 

So it was pretty clear that the deformed Lewis was still a human inside. But the team was still skeptical about leaving him alive since he posed a huge threat to their existence and the mission. So without any further delay, the team went on with the creation of a new Lewis, and this time The Womb didn’t make a mistake with its creation. Lewis’ scans indicated that the printing process was normal at the beginning, but the radiation impacted the growth of his brain. Lewis began stealing food and destroying everything around him. In this process, he encountered the four and attacked them, but Patty had other plans. She confidently faced him and showed him a butterfly locket that reminded him of his memories with Kate, and this revealed that a part of Lewis was still human. Well, as the show proceeds, the whole scenario revolves around Oscar and Lewis, and he saved Oscar’s life as he lost his balance while fixing the filter at the sewage treatment area.

Oscar fell with multiple injuries, but he was treated by Lewis. He also helped him to get back to the central area of the ship and negotiated his thoughts through text messages. Oscar wanted to negotiate with his crew members about Lewis’ change. But the moment he got back, he spotted the new Lewis. Meanwhile, Oscar helped him with food supplies and equipment that were necessary for his health. The new Lewis had several suggestions about the monstrous one, and according to him, he is targeting the cocoon to stay safe for the next hundred years. Moreover, the crew members even spotted blood stains on the interior wall of the cocoon. Lewis suggested that his monstrous self might be creating a new cocoon to hide in, and it was the truth, which he had informed  Oscar. Meanwhile, Oscar was trying his best to convince the team to negotiate, but they wanted to eliminate the deformed Lewis.

Oscar and Lewis staged a plan to secure the cooling core from Area D. So, to make it successful, he pretended to be hurt, but Lewis fooled him and stole the RA bomb. This bomb was essential for the team to generate greenhouse gases on Planet X-10. The reason for stealing this bomb was pretty simple; the misprinted Lewis wanted to survive, and this bomb would guarantee his survival. The crew members cannot kill him since the bomb can destroy the whole ship. Even though both Lewis had the same bodies and past, their personalities differed from each other. The story takes a different turn when it is revealed that the misprinted Lewis didn’t steal the RA bomb. There’s a traitor on board; someone else stole it, and the entire blame was pinned on Lewis. The Womb played a very important role in the entire development of the human race. Lewis’ misprint might change history and the future. Since one of the crew members is a traitor, the future of terraforming is in dangerous hands!

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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