‘Destined With You’ Episodes 3 & 4, Recap And Ending, Explained: What Did Eun-Wol Say About The Love Spell?

Korean dramas like Destined With You are so amusing once you suspend your disbelief and just enjoy the ride. With each episode being about 70 minutes, you’d anticipate it could be a bit of a bore, but the first four episodes have proven that wrong and given us some cute moments to go back to. Is this going to be a fantastic show? We can’t tell just yet, but all we know is that it’s really easy to relax in the world of this fantasy romance. It may not be an epic, but it’s still got some epic dialogue, and Destined With You Episode 4 definitely sees Rowoon in his best form when he has to deliver the most cheesy dialogue with a straight face.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 3?

Shin-Yu has terrible chest pains, but he still decides to drive to meet his girlfriend at a bar. On the way, he completely loses grip and destroys the flowers on the sidewalk set up by Hong-Jo previously. Shin-Yu manages to make it to his girlfriend, but he tells Na-Yeon that he wants some time apart. In truth, it’s because he’s sick, but he doesn’t tell her that. Instead, he says he needs time to figure something out on his own. The next day, Hong-Jo pours her love spell potion into Kwon Jae-Gyeong’a glass, but as we suspect, Shin-Yu drinks it instead. Later in the day, he admits to Hong-Jo that he was the one who caused the accident, but it was a complete mistake. Because the team keeps bothering Hong-Jo, and she’s the one who does most of the work, Shin-Yu tells her to take a day off and go on a trip with him. She doesn’t understand why, but she obliges anyway because it’s part of her work. At home, while he waits for her to pack, Shin-Yu notices that the love spell is missing from the book. As time passes, he realizes more and more that he may be the one under its spell.


Back at work, Jae-Gyeong gets the women who posted the video of Hong-Jo’s confession online to delete it. He’s a little bit concerned about her well-being when he finds out that she’s taken the day off. On the other hand, Hong-Jo and Shin-Yu go to Mount Jiri in search of the ingredients that will be used for Shin-Yu’s disease-curing spell. At night, under the full moon, Hong-Jo wears a white dress, while Shin-Yu wears a perfectly tailored suit to cast the spell. Hong-Jo follows the instructions, uses the flower they found on the mountain, and casts the spell by writing the word life on Shin-Yu’s hand. After she blows the ashes of the sheet in his face (part of the ritual, of course), Shin-Yu feels sicker than he was before. He feels like his heart is about to burst, but when he looks at Hong-Jo, it hits him that it’s because he likes her and not because of his illness. He shockingly proceeds to call her pretty in that dress and runs away from her because even her presence makes him overexcited. Before they head back, Jae-Gyeong asks Hong-Jo to meet up when she’s back and shows concern for her. She thinks the spell has worked, but little does she know who the real recipient is.

At work the next day, Ma Eun-Young, the manager, had returned to her place. She is a no-nonsense kind of person and can immediately sense that the team has been ostracizing Hong-Jo. In the meantime, Hong-Jo’s only big worry is that her bottle is missing—the one that contains the love potion. Mr. Gong returns it to her with a smile on his face, and she wonders if he’s had it, too. When he returns home, Shin-Yu finds Na-Yeon waiting for him. She has brought matching pajamas and other supplies for them so she can stay over in this small town with him sometimes. Shin-Yu, worried for Na-Yeon, finally decides to break up for good and breaks her heart. On the other hand, an excited Hong-Jo rushes from work to meet Jae-Gyeong. Shin-Yu follows her there and almost interrupts their talk because he’s super jealous and can’t control his mind or body. This is when he realizes that there’s been a mishap. He checks the CCTV footage and realizes that he’s the one who drank the love potion, which is why he’s acting like a lost puppy, following Hong-Jo everywhere. At the end of Destined With You Episode 3, he confesses that he likes Hong-Jo.


What Happens In Episode 4?

Shin-Yu explains to Hong-Jo what happened at the conference and how he ended up drinking the love potion. He tells her that she should take responsibility and figure out how to break the spell. While undressing at home, Shin-Yu can’t stop looking at his right hand that Hong-Jo wrote on, but it’s also not shaking as it normally does because of his illness. At her own home, Hong-Jo thinks about what Jae-Gyeong told her about himself. He appreciates that she likes him but admits that he’s not the greatest guy and she should avoid him at all costs. He admits he’s like an abandoned puppy who hates his family and wants to sever all ties with them. Hong-Jo replies that he just seems lonely to her.

At work, Shin-Yu buys coffee for Hong-Jo’s team as an apology for destroying all the plants. He also tells the manager that Hong-Jo had been bullied by her team about 5 minutes after she told her that that was not the case. Hong-Jo finally believes that it may all be true about the love potion and that it actually worked on Shin-Yu. She suggests he drink a lot of water so he can pee out the spell as soon as possible (Honey, if it were that easy, nobody would be using them, and also, it’s been like 3 days already?). Blinded by her, Shin-Yu actually takes her advice, but, as expected, it doesn’t work. On the other hand, a new tenant is moving into the house below Hong-Jo, and that makes her very upset. The old lady was her only companion. In his own home, Shin-Yu dreams of a young girl in traditional Korean clothing.


At work, things seem to be improving for Hong-Jo, and the manager is always taking her side (should we interpret this as her drinking from the bottle as well?). On her way back home, Hong-Jo has to walk through a very badly lit alley, and she feels like someone is following her. She tries to pull out her phone but accidentally drops it and starts running. She ends up in the arms of Shin-Yu, who is secretly (or not) very happy about this (yes, this felt like an ode to that epic moment in Hometown Cha Cha Cha). He walks her back to where the phone is, and the street lights come on, brighter than ever. Shin-Yu had used his power for good and gotten them fixed so Hong-Jo wouldn’t feel unsafe. On her phone, he notices the home screen and sees the same little girl from his dream. Shin-Yu has been dreaming about young Hong-Jo without having known her back then (or as it goes, they have a childhood connection); he can only assume this is the spell’s work.

They end up meeting Eun-Wol, and she tells Shin-Yu that there’s nothing she can do either. She tells Hong-Jo where to really find her father’s spirit so she can say her goodbyes properly. She does tell her something about Shin-Yu, too, but Hong-Jo won’t tell him anything just yet.

Why Can’t They Break The Spell?

Shin-Yu keeps bothering Hong-Jo about telling her the answer. He tells her to give him a hint with the promise of not bothering her anymore. Shin-Yu and his family are unable to figure out the hint, though. On the other hand, the new tenant who has moved into the house below Hong-Jo is none other than Jae-Gyeong. Hong-Jo overhears him talking to someone harshly. She introduces herself to him as the upstairs neighbor and quickly runs away. The next day, Shin-Yu shows up in front of the house and follows Hong-Jo on the bus, somewhere far away. He doesn’t have a clue what she’s going to do, but he just wants to stay by her side to know what Eun-Wol told her. The destination is the beach, and Hong-Jo says her goodbyes to her father. She tells him that she didn’t know he was there and always went to the river instead. Destined With You Episode 4 ends with the sun setting in the background and Shin-Yu realizing what the clue meant. Their ties can’t be severed, and their lives are destined to intertwine, is what Eun-Wol told Hong-Jo.

Although not much substance happened in these two episodes, they were extremely pleasing to watch. Hong-Jo and Shin-Yu may be getting close soon enough because it seems they have no choice. We’ve also not seen the slimy red hand anymore, so does this mean the healing spell worked? We will find out in the next episode of Destined With You.


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