Who Stole The ‘RA Bomb’ In The Series ‘Exception’? What Happened With The Misprinted Lewis?

Humanity has adversely changed over the years, and new developments have made it easier to determine the aftermath of technology and other significant changes. “Exception” on Netflix is a science fiction series that highlights the development of the human race through various scientific techniques. Humans are currently looking for ways to survive on other planets, and in this series, we are introduced to experts who are chosen to promote life on Planet X-10. Even though their bodies are currently migrating in cryosleep, they’ve created their printed versions through ‘The Womb.’ It generates a new human being with DNA samples and a memory of the original body. But, a solar flare impacts the ship, with its radiation affecting the development of Lewis. He is responsible for balancing the atmospheric pressure on Planet X-10. Moreover, this misprint creates huge havoc for the crew members since Lewis’ arrival from ‘The Womb’ can affect the mission. Lewis tried his best to convince the team of his innocence, but they wanted to eradicate him since his mind was deformed. But Lewis contacted Oscar and was able to gain his attention through his negotiating skills. Oscar helped him to get food and other elements, but Lewis needed the cooling core to create his cocoon to survive the next hundred years without any threat.


Oscar and Lewis secretly entered Area D to steal the cooling core, but to their surprise, the RA bomb was missing. This bomb played a very important role in their mission, as it would regenerate green gases and stop the production of extra carbon dioxide on the planet. But Lewis was blamed for the entire thing. In reality, the bomb was already missing before his arrival. But none of the crew members trusted him. Oscar lost his cool and wanted to end Lewis’ life, but the team created a new Lewis and, with his help, the misprint conveyed his thoughts and realized that the ship had a traitor. Lewis and the misprint locked all the other crew members in a room to find out more information on the RA bomb. This bomb is a significant link between life and death. The new Lewis gets into a fight with the misprinted one, and together they remember their promise to Kate. She is Lewis’ lover, and he promises to complete the mission and get her back from the dead.

At that instant, the new Lewis was sure about his innocence, and now they wanted to complete the mission to see Kate again. Well, Kate passed away a long time ago, and in reality, recreation is not allowed for the ones who were already dead. But this time, the authorities were willing to make an exception as the completion of this mission would permit them special permission to recreate their loved ones. Kate’s biomaterial and memories were already backed up, and this was his only chance to get back the love of his life. The oldest footage is from 15 minutes before the solar flare happened, and now it is clear that the traitor stole the bomb before the flare. The whole footage was deleted to create confusion, and the sudden solar radiation generated more problems in the search. The traitor accessed the communication logs to control the drones as someone sent special commands to stop their functioning.


The shutdown drones might be carrying the bomb, and the planetary development authority account was used to communicate with the drones. The CCTV cameras in the central control room revealed that Mack was the real perpetrator. All the other members were locked inside the room to prevent any further damage. But Mack escaped the room somehow and got into a fight with the misprinted Lewis. But Mack just deleted the data that contained harmful level four organisms that could affect the growth of Planet X-10. To prove his innocence, Mack asked Nina to reprint him again so that both the Lewises could glance through his memories. Well, Mack was truly innocent, and his memories matched his statements too! On the other hand, Oscar and Nina staged a fight to attack the misprinted Lewis, and this helped them escape the room. Suddenly, a change of character in Patty’s behavior created massive confusion among the three crew members. Patty planted the RA bomb in the atmospheric layer of Planet X-10, and she made it possible through her reprint. Patty created her print again and kept it hidden in the research laboratory.

Why Did Patty Steal The RA Bomb?

The misprint Lewis and Mack figured out her camouflage techniques. She had used a hologram to hide another “womb” that was present in the lab. Patty had the irises of all the crew members, and she used them to deploy the Atmospheric Transformer with the RA bomb attached to it. The smaller womb was created by the Alternative Intelligence crew. Even though the results lacked accuracy, they printed steadily. Patty wanted to make sure that the terraforming mission failed as the planetary development agency was hiding the fact that Planet X-10 had living organisms on it, and terraforming the planet would exterminate all of them. Patty needed Lewis’ code to complete the final deployment as he is the engineer responsible for the creation of the atmospheric transformer. Moreover, convincing Lewis wasn’t so difficult since he wanted to save Kate’s biomaterial and, with the explosion, all the data would be erased. After a successful deployment, Oscar decided to join Patty to gain credit for the discovery. On the other hand, Mack and Lewis made plans to enter the transformer to disarm the bomb.


Nina managed to fool Patty and Oscar into getting a hold of Mack’s transmitter. Lewis and Mack used one of the terrain drones to enter the transformer. But Patty camouflaged the bomb, and even after several attempts, Mack couldn’t spot the bomb. Meanwhile, Patty also revealed that Lewis’ misprint was her fault as she collected Lewis’ biomaterial information through his tank. Normally, the outer film protects the biomaterial tanks from solar radiation, but because of her actions, the tank was exposed. This affected his genetic information and damaged the other side of his body, causing mutations. Nina, Mack, and Lewis were able to track the original location of the bomb, which was hidden under the beanstalk plant. After a long fight between Patty and the other crew members, they dragged the bomb away from the transformer’s range. Lewis tied her to the bomb, and Patty lost her life in the explosion. The new Lewis, Mack, and Oscar lost their lives in the bombing.

But the explosion negatively affected the misprint of Lewis, and his cells began destabilizing. Nina was the only person left on the planet, and now she had to complete the mission. Nina used the beanstalk roots to establish a connection with the atmospheric transformer. Nina couldn’t reprint all the other members since the biomaterial tanks were damaged, and all the data was wiped. Soon, she discovered organisms on the soil sample, but it prohibited the growth of all the pre-existing life forms on the planet. Once humans colonize Planet X-10, even the existing life forms will go extinct. Since their arrival will change the entire bio-composition of the planet, Nina spent years and turned the whole planet into a comfortable place. Before dying, Nina reprinted Kate and fulfilled her promise to Lewis. The series ends with a warm reuniting moment between Lewis and Kate, and this time Lewis wasn’t reprinted. All human beings have reached the planet, and Kate was accompanied by the original Lewis!


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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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