‘Destined With You’ Episodes 5 And 6 Recap And Ending, Explained: What Does Shin-Yu Confess To Hong-Jo?

2023 has brought a rekindling for K-drama lovers. Some of the shows we’ve got this year are very similar to those that came out back in 2013, but on the other hand, we also have some amazing new stuff that doesn’t fit any molds, but still impresses. Business Proposal, My Liberation Notes, King The Land, and Revenant are just a few of the many hit shows to come out this year, all easily available on OTT platforms. We were missing a modern fantasy on our list, though, and Destined With You is surely destined to take up that spot. At the end of Episode 4, Shin-Yu realized that the shaman told Hong-Jo that the two of them were destined for each other and their ties would never be severed. Will they accept this destiny easily?


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 5?

Shin-Yu spends the day with Hong-Jo, after he follows her all the way to the beach, where she pays her respects to her father on his death anniversary. He joins her for a meal and even pretends to be talking to her father in a show of kindness. Hong-Jo feels comforted by his gestures. Shin-Yu doesn’t drink, but Hong-Jo has too much alcohol and ends up revealing how her father died to Shin-Yu, even though she previously said she doesn’t share personal things with people she barely knows. Hong-Jo’s father died in the river while trying to save two kids and never returned. Hong-Jo couldn’t even find his body, and so the shaman told her, her father was in the sea and not the river. They return home together, and Shin-Yu still feels extremely drawn to Hong-Jo.


At work, Hong-Jo has to clean up chicken blood from the boards at the park because some person has vandelized them as an act of rebellion. On the other hand, Na-Yeon asks Shin-Yu to marry her because she knows about his sickness, and it doesn’t matter to her. Shin-Yu reluctantly agrees, and their families meet. Na-Yeon seems overjoyed, but Shin-Yu looks quite unhappy. Hong-Jo spends time with the shaman alone and returns to her with the promised soju. Considering she’s always alone and doesn’t have any friends, Hong-Jo might feel like the Shaman is like a friend to her. She is also a very kind person in general, and doing things for other people brings her joy.

At night, Shin-Yu and Na-Yeon have some alone time and visit an ancient palace, a popular date spot. There, Shin-Yu gets distracted by a call from his mother, which leads him away from Na-Yeon. He then sees Hong-Jo, dressed in a traditional Korean Han-Bok, and he follows her because she’s running while covering her head. He reaches the center of the palace grounds and realizes Hong-Jo was never there. To check and make sure, he visits her at home and asks, if she is actually there. Hong-Jo reacts as though he’s asked a crazy question. Shin-Yu deduces that he’s having hallucinations, and why would he, who has a goddess like Na-Yeon, be interested in Hong-Jo, if it wasn’t for the spell? This truly hurts Hong-Jo’s feelings, but she pretends like she’s alright. Hong-Jo plants some flowers and plants in the garden of her house, but Jae-Gyeong shows up earlier than expected. She says, he can pretend it’s a housewarming present from her to him. Jae-Gyeong then invites her over for a meal to celebrate his housewarming. Here, we realize that the two of them actually don’t have very compatible personalities, no matter how hard Hong-Jo tries. Jae-Gyeong’s jokes are dull, and she doesn’t really get them, but she tells him to stop trying to be funny because they’ll be fine without that, too. She’s happy to see that he has a clumsy personality, too, but is that enough for them to be together?


Hong-Jo finds herself looking forward to Shin-Yu’s calls because he’s been calling her on a daily basis. She feels like she actually has someone who cares for her. Shin-Yu, on the other hand, in a daze, decides to drink alcohol for the first time, and a lot of it. He drinks whiskey neat and ends up in front of Hong-Jo’s house. Jae-Gyeong shows up and calls out Shin-Yu for two-timing Na-Yeon. He tells him to stop this behavior and not visit women drunk at night (ok, sir, who made you the police of two timing?). Hong-Jo resolves the argument and tells Shin-Yu, she’ll drop him home. They stop over at the park, and Shin-Yu tries to kiss Hong-Jo in his drunken state. When she returns home, she finds a basket of red roses waiting for her and assumes they’re from Jae-Gyeong.

