‘Destined With You’ Episode 16 Recap & Ending Explained: Do Hong-Jo And Shin-Yu Get Their Happy Ending?

Netflix’s South Korean fantasy drama, Destined With You, has finally ended, and we’re happier than we expected. A lot about this show was quite frustrating, and at first, it started off really strong, making us super excited to watch it. Past the sixth episode, what seemed to be working for the show somehow evaporated. A lot of it is based on the cringy bits of a budding romance. Boring old-school plot lines, some very old-fashioned plot devices, and the whole past life situation just made this show kind of boring. It’s a shame because it boasts of a fantastic cast. The show’s conclusion is satisfactory, but the entire thing becomes quite forgettable at this point. Anyway, let’s jump into the finale of Destined With You


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Finale Episode?

Somehow, like a genius, it is Hong-Jo who has decided to willingly go with Jung-Beom to the mountain without any security. Her plan is to catch him red-handed because the old man told her Jung-Beom’s full plan in detail. Instead of telling Shin-Yu what was up, she thought she’d be able to get out of there alive on her own with no help. It’s also really silly that she didn’t just get the old man to track her or Shin-Yu; even with some kind of app, we’ve seen a dozen of these in other K-dramas. Anyway, Jung-Beom’s big plan is to marry their souls together, so they become destined to be together for all their next lives. She wakes up in front of him, showing him that she’s capable of taking care of herself. He tells her this is good; now she can help with his plan, telling her to change into the bridal white dress he’s arranged for her. She tells him to look away, and he tells her that’s too obvious a way of saying, “I’m going to run away.” He’s about to unbutton her shirt when she sprays some pepper spray into his eyes and actually runs away. He somehow follows her, and she drops her jacket on purpose for him to find it, grabbing a stick to hit him in the head. The plan fails, and she doesn’t hit him hard enough, making him turn around and fight her back. Obviously, she’s unable to defeat him, and now she’s unconscious for real. It’s the night of the red moon, and Jung-Beom is waiting for the moon to show itself to bond them together forever.


Shin-Yu and the police find the shrine in the mountain, but it’s too late to find Hong-Jo. Elsewhere, Jung-Beom has tied Hong-Jo and his fingers together with the “red rope of faith,” marking their bond. In a Romeo and Juliet moment, he wants to feed her poison and then die himself after marrying their souls together (this can’t get any worse). He has to sever the thread when the police show up, but Hong-Jo has already ingested the poison and had a vision of Mu-Jin and Aeng-Cho’s tragic love story. It seems that in this life, too, they won’t be happy. Jung-Beom gets convicted, and Shin-Yu rushes Hong-Jo to the hospital, where he’s crying profusely. She survives (obviously), and Shin-Yu is relieved. His parents arrive, and his father is even more against the relationship now. But Shin-Yu talks about the dream Eun-Wol had, leaving not only his parents but Hong-Jo shocked, too. Hong-Jo promises that their future lives will be uneventful, and nobody can love Shin-Yu as much as she can, except his parents.

Na-Yeon’s ex-boyfriend from school, the one who forced himself on Hong-Jo for Na-Yeon, posts a video of the conversation from that night in the restaurant, showing everyone Na-Yeon’s true colors. A huge school bullying scandal comes alive for the Onju city mayor’s daughter. He’s already stressed, and that’s when Shin-Yu resigns, too. Jae-Gyeong talks to Shin-Yu and tells him that he needs him to be his lawyer. Now we finally know that he’s going to stand up against the mayor and Haum, with evidence of the bribe, etc.


There’s finally a wedding in the show, but it’s not the main couple; it’s Gong Seo-Goo and Manager Ma, who get married, and everyone is overjoyed. Shin-Yu and Hong-Jo spend a lot of time together as a sweet couple, and Shin-Yu seems to be relaxed for the first time in all of Destined With You. He’s completely healed now that the curse has been lifted, like a miracle. On the other hand, his father is trying really hard to support his mother’s return to acting and showing her love.

Do Hong-Jo And Shin-Yu Get Their Happy Ending?

Jae-Gyeong finally moves out of the house below Hong-Jo after becoming a whistleblower. It was definitely a proud moment for him. He tells Hong-Jo that if Shin-Yu doesn’t propose in the next six months, she should call him(sure, mate, reject her, and then pine after her when she has someone). His new replacement is Shin-Yu, who purchases the house so he can be close to Hong-Jo and she can be happy in this place for a long time. His parents visit Eun-Wol, and they have a civil conversation for once. It turns out that the person who is pregnant is not Hong-Jo but Shin-Yu’s mother (why this extra plot twist, no idea). She forgave his father way too easily, if you ask us. A little while later, Shin-Yu actually proposes to Hong-Jo on the beach, a fitting way to do it since that’s where they realized they were destined to be together.


During Destined With You‘s ending, the couple buries the box of spells once again because they’ve fulfilled their destiny and got together once and for all. They’re also happy and don’t need spells anymore, you know? Cut to a few months later, and they’re frolicking in a field and it’s their happily ever after! In an epilogue, we realize it was Mu-Jin who buried the box to make sure he and Aeng-Cho would meet again in their next lives.

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