What Happens In Episode 6?

Shin-Yu wakes up with a hangover and no memory of the previous night’s drunken escapades. He asks Hong-Jo about his whereabouts of the previous night, but she doesn’t give him any real information. At work, Hong-Jo continues to get calls from a particular drunken customer, who has made it very difficult for the civil servants, especially with his cusses words. Amidst that chaos, Na-Yeon comes to see her and asks for her forgiveness because she’s now found out about Hong-Jo’s father’s death. Hong-Jo accepts the apology and manages pleasantries until Shin-Yu shows up, and Na-Yeon calls him her fiancé. Hong-Jo leaves them be, and Jae-Gyeong finds her eating a convenience store lunch all by herself. He joins her, even though he’s had lunch already, and she feels extremely flattered. Later, her manager gets attacked by the drunken man, who keeps calling them, and Hong-Jo’s senior (who she doesn’t get along with) saves the manager. He actually really cares for the manager, but she doesn’t reciprocate those feelings. Hong-Jo also tried to intervene, but he ended up saving them both from a big disaster.


Shin-Yu’s work is going fabulously, and he doesn’t even have to go to court for the settlement with Hyun-Seo, the guy he used to defend during his time at the old firm. Hyun-Seo is smart enough to pay up, knowing that Shin-Yu would not lose in any way. In a flashback, Hong-Jo remembers that Shin-Yu fell asleep trying to kiss her, and then she had to drag him out of the park. After taking him home, Shin-Yu said something really emotional to Hong-Jo. He explains the kind of feelings he has for her and calls them love, not a lover’s spell. Hong-Jo is shaken, but she ignores him anyway.

On the day of the full moon, they try to cast a spell that fixes disasters and get interrupted by a person looking for their dog. In the shenanigans, Shin-Yu gets to protectively hug Hong-Jo and gets very excited. Afterward, they do the spell, and Shin-Yu is supposed to keep a piece of paper with him for 100 days.


Does The Spell Work?

The next day, Shin-Yu wakes Hong-Jo from her Slumber to tell her that he didn’t think of her all night. He says, everything is good, and the spell must’ve worked. Hong-Jo feels overjoyed and skips on her way to work. Jae-Gyeong meets her and even takes her to work in his car. She gets off early, so no one in the office sees them together, but is splashed by water on the street thanks to Shin-Yu’s car. The man who helped Hong-Jo with the road landscaping, shows up with a bunch of flowers for her. He admits, he got her roses because it would’ve been a waste to throw out unsold flowers. Hong-Jo says he shouldn’t have sent her roses. Hong-Jo asks the older man, if he had any of the water in her bottle, when he found it. He says yes, and now everything adds up. He wants to have a meal with Hong-Jo, but she clearly refuses. She makes the excuse of having a different appointment, and right then, Shin-Yu shows up to save her. He drives her a little bit away from work and then asks her to get out. But he can’t hold a stern face for long and tells her, the spell didn’t work and she should stay, because he wants to drop her home. He says, the spell will probably take effect after 10 years. But he checks inside the little piece of paper he has and realizes a big blunder.

Again, Shin-Yu waits for Hong-Jo in front of her house, and she’s tired of seeing his face. He tells her that this is all her fault, and now he’ll be chasing after her for the rest of his life. Hong-Jo doesn’t understand until he shows her the paper with the wrong character painted on it. Hong-Jo says, she was nervous because he was staring at her so much and probably made a mistake. She also tells him, that he confused her by drunkenly telling her, he loved her. As Shin-Yu gets excited over the fact that Hong-Jo may have felt her heart flutter for him, Jae-Gyeong shows up again. He tells Shin-Yu to stop his shenanigans, but Shin-Yu replies that he won’t because he’s in love with Hong-Jo.


According to the trailer, Jae-Gyeong is going to find out about the spells too. Will Hong-Jo be able to prove the spells work in front of Jae-Gyeong? We’ll know in the next week. Things are getting intense, and it may be that the love triangle is going to get really stuffy soon enough.

